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Our story for this Buck family begins with the marriage of David’s parents, Thomas Buck and Elizabeth Scott, on 4 May 1738 in Glastonbury, Connecticut [see Glastonbury Vital Records by Barbour, available on the Internet.] The record of this marriage does not provide any additional information about the ancestry of Thomas Buck, but it does tell us that Elizabeth was the daughter of Thomas Scott. We know that these were the parents of our David Buck as his daughter, Elizabeth Buck Garlick (who we will frequently refer to as “EBG”) left a record in 1841 (in Nauvoo, Illinois) and again in 1872 (in Salt Lake City in the Endowment House).
Following their wedding in 1738, Thomas and Elizabeth Buck completely disappear from the local records.
The birth-dates are unknown for several of these children, but since there was such a large gap between Thomas, Jr. In the next year’s tax record—1776, we again find Thomas Buck, along with Jonathan Buck listed in Colerain Township of Bedford County.
We have no tax records for 1777 & 1778, but in 1779 there was no Thomas Buck in Colerain Township.

While we are talking about close family members showing up in the temple records, there is one more that we should discuss at this point. The 1800 federal census is also a bit bewildering (but then census records are not known for their accuracy).
Shortly after the birth of their youngest child the family moved to Van Buren, Pulaski Co., Indiana, where they were living in the 1860 census, and where Thomas died on 27 Feb.
We are not sure when Susannah was born, but her father’s will makes it clear that she was younger than Elizabeth (who was born in 1795—according to her own record) and older than Mary, who was born in 1800 (as found in several census records). After the birth of this last child the family moved to Columbus, Franklin Co., Ohio where we find them in the 1880 census—except for their son, George, who would have been 13 in that census but does not appear with the family at that time.
This Jonathan Buck remained close to his extended family and traveled back and forth between Pennsylvania and Ohio on various occasions.

Note that this particular record does not say that Sarah was the daughter of Mary, but we learn that later on. My wife has been sick nearly ever since we have been in Ohio and is not sadis ficte [sic satisfied] to go any farther west and she now has the agure [ague] and two of my children has got it and I have concluded to take them where the Agure seldom comes any more, that is in Pennsylvania where they was born.
Garlick was then baptized for John and Jacob Bumgardner and the record calls him a “half nephew” of those two men.

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