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Red Fox Tours invites you to the biggest and most modern indoor entertainment centre in the Baltic States. In addition, the hall is equipped with computer-controlled light equipment and modern safety system.
TecPro barriers, which are used on F1 tracks, and experienced instructors will guarantee every driver's safety. The most advanced timing system Rock Timing will precisely state the results of the each race and validate your driving skills.

Laser Labyrinth is great fun for all ages, everyone will find something that will refresh daily rutines and gives new energy for the rest of day. Included: transfer, all necessary equipment, safety instructions, 10 min go-kart (for only extra 15 EUR you can upgrade 10 min more), one ticket to 4D cinema, 15 min in Laser Labyrinth. If you are planning a visit to Latvia and want to make your holiday a truely amazing experience , then we believe that you are in the right place!
Here, you will find the best and the most exciting Day Tours throughout Latvia as well as unique Day Activities in Riga and all surrounding areas!

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