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What you eat before and even after a workout can affect your body's ability to get stronger. Protein: Filling your plate with protein-rich foods before a workout can help your body build lean muscles – plus, it will be easier for those muscles to recover after working out. What to eat: Greek yogurt, hard-boiled eggs or protein powder options such as rice protein, pea protein, egg white protein or whey protein. Carbs: Consuming foods with carbohydrates prior to working out can help stimulate the release of insulin, which when managed properly, can help with health, body composition and performance.
For a post-workout meal, Mack recommends making a smoothie with whey protein powder and fruits like bananas and berries, or eating any combination of protein and carbs. You are getting ready to head out to the gym when your stomach starts to growl, but you don’t know what to eat.
Oatmeal is packed with carbs which are essential for your body to have the energy to workout.

Any piece of fruit with almond butter is a hearty pre-workout snack that will keep you energized and refueled to trudge through that workout.
While it can be tempting to indulge at your next meal (after all, you've earned it, right?), Mack says that the foods you choose after you've left the gym can still help – or hurt – your fitness progress. "Healthy protein and carb sources after a workout will allow you to recover better and have a better subsequent workout, as well as being helpful for your body composition," she says. Great options include lean meat or fish (such as chicken, turkey, cod and haddock), egg whites, Greek yogurt, brown or white rice, sweet or white potatoes, rice cakes with jam or jelly, oats, or even a bagel. They are high in carbs and potassium, which give your body the fuel and energy it needs to fight through that rigorous workout.
Yogurt is packed with proteins that are needed to help repair any muscle tears that could occur during a workout. Apples are particularly easier to cut into pieces to travel with, and are a great fruit to snack on with some peanut butter. Toast is also a great, in addition to eggs, because it adds a carb to your pre-workout food but isn’t too overwhelming.

Here are a few snack ideas that will give you all the fuel, and power you’ll need to get through that workout! Bananas also help with muscle cramps that often happen during a workout, and help replace the sweat lost during a workout. Peanut butter is also great because of its high dosage of protein, which is something that is very important for your workout.
Again, go with the whole wheat toast because it is better for the body and easier for your body to break down. Walnuts are great because they are high in Omega-3s which help aid in brain and heart function.

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