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Shaye and I have travelled a lot over the past year and it has definitely affected our training. Upon arriving back into New Zealand we looked down at our neglected tummy's and longed for the past. I'm excited about this challenge because I know that killer abs are not difficult to get.
I haven't drawn up the workouts for the second 6 weeks yet but I'll probably just move onto the intermediate pre-made workout. Tuesday - Kempo: I substituted the recommended 20min HIIT day with my regular Kempo training that I go to. Sign up to our monthly newsletter to receive free updates about the latest in home fitness. The Cross Body Mountain Climbers workout is a ‘six pack’ hardcore exercises capable of delivering strong core muscles.
The legs should be spread a bit wider in order to maintain body balance while performing the exercise.
Remember that the effects of this exercises lies in the ability to perform more repetitions; a couple won’t do the trick.
It is important to not only target your lower abs and upper abs, but also your oblique abdominal muscles as well, with an oblique workout. Try to incorporate oblique exercises into your whole abs workout, as strong oblique muscles are vital for preventing lower back injuries. Your oblique muscles are important for core strength, and many people, when training their core muscles, tend to focus purely on exercises involving forwards and backwards movements, frequently neglecting exercises involving a twisting or side bending motion.
Your oblique muscles are actually being worked when you perform any abdomen exercises anyway, but they work their hardest when a twist or side bend is added to the movement.
The oblique muscles get their name because they are positioned on an angle and are attached at more than one point to the ribs, and travel down to the pelvis.
You will need a specific oblique workout in order to target your internal and external obliques, and you will need to do this workout regularly to keep them toned.
The following exercises are aimed at working your obliques, so, remember to focus on this particular muscle area, as you actually perform the exercises, for the best results.
Assume the starting position as shown in image right, lay on your back and cross your right ankle over your left knee.
Support your head in your hands, and as you lift your head and shoulders up off the floor, conract your ab muscles.

If you are unable to do traditional abs exercises performed on the floor, don’t give up – there are still some exercises that you can do in a seated position, on either a ball or a chair. Sit up straight on a chair or exercise ball, holding a medium weight in your hands together.
Keep your knees and hips facing forward, and then twist your torso round to the left as far as possible without making it too uncomfortable.
Return back to the starting position and then rotate around to the other side, in a controlled and slow movement.
Continue doing this, and alternating from one side to the other for up to 3 sets of between 1 and 16 repetitions. The secret to this exercise, is to pull your belly button in towards your spine and stay rigid, whilst still managing to breath.  As you pull your belly button in, you are retraining your internal muscles to support your back.
Start this exercise by balancing on one elbow and both feet, with your elbow positioned directly below your shoulder.
Place your foot closest to the floor, slightly in front of the other, whilst holding your body rigid and in a straight line.
You can place your feet so that one on top of the other if you want to make this exercise harder, as it will challenge your balance. Start as above, but simply lower your hip down towards the floor, until you are aware of a slight stretch in the side closest to the floor. Incorporate some lower ab exercises and upper ab exercises along with your obliques exercise in your oblique workout for an all round complete abdomen hit! It is recommended that you consult with your doctor or physio before using the exercise instructions. With abdominals contracted, slowly lower chest to ball, keeping upper arms and elbows close to ribcage as your arms bend. Lie face up with legs bent 90 degrees and the Sissel ABS exercise ball under your legs (the ball should be touching your calves, hamstrings and glutes). With both hands aligned under shoulders, place left hand on left hip, balancing on the right arm.
Lower chest toward floor, keeping your upper arms and elbows close to ribcage as your arms bend.
I'm expecting that over the next 12 weeks you'll see bigger muscles and less body fat which, combined, will give monster muscle definition!
This is great news, and although I can't see any differences yet, I can definitely feel them.

I am stronger, in fact, my strength has increased so much that I've hit a bit of a dead end.
I want to build muscle, and lifting progressively heavier weights is the only way to do that. My body shape is changing, I can notice many more muscles around my entire body that have grown bigger.
When I get to the top of my driveway, I'm completely out of breath, but on the way back down, I feel back to normal really quickly. But instead of placing the hands a bit wider form the chest, place them in from of your shoulders. When the abdominals start to shake a little bit, they are doing their job perfectly to maintain the balance of the body. Continue bending your knees until your thighs are close to your chest and tailbone points toward ceiling. When you are balanced, begin moving left arm away from hip until the hand is extending forward (inside of elbow beside ear). The last 6 weeks have been rewarding and I can feel myself drawing close to my rock hard abs goal. My bowflex dumbbells are at their maximum weight and I've had to increase my reps just to keep progressing.
I'm looking at getting a nice big heavy barbell set so I can continue getting stronger and bigger. I remember at the start of this challenge, I would feel like a train wreck even after walking all the way to the bottom of the driveway. You don’t need any dumbbells, barbells or exercising machine; enough space on the floor for you to maneuver will be quite enough. Without letting your shoulders lift off the ground, slowly roll the ball to the left side, then reverse the movement to the right.
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