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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Using volatile is yet another way (like synchronized, atomic wrapper) of making class thread safe. Below diagram shows that if two threads are run on different processors, then value of sharedVar may be different in different threads.
Note that write of normal variables without any synchronization actions, might not be visible to any reading thread (this behavior is called sequential consistency). Before we move on let’s take a look at two important features of locks and synchronization. Mutual Exclusion: It means that only one thread or process can execute a block of code (critical section) at a time.
Visibility: It means that changes made by one thread to shared data are visible to other threads. The unsung hero, Volatile keyword: - c# threading My mad and blind love with c# threadingWhen I first saw c# threading code, I just falled in love forever. My mad and blind love with C# threading When I first saw c# threading code, I just falled in love forever. You can store and retrieve a a€?valuea€™ using a a€?keya€™ and it is an identifier of the value stored. Questions from Singleton pattern is very common in Java interviews and good knowledge of how to implement Singleton pattern certainly help.This is also one of my favorite design pattern interview question and has lots of interesting follow-up to dig into details , this not only check the knowledge of design pattern but also check coding, multithreading aspect which is very important while working for a real life application.
Thread safe means that a method or class instance can be used by multiple threads at the same time without any problem. If two threads run on different processors each thread may have its own local copy of sharedVar.
Although most modern hardware provide good cache coherence therefore most probably the changes in one cache are reflected in other but it’s not a good practice to rely on hardware for to ‘fix’ a faulty application. If we make the blocks of threads that modifies the value of shared variable synchronized only one thread can enter the block and changes made by it will be reflected in the main memory.
As days passed by the power and simplicity of “System.Threading” namespace converted my love in to blind love.

It is either generated by the Java Virtual Machine (VM) in response to an unexpected condition or it is generated by your code as a result of executing a throw statement. This design pattern proposes that at any time there can only be one instance of a singleton (object) created by the JVM. Singleton pattern in Java is one of the most common patterns available and ita€™s also used heavily in core Java libraries. Encapsulation is the technique of making the fields in a class private and providing access to the fields via public methods. If one thread modifies its value the change might not reflect in the original one in the main memory instantly.
All other thread trying to enter the block at the same time will be blocked and put to sleep. Understanding Exceptions Exceptions generated from runtime are called unchecked exceptions, since it is not possible for the compiler to determine that your code will handle the exception. It has become very popular java interview question in almost any senior or mid-senior level Java interviews.
This example was not easy to understand and the role of the volatile keyword on the behaviour of the JVM was not really defined. The classa€™s default constructor is made private, which prevents the direct instantiation of the object by others (Other Classes).
If a field is declared private, it cannot be accessed by anyone outside the class, thereby hiding the fields within the class.
Volatile variables have the visibility features of synchronized but not the atomicity features.
I had create a local variable called as “_loop” as shown in the below abstract code snippet. So I started googling to get reasons for it.After long hours of reading, I was stunned that there are two kinds of memory we have to deal when it comes to threading. Investment banks mostly prefer to ask this question and some time even ask to implement your own HashMap based upon your coding aptitude. A static modifier is applied to the instance method that returns the object as it then makes this method a class level method that can be accessed without creating an object.

The original idea about the article came up from a Stack Overflow discussion with a similar title, so I decided not to change it because people were already familiar with the topic. The values of volatile variable will never be cached and all writes and reads will be done to and from the main memory.
One such scenario where it might prove useful is when we develop the help Module in a project. Encapsulation can be described as a protective barrier that prevents the code and data being randomly accessed by other code defined outside the class.
However, use of volatile is limited to very restricted set of cases as most of the times atomicity is desired. For example a simple increment statement such as x = x + 1; or x++ seems to be a single operation but is s really a compound read-modify-write sequence of operations that must execute atomically. See the below visual representation.As the program runs the main thread set the value to false.
This updation is done in the local memory of “mainthread” and main the memory, but it does not update the local memory of “SomeThread”. However, operations that contain expressions of type dynamic are not resolved or type checked by the compiler. The compiler packages together information about the process, and that information is later used to evaluate the operation at run-time. As part of the process, variables of type dynamic are compiled into variables of type object. ExpandoObjectRepresents an object whose members can be dynamically added and removed at run-time.

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