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This entry was posted in Dallas, TX and tagged dallas, dallas grit fitness, dallas spin studio, free fitness classes, free spin classes, grit by brit, grit fitness, July FREE Fitness Events, TX on June 27, 2016 by Brit. Enjoy a special, limited-time offer to preview unlimited classes at our new Design District studio from June 20 – July 3. This entry was posted in Dallas GRIT Fitness, Dallas, TX and tagged Brittani Rettig, class pass, dallas fitness, dallas grit fitness, Design District, grit by brit, grit fitness on June 16, 2016 by Brit. TICKETS: FREE General Admission or $25 VIP Tickets which include priority entry and special GRIT swag bag.
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Second, I shot a little video tour of the new FLAGSHIP so you can see what’s in store.
Last but not least, our construction plans were approved by the City of Dallas last Friday – YAY!
I’ll post continuous updates here on the blog so you can closely track our build out and ramp up in the coming weeks. This entry was posted in Dallas GRIT Fitness, Dallas, TX and tagged 3821 ross avenue dallas, best fitness studio in dallas, Brittani Rettig, CYCLING AT GRIT FITNESS, dallas, dallas grit fitness, grit by brit, GRIT Fitness Flagship Video Tour & Update, GRIT FITNESS NEW STUDIO, GRIT REVOLUTION, INDIEGOGO GRIT FITNESS, TX, VIDEO OF GRIT FLAGSHIP on February 21, 2016 by Brit. This entry was posted in Dallas GRIT Fitness, Dallas, TX and tagged dallas grit, dallas grit fitness, grit by brit, grit fit, grit fitness on December 8, 2015 by Brit. The #LUKESGRIT challenge aims to provide a fun environment that encourages women to stay active during the holiday season.
Details: Enjoy a 1-hour “mash up” workout led by GRIT Fitness instructors, followed by refreshments and shopping. This entry was posted in Dallas GRIT Fitness, Dallas, TX and tagged #LUKESGRIT Challenge, Brittani Rettig, community classes, dallas, dance cardio, fitness, free fitness classes, GRIT, grit by brit, grit fitness, HOLIDAY WORKOUTS, lukes locker, Turbo Kick on November 29, 2015 by Brit. DisclaimerThis website is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.
The former video vixen turned health & fitness coach talks exclusively about her fun and super exciting dance-workout.
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Individual results may vary from person to person, this product is not meant to treat or cure any diseases. Former video vixen and ex-model turned fitness guru, Buffie The Body is releasing another DVD. This entry was posted in exHERcise and tagged ab workouts, Buffie the Body, buffy carruth, ex model, exercising, exHERcise, Flavor Flav, Health, health and fitness, Reality TV, Video Vixen, workout dvds, workouts. Topics: dance, dancing, exercise, fitness, heels, Hispanics, Janet Jones, Latina, Latinos, miami, moves, music, new york, sneakers, Vixen Workout, women, workoutJanet Jones.
That’s when Jones, who was laid off from her finance job, had the idea to create the Vixen Workout, an hour-long cardio class made up of a variety hip-hop dance moves, usually done in high heels.
On any given day, hundreds of women in Miami and New York show up to work out wearing heels and with their hair and makeup done.
By word of mouth, her classes slowly began to fill and as more women joined, she encouraged her students to take pictures of themselves and share them on Instagram using the hashtag #VixenArmy. When the pictures began to show up on social media, people began to request classes and additional locations.
The class uses popular songs to teach various choreographies that mimic the performance of video vixens. Jones suggests using heels for the class and said wearing them “intensifies the workout about 35 to 40 percent.” Many of the students who don’t feel comfortable in heels also wear sneakers and sneaker wedges. Jones has plans to expand the Vixen Workout to Boston due to the number of requests she has received through Instagram. Aerobics Video and DVDAerobic exercise is perhaps the most important workout you'll do, exercising the heart, lungs and cardiovascular system. See also Aerobic Video DVD 2, Baby Boomers, The Firm TransFIRMER Video System (2005) and The Firm Fanny Lifter, Step Aerobics or view all our Videos and DVDs.
It’s also a great time to check out the awesome amenities including towel service, showers, changing rooms and WiFi lounge!
Get ready to WERK 33 floors above the Dallas skyline at the hottest fitness event of the year.
Generous prizes from Luke’s Locker will be awarded to those who complete 3 or more community classes in the month of December.
You know that you already tell your girlfriends about how you keep all your curves in all the right places. After 48 days, I lost the 20+ unwanted pounds of stubborn fat that I regrettably gained over the holidays! They have tried strict dieting and certain dietary supplements that never ended up working  for them.
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If you are contemplating on what products will work for you, try there most popular Moriche Palm Diet Plan!!! It worked amazing wonders for me just in 3-months I was able to get that full on transformation. Jones began the Vixen Workout in October 2012 with just two people: her best friend and her cousin. Jones received so many requests to open a class in New York that she recently trained a group of instructors to teach the class in Brooklyn. As she got used to the classes, she decided to wear boots and eventually settled to wearing the high heels.
On Monday morning I have a meeting with our design team to pick out the final materials and confirm the final plans so we can start construction ASAP! Each week following, members of the Dallas community can participate in a complimentary community workout at the GRIT Fitness studio located at 3821 Ross Ave. Dallas, TX 75204.
Inspired by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian,  J-Lo, Beyonce, and more women are seeking that sexy, curvy, hourglass figure.
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We’ve got a cash bar, a DJ on the decks to keep the party bumpin’ and an exclusive SWAG bag to take home. Click the link at the bottom of this post check out the campaign and help us make the Flagship the best it can be! I still remember writing this blog post about our grand opening festivities ??  If you live in Dallas, come check us out! I love from Moriche Palm, the Bikini Body Plan is what i used, and It definitely helped me lose 16-lbs fast! Jump-start your workout and rev up your calorie burn with Reebok Cardio Tone.Void of complicated moves and head spinning choreography, Reebok Instructor Sara Haley leads high energy routines that build on easy-to-follow combinations for an effective and results-driven workout.
This subtle, yet highly-targeted, cardio and resistance training shapes and tones in all the right areas for a long, lean well-balanced look. He’s developed a unique cardio-resistance workout that results in a long, lean, well-balanced look. With the release of this program, his secret celebrity workout is now available to everyone.Toning Band included!60 mins.
The aerobic moves prepare you for the strength training so your body gets firm and strong quickly. There's a great cool down section that will increase your coordination and a floor work section to further challenge you core body. Do them on separate days and get the most out of your 30 minutes or combine them for a 60 minute total body assault.30 Minutes to Fitness Bootcamp makes the most of your 30 minutes with basic athletic drills and strength moves in two minute intervals. Combining cardio plus body-sculpting fitness, have fun as you get results safely and effectively.
Quick changes from cardio to sculpting and back again boost your energy level and melt fat away fast with this innovative method for losing weight (40 mins).Cardio Overdrive, taught by Alison Davis-McLain, will kick your weight loss into high gear. Unique low-impact cardio and body-shaping exercises burn calories both during and after this dynamic workout. Tone your legs, arms and waist to the high-energy beat with easy-to-follow steps and Alison’s expert coaching. The Firm Master Instructor Kelsie Daniels guides you as you kick-start your metabolism and break weight loss plateaus. Most recognizably, she appeared on the long-running sitcom One Day at a Time and, more recently, on Touched by an Angel. Now a spokesperson for Jenny Craig, Bertinelli was raised in Claymont, Delaware, and in the San Fernando Valley, California. Burn fat and tone muscle as they lead you through five 10-minute workouts that cover every inch of your body.
This comprehensive ski fitness program improves your skills and keeps you fit both on and off the mountains and slopes.This easy-to-use guide provides a dependable strength and conditioning program for first-timers and regular weekend-skiers alike.
The mix of low-impact movements which are soft on the joints (due to the water's lift) works wonders.
Overcoming the water's resistance helps build muscle tone in a playful way.This DVD features the most important basic exercises for a complete body workout.
With Master Instructors Rebekah Sturkie, Allie Del Rio, Annie Lee, plus more!This collection delivers everything you need for a total body makeover! Fat burning cardio, body sculpting weight training and Pilates that packs an ab-flattening punch! Get the lean, strong body of your dreams.4) Cardio Party Express with favorite Firm instructors (30 mins): For days when you need that extra boost to get you in the mood! These routines will burn major calories, transform your body and kick-start your metabolism!The main program features both low-impact and high-impact workouts that are proven to define, strengthen and tighten your upper body, lower body and core. You are always aware of the exact muscle you are working and of the proper form in order to get every last ounce of benefit from your workout.You will develop key athletic abilities such as explosive strength, isometric endurance, balance and flexibility for a stronger, leaner, sexier you. The killer cardio segment will help you speed up the fat burn!Light hand weights and resistance bands are used (optional) for extra resistance.90 mins. 1: Bonus Floor Work and an inspirational Circle Time, where the ShapelyGirls share their feelings about working out as healthy, plus-size women. Rev up your weight loss results with a total calorie burn and your favorite FIRM Master Instructors leading the party train!This workout is designed for the novice to the most advanced exerciser, so no matter your level of expertise you will party with the best of them. The Interval Training Workout will fire up your metabolism while you efficiently and effectively tone your whole body.

Combine your interval training with the Targeted Toning Segments to customize your workout and focus on sculpting specific problem areas. For days when you have more time, do all 4 workouts together for a total body workout.This program targets all fitness levels with modifications for beginners and more experienced exercisers. A thorough stretching routine concludes each segment, rounding out the program and giving you a complete full body workout.Designed specifically for those just starting out with exercise programs - but suitable for all fitness levels - the Absolute Beginners Fitness series contains clear and precise instruction for safe, yet effective, workouts. The Ultimate Nonstop Cardio & Strength Rush Workout with Mindy Mylrea DVD All Systems GoExperience the ultimate cardio and strength interval rush! All Systems Go means all energy systems are engaged and on board for this crazy fitness adventure.You will start with a fab warm-up that will tease you in thinking that this workout is fun and fancy free.
You will alternate between cardio and strength intervals like never before challenging your muscles, heart, and soul to go where you ever thought you could. This slim-quick system includes five 12-minute workouts with a different move for every minute to trim and tone from head to toe.
Get your daily dose of exercise and get in the best shape of your life!Cardio-Athletic (12 min): Rev up your metabolism, and your athleticism, with 12 heart-pumping exercises that blast calories and incinerate fat. Cardio Kickbox (12 min): Punch, kick, and shuffle yourself slim with 12 cardio-charged moves that allow you to progress at your own pace. Lower Body Sculpt (12 min): Tone your hips, thighs, buttocks, and abs with 12 targeted exercises to slim saddlebags, shape the rear, and tighten the tummy.
Upper Body Sculpt (12 min): Row, curl, and plank your way to sexier shoulders, arms, and abs with 12 super-sculpting upper body exercises. The FIRM method maximizes your ability to sculpt and shape your entire body, burning up to three times more fat than cardio alone.145 mins. Now these hard-core American Gladiators challenge you to step into the gauntlet for a full-on fat assault with three muscle-pumping, flab-eliminating workouts designed to transform your body from regular to ripped.Mix up these cutting-edge strength and cardio routines and you'll never hit a wall.
News, and QVC and featured in over 350 television programs and publications, including Time, Vogue, Family Circle, Weight Watchers, Fitness, and Parenting.A great introduction to the basic techniques of hoopdancing. Her 30-Day Shred DVD includes three 20-minute circuit-training workouts that burn mega calories and build strong lean muscle.Each workout is progressively harder. You'll start with Level 1, and when you are ready, progress to Level 2 and then to Level 3.
The lessons presented here include various dance routines, Pilates exercises, and yoga routines that are both fun and effective. Jennifer Nicole Lee is an ACE Certified Group Instructor.Jennifer's weight loss success story has inspired countless women to take control of their bodies and get in shape.
Her determination to be healthy and fit led her to lose 80 pounds and go onto become one of the hottest fitness spokespersons today.She's been featured on Oprah, Inside Edition, The CBS Early Show and in numerous magazines.
You will get power-up plyo work and low impact challenges that will leave your muscles feeling empowered.
Here you will find fat burning cardio workouts, calorie burning strength workouts, core workouts and sculpting workouts that target every muscle group in your body!Now you can customize your results by focusing on the body parts you need to work on the most. Complete workout charts are available on Gilad's website for download.Gilad is the host and producer of the award-winning fitness shows Bodies in Motion and Total Body Sculpt and has been voted FitTV's fitness instructor of the year four years in a row. Show off how fierce you are with this non-stop, high-energy routine that takes common kickboxing strikes and drills that you may already know and combines them in new ways with smooth transitions for an easy-to-follow, kick-butt workout.
Bring it on baby!Workout 2 - Functional Power: Get ready to have some fun with this great functional training routine that uses either a medicine ball, a ball of your choice, or no ball at all. Groove to upbeat, high-energy music as you execute fun and funky floor aerobic and step moves.
Integrating a soft touch medicine ball (optional) during the cardio portion of the routine engages your core muscles, keeping your heart pumping and your muscles strengthening simultaneously.Whether you've worked out with Christi before or not, her expert cuing and unique ability to connect with her students will keep you on task and moving like a pro. The high-energy cardio workout will crank up the calorie burn to melt away fat, while the targeted strength routine will help tone and tighten your hips, thighs, and butt for a firmer look.Expert instructor Chris Freytag, a Prevention contributing editor, will keep you motivated with her infectious can-do attitude. Totally Relaxing, Total-Body Stretching + New Customize Your Own Workout!Burn fat and tone your body while doing a 100% aerobic workout-using the secret of the champions: Interval training. Work out in 30 second intervals, doing a variety of no-impact fat-burning, body sculpting movements.
You have the option of using an exercise bike or any piece of aerobic equipment in place of some intervals. You can choose between the 24 or 48 minute workout!Relax, lengthen, calm and stretch your entire body with Joyce and Marthe in a stretch routine that will soothe your nerves, bless your body, ease your day, and help to prevent injury. Do this painless stretching routine and give respect to every single body part from your fingertips to the your feet.
You follow these sessions in a specific order so your major muscle groups get the right workout and rest they need.
It will teach you about proper nutrition, what to eat and how often to eat, so you feed your body the right foods for maximum results.
When you eat right you will stay energized during the day and sleep like a baby during the night! You'll find everything you need in your local grocery store.Training Program - Gilad has compiled the most efficient exercises from various styles of cardiovascular and resistance training and arranged them into one easy-to-follow system.
You will transform your body by blasting calories, building lean strong muscles and increasing flexibility, quickly and safely!The Progress Journal - most people fail here (you won't!), because they don't track their progress! The Progress Journal will do that for you!With Gilad's complete system, you will re-shape and transform your entire body safely and quickly so it burns off unwanted fat and assures you stay lean and fit forever.
And it works for everybody regardless of physical condition or age, and NO MORE GUESS WORK. Sue has been a frequent guest on Good Morning America and has been featured in USA Today, Glamour, Cosmo, Fitness, Shape, In Touch, US Weekly, Modern Bride, and InStyle. Sue has a Masters in physical education and has been a certified personal trainer for ten years.46 mins.

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