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Search Shape Shop Nasty Gal Heels Roberto Cavalli Dresses Nicki Minaj Fragrances Jerome Dreyfuss Handbags Adrianna Papell Tops Caslon Sweaters Designers Originals Sweaters Guerlain Skin Care Free People womens tops Jacquie Aiche Jewelry Chantal Thomass Love Always Jump Apparel Angelica Collection Jh Collectibles G.H. Hence, our new obsession with SKLZ Training Cable Pro, a system of interchangeable resistance tubes that let you squeeze in a full-bod workout a la casa and easily change the levels of resistance. When a band wears out, replace the cable ($8 to $20) not the handle too.And it makes for a killer workout.
Gliding discs are the perfect portable—and budget-friendly—training tool for getting a total-body workout at home using little space with minimal impact on your joints.
Here’s a 15-minute full-body routine that uses a Training Cable Pro, Flex Handles and a door anchor. Use a cable that’s easy at first but gets more challenging, and do three sets of 8 reps, resting for a minute between sets. Stand on discs in split stance position with left foot forward and right arm forward, elbow bent. Keeping core engaged and both feet on discs, switch the positioning of the feet, sliding right foot forward and left foot back, lunging on right side with left arm forward.

Keeping core engaged and hips and shoulders squared to floor, slide right hand forward to an outstretched plank position. Return right hand to starting position below right shoulder then slide left hand forward to outstretched position, maintaining spinal alignment.
Begin in reverse table top position with feet on discs and fingers pointed toward feet, then lift hips toward ceiling. Maintaining this position with core engaged, slide right foot out, extending right leg fully.
Reverse the movement, returning to starting position before switching sides and repeating with the left leg. Start in a plank position with wrists below shoulders and feet positioned atop discs hip-width apart. With control, switch the legs, re-extending right leg to starting position while drawing left knee toward chest.
Start in a plank position with wrists below shoulders and feet positioned atop discs with legs opened away from one another.

Keeping hips and shoulders squared to floor, slide legs toward one another, bending right knee to cross right foot in front of left.
Reverse the movement, opening legs out to starting position to repeat on opposite side, bending left knee to cross left foot in front of right. Slide right foot out to side and bend right knee while simultaneously crossing left leg behind right.
Repeat sequence on opposite side, sliding left foot out and bending left knee while crossing right leg behind left.
Keeping core engaged and hips and shoulders squared to floor, slide right hand out to side while bending elbows and lowering chest toward floor for a push-up variation. Slide right hand back to starting position and repeat on opposite side, sliding left hand out, keeping elbows angled toward body as you lower toward floor.

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