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Much of the evidence in support of this concept comes from studies in which fatigue is imposed through some sort of exercise protocol and different types of electrical sensors are used to determine whether fatigue occurred because the muscles quit or because the brain quit or because some combination of muscle quitting and brain quitting occurred.
This asana is very useful as it helps in getting strength to hip flexors, abdomen and spine. Now lift your legs in the air in order to get 45 degree angle position while keeping your joints perfectly straight. After coming to the V shape, extend your arms in a straight line and make sure that it should be parallel with the shoulders. Now after reaching the above stated position, try to remain in the same position for several minutes and side by side inhale and exhale at the best possible speed. Along with burning belly fat, it is also useful in strengthening arms, core, legs and develops flexibility in body. Keep your feet and knee parallel to each other and raise your hips and torso towards the ceiling of the room while slowly lift your arms to the shoulder level.
You can do this asana as it helps in stretching the hamstrings, massages the internal organs, removes flesh from the abdomen, strengthens the abdomen and eradicates all the digestion problems.
Now bend forward and touch the feet with your hands, your joint should be straight while bending to touch the feet. Try to bend in such a position that you can easily touch your toes, lower your head and breathe heavily.

Now slowly come to original position after taking few seconds rest, and repeat the exercise several times. Lie on your stomach with both hands on each side, body straight and let forehead rest on the floor. After that lift your legs up without bending it, by doing it will put your whole body weight on your abdominal.
It helps in stretching the hips and hamstrings, improves the digestion and useful in getting rid of stress. To do this pose, you have to take the position as of tabletop with knee forming the 90 degree angle and your hands beneath your shoulders.
It is also useful to remove back pain, strengthen low back musculature, and expand chest and shoulders. It also proves beneficial in digestive system function and removes gases from the intestines. Eleven subjects rode for 2 hours at roughly 66 percent of VO2peak (which is more or less the same thing as VO2max) and performed 1-minute sprints at evenly spaced intervals throughout the ride. The advantages of doing yoga are numerous, it help you overcome mental, physical as well as emotional issues.
As a newcomer, if it becomes difficult for you then you may take the help of your yoga partner in doing this yoga.

The purpose of the sprints was to determine the point at which fatigue began and the progression of fatigue within the workout, which is almost impossible to do in a steady, submaximal effort.
This exercise helps in burning fat as your knee pressurize the stomach, which further results into burning of fat. Before and after this test, researchers measured the maximum contraction force of the quadriceps muscles through direct magnetic stimulation. With the passing years, belly fat is very common problem among women which just spoil their looks.
But because its job is to prevent harm to the body resulting from overexertion, the brain cannot stimulate the muscles to contract as forcefully as an outside force can. Scientifically it is also proved that the abdominal fats are related to many risky diseases. So outside forces such as magnetic energy can be used to determine the true internal functional capacity of the muscles. Women feel ashamed in wearing fitted clothes as there belly fat gets attention compared to other parts of the body.

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