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Volleyball Magazine recently polled strength and conditioning coaches who work with some of the best college volleyball teams in the country about their favorite exercises and training strategies. The training programs that have the greatest amount of research and practical data on the improvement of these qualities include explosive lifts, plyometric training, and the use of contrasting training also known as complex training. Explosive lifts such as the snatch, clean, and jerk enhance dynamic strength under the condition of speed. Plyometric training can also be used to develop explosive power in the legs and hips, and plays an essential role in the physical development of the volleyball athlete. Complex training brings together the qualities of strength, speed, and coordination, as well as overall training efficiency by incorporating exercises paired together and performed as a set. Keystone Region Volleyball Association.The Power is ON!Welcome to the new website for East Coast Power Volleyball. Since we spoke a couple of weeks ago we won the "LL" State of Connecticut Volleyball Championship.
This is a high-neural plyometric, meaning it decreases foot-ground contact time and increases step-turnover ratio.

Lateral drills develop proper side-to-side movement patterns, strengthen the glutes and outer hips, stabilizing the knee from the hip down while developing proper lines of force and protecting the ACL.
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They asked Jeremy Pick, Towson University coach and former coach of University of Oregon, about the best way for a player to increase her vertical jump.
These lifts involve the entire body, require explosiveness throughout the legs and hips, are performed from a standing position, require great timing and coordination, and have a high potential for power production – all of which makes them very valuable exercises for athletes.
Performing a plyometric exercise after a dynamic strength or absolute strength exercise takes advantage of the nervous system response to heavier loads.
Here you will find everything you need to know about our exciting new club plus lots of extras like the latest volleyball news, high school rankings and tips on nutrition and fitness to keep your game at the highest level. The swing motion reinforces a quick drop into the bottom position of a jump, followed by a firing  of the muscles used to jump when you return to standing. On the ACL side, it teaches force absorption and trains the athlete to keep knee over ankle and ankle over the center of the foot.

Lift your left leg in front of your body with your left knee at a 90-degree angle and your foot flexed.
The lateral step separation exercise teaches lateral push, knee separation, and recovery back to a proper platform. Then extend your trail leg and push your body in the desired direction, stepping laterally with your lead leg. Plyometric drills such as jumps, skips, bounds, and hops, as well as a variety of passes, tosses, and throws can be used in training to increase this power. High neural plyometrics also develop tonic leg strength (an increase of muscle tone in the lower extremities), making the knee more stable even when the leg muscles are not flexed.
The path the kettlebell travels reinforces knee separation, corrects valgus knee response, and takes lateral pressure off the knee joint.

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