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Also, I'm happy to share my efforts and pictures, but please send me an email before you use them.
In the era of Netflix and Seamless, being a complete hermit has pretty much become an accepted way of life. FitFusion, a new-ish streaming service (The site launched in November), offers subscribers access to over 100 workout videos from the comfort of their own living rooms. So, Netflix lovers, next time you get sucked into the black hole that is Law and Order: SVU, make sure to take a break from your binge by squeezing in a workout with your new personal trainer Jillian Michaels.
I just posted on the app post, but you can get a lot of videos (including ones you named, such as Jillian and maybe Billy Blanks, too) on Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Summer is in full swing and whether you’re lounging on the beach, hitting the trails, or even tending to your garden, it’s important to protect your skin from the sun. They give me such a thrill and keep me going when I feel like this whole thing is just too much work. I mean, really, why leave the house when you have at least 1,827 hours worth of Grey’s Anatomy episodes available at your fingertips?
And at just $5.99 each month, 30 days worth of workouts will cost you about the same as a fresh-pressed juice.
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I’ve bought tons of workouts over the years and then gotten bored with them and stuck them in the closet.
But the new norm—you know, sushi delivery paired with a 13-hour House of Cards binge—isn’t a very fitness-friendly lifestyle. And with trainers like Jillian Michaels and Billy Blanks barking at you from your TV screen, you’re sure to get a serious sweat session in.

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