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1) All types of crunches work your entire stomach but you’ll feel your lower abs more when you do bodyweight movements like reverse crunches, hanging knee raises and hanging leg raises.
8 ) Stable and lower insulin levels help to get you closer to your goal faster so eat quality carbs. 9) Yohimbine is a great supplement for losing lower ab fat but you better not have carbs after you take it.
10) Train less and do more cardio, don’t think you need to keep banging out with weight.

Jimmy,a situation were you dont have,cable machine for the cable crunches what will be the alternative exercise and for that of hanging knee raise.
Two sisters giving you the dish about their food, fitness and a jumble of other happy and healthy lifestyle tips. Get it in your mind that you have to, you must, actually train your lower abs consistency to get results.
Simultaneously bring your chest and legs up to meet in V position (as if trying to touch your toes).

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