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Here in Toronto, Caribana the Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival is less than 2 weeks away!
I’ve tried a few different variations of this smoothie, and have to say that the fruits definitely help mask the taste of the greens – with the addition of bananas, berries, pears, apples or pineapples, your smoothie may come out green or purplish, but will taste sweet and refreshing! Even though we joined a gym in January, there are some days when getting to the gym just doesn’t happen. Probably the best workout practices shown in this post, as gaining fitness is quite a tough task these days depending upon the type of diet we take but you totally provided the easiest ways to stay fit with these simple home workouts.
My Twitter and Facebook feeds have been full of people who are either relishing the results of months of working out, or are feverishly fitting in crunches and squats in these last few days to get mas costume-ready.
Fran posted two home-based fitness programs that at first glance look fairly simple – but once you get down to the nitty-gritty, bust your buns (and abs, and arms, and thighs…)!

That they are – but the keys to maximizing the results are to repeat the circuits 2-3 times, and only rest for 30 seconds in between each circuit! I find that these smoothies are great energy boosters, and contain great nutrients that your body needs to replenish itself after a sweat session. Great workouts don’t need to cost a dime, and spinach smoothies can be surprisingly yummy (with the help of some friendly fruits)! I love doing HITT routines at home, so simple, don’t need much (or any) equipment, and it kicks your butt! She usually does 3 minutes cardio, 2 minutes strength and 1 minute abs and repeats 3 times.
This allows you to build muscle and keep your heart rate up, which helps to burn maximum calories.

Just don’t forget to take your vitamins and buy some energy drink to help you boost your energy during your exercise.
The good thing is that you can mix things up a bit – do bicycles to work your obliques instead of crunches, and try walking lunges instead of stationary ones.
So just sit back and relax, go to a quite place and bear the sensation that will comfort your mind.

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