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Which is why when FitFluential asked if I would like to review Cathe’s new XTrain DVD series, I immediately hopped on board. After I finished writing up and trialing workout plans for the last round of Best Body Bootcamp, I wanted to give my mind a break and just follow along with something.
The XTrain contains nine (or ten if you purchase the bonus ride DVD) workout DVDs to work together in one of four different plans you can follow. I can say that Tabatacise is my favorite (just because it is SO fun and always goes so quickly), but each of these workouts has such great quality and they come together for one heck of a series with all the great things I’ve come to know and love about Cathe’s workouts. The only con I could see for some people is that Cathe’s workouts do use a wider variety of equipment than some other programs.
Disclosure: I received the Cathe XTrain DVD series free for review in partnership with FitFluential.
I just got some of my first Cathe ones and actually am planning on the XTrain Tabatacise today – looking forward to it!! I’ve never heard of Cathe until your bootcamp where you had some of her workout clips and now I’m definitely interested in trying her DVDs! I have workout prescribed by my trainer now but I used to love P90X when I wasn’t motivated to write my own workout. I love the variety she gives which is why she is a great resource for exercises in BBB too. I borrowed these DVDs from my sister but she can’t find the booklet that came with it. Toned: Geordie Shaw's Vicky Pattison, TV presenter Davina McCall and TOWIE's Amy Childs have all released workout DVDs - but which will get the best results?
VERDICT: This is pitched at beginner to intermediate level exercisers and you only need dumbbells and a mat.
VERDICT: The emphasis throughout, particularly in the final fitness test, is how many exercises you can perform in a set time.
VERDICT: The format of this is physiologically sound and the build up from easy to difficult workouts is a good touch. Kiss belly bloat goodbye with these trending recipes featuring good-for-your-gut ingredients.
Much like the TV show, this DVD featuring trainer Chris Powell is encouraging without being cheesy.
Forget the piped-in beats—this dance-inspired DVD features a live band on set performing tunes straight out of the doo-wop, Latin and old-school funk playbooks.
Back when I declared my November goals, I said that I was going to do 2 Insanity workouts per week as part of my ever-changing fitness regimen.
Rather than doing traditional intervals where a work period is followed by a rest period that the same in length or longer, Insanity recovery periods are kept short.
Each DVD is 30-65 minutes in length and the idea is to do the workouts for 60 days in order to get awesome results. It is possible to have a high intensity workout and still have it be a low impact one, but I’d say that Insanity is a pretty high-impact program for the most part. Throughout the workout, there are a few options given that help to reduce the impact on the joints. Once you have the correct technique down for each move, the goal is to get faster with each rep and therefore increase the intensity.
The cost of the Insanity DVD set is $119.85 US, which for some people might seem really expensive. If I were 13 and still had posters plastered all over my room, Shaun T’s face would be on them. In the series there are a total of 10 workouts, so if you’re looking for a long-term fitness program, it might not be the best idea.
Wow, you saying that it was one of the most challenging workouts you’ve done means a lot because you work your BUTT off at the gym.
I really enjoy working out at home, loved doing bodyrock, did P-90X for awhile, but I get bored SO quickly that I’m always having to switch things up! Ooh I haven’t tried P90x yet, mainly because you need to buy extra equipment for it, right?

That’s great that you had such quick results Rachel, and fabulous tip about the Craigslist copies! In fact, when I first started working out it was in my parents’ basement with my sister doing various Tae Bo, Turbo Jam, and Cathe DVDs. I could do a whole post solely about her – her credibility, her creativity, her quality, her motivation, her rocking body…yes, I could go on. XTrain came in the mail right about that time so I decided to use the workouts to supplement my other regular workouts. Each XTrain program is designed to help you blast calories, improve strength, and push you past plateaus.
I don’t know how she does it, but Cathe always finds a way to make her workouts different and fun.
Her workouts are on point with not only the exercise choices and formats, but also with her cueing. One of the very BEST things about Cathe’s workouts are they always come with a ton of premixes with options including timesavers and extra challenges. The series comes with a fully detailed user guide that includes all the information you could possibly need to follow the plan. Even beyond the great premixes, the workouts come with a lot of bonus tracks – core workouts, a barre workout, an extra rear delts workout, 100 rep challenges, and more. In my opinion, a step, stability ball, and dumbbells is all you really need and the other equipment could easily have substitutions or not be used for the moves. I originally planned to only use the series regularly for that month while taking a break from BBB planning.
I really like them over most, since they’re not really for beginners and I always feel challenged. Could you tell me the example schedule they give that advises which workouts to do on each day? I am hoping to do the 90 day rotation but add in some of the newer DVDs and to the max an cross fire in there! Watch the DVD before attempting the workouts to get an idea of the moves as some are complex. This is a great idea if you are experienced, but if not it is better to slow down and improve your technique. There are six ten-minute workouts that get progressively harder, presented by Vicky and trainer Robbie Thompson. Progression is important in fitness as you can get injured or lose motivation by doing too much, too soon.
The circuit-training workout is well-suited for any skill level, with options to increase intensity as you get stronger and build stamina. The 84-minute disc features toning, cardio and sculpting sections as well as a total body challenge. You might even forget you’re working out as you groove with Jane through a series of low-impact dance routines inspired by popular dances from the past.
He briefly explains how keeping your body in top shape is an important part of worship, but doesn’t belabor the point, concentrating instead on leading a young, fit and enthusiastic team through a well-rounded set of exercises. I know I’m a little late to the Insanity party, but now I can honestly say that no other workout program, at-home or otherwise, has ever kicked my but quite so hard! It’s a 60 day, total-body conditioning program that uses interval training to build strength, power, endurance, and stamina.
You can do the workouts absolutely anywhere as long as  you’ve got about 10 square feet to move about in.
Even though the exercises are fairly simple (like running with high knees, imitating basketball shots, pushups, etc), the work intervals are long enough that you will definitely give your muscles a run for their money. This is great for exercisers that are fit but new to the program, or those that just don’t want to give it 100%. If you’ve already got a gym membership, you might not see a point in paying an additional fee for workouts you can do at home.
However, if you also do other exercise and want to add variety (and intensity) it could do the trick.

The workouts are quick and I know I’m building strength while also logging cardio at the same time.
I think you’d really enjoy it, given that your school schedule will likely have you pretty busy. I have a full gym at my house but the dvds are nice to have for variety (since I live too far from a normal people gym). The plans (ranging from 30 day to 90 day programs) constantly mix things up to keep your body guessing – from solely strength workouts to high intensity cardio to circuit blasts. You can find four different workout plans to follows, details for each DVD (including every exercise completed, a list of premixes, a summary, and equipment needed), and background information for the reasoning behind the plan and each workout. Well, I have officially become so addicted that I now plan to loosely follow along with one of the 90 day programs. I used to workout solely at home for a few years so over that time I invested in a lot of what she used. I do my very best to limit reviews and any sort of promotions to things I genuinely enjoy and think you all would appreciate hearing about.
This year the overriding theme is high intensity training (HIT) a€” or short, sharp interval sessions lasting around ten minutes. For example, it doesna€™t say how many complete workouts you should complete in 30 days - youa€™d probably have to do it at least three times a week to get results.
One added touch—for better or worse—is the countdown timer in the bottom right corner, which indicates how much longer you have till your work here is finished!
The moves may be a little harder to follow than traditional aerobic moves at first, but there’s plenty of repeating to give you a chance to catch up. I’ve received a lot of questions from some of you asking what I think about it so far, so I thought it would be a good idea to to a little pros vs cons comparison based on my experience.
So far, I’ve done them in my bedroom, hotel room, and in my living room, all without any problems. For example, with squat hops, you need to ensure that your knees don’t start coming in front your toes as you land. You really covered everything that I’ve ever wondered about the DVDs thought, great review! I love that the workouts are short and intense, and well like you said – Shaun T is a hottie! I have a huge old CD case (which you can see how huge I’m talking in the picture below in upper left) I use to hold my workout DVDs and, literally, 80% of them are Cathe workouts. Such a great idea and the fact that she includes 4 different rotation options is a great bonus.
I don’t have a stability ball (and, more significantly, I don’t have ROOM to have a stability ball!), and it can be tricky to figure out modification for stability ball workouts on my own, you know?
It really means a lot to know it comes across that I give honest feedback and really do like the things I share.
There is no explanation of technique before exercises, they jump straight in and just tell you to follow.
Jane is an enthusiastic leader who offers lots of guidance on pacing yourself, which makes this a good choice for beginning exercisers of all sizes, shapes and ages. A bonus feature on the DVD offers 30-second devotionals for days when you need a little extra inspiration. Prior to this, I was hesitant to purchase it because I figured that if I really wanted to, I could do my own Insanity-esque workout in the gym. The idea is to complete between 10 and 40 repetitions of each exercise consecutively, with a 45-second break within each session.
The other exercisers motivate me as well as they are real women of different shapes and sizes who are having fun, but working hard right there too. Just like other group exercise classes, there seems to be a lot more motivation to work harder when you’re doing it as a group (even if the group is on TV) than alone.

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