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Whether you are a professional NFL player, at the high school level, or even a younger athlete, no football training equipment will do more to increase vertical jump and first step quickness while maximizing your ability to dominate on the field. This drill being performed by NFL players at Michael Johnson’s Performance Center in McKinney Texas, utilizes the new 17 lb. Developing muscles in the legs responsible for lateral movement is critical for running backs because often the holes created by the offensive line don’t occur where they are supposed to.
VertiMax is the most effective Vertical Jump Training System because it is able to maximize both explosive leg power and arm swing velocity to maximize the vertical lift component leading to superior vertical jump performance gains. VertiMax’s ability to maximize vertical leap performance which is a measure of explosive leg power will transfer to significant gains in other critical sports performance parameters such as first step quickness and overall speed.
Sport specific training is simply fitness and performance training designed specifically for athletic performance enhancement. Take Ice Hockey, for example: there are no exercises that can be performed in the weight room that are more specific to hockey than skating on the ice. At NLA, we accomplish SPORT SPECIFIC & SKILL SPECIFIC training with our VERTIMAX UNITS and the ability to mimic the skill movements required to play each sport.
The VERTIMAX allows the athlete to apply resistance at the hips, hands, behind the knees and ankles while performing skills specific to the athletes sport.
The picture below is our former Katy Tiger Marley Brown who is the starting point guard Charleston Southern University!
With our partnership to the Perfect Jumper, this shooting device is now a part of the Basketball Specific Program at NLA! Congratulations to Mary Heiberger of Seven Lakes as she will begin her college career with TEXAS TECH! Whether you are a sprinter, hurdler, or discus thrower, we have specially designed protocols to enhance your skills. Functional Training – Energy System Development – Vertimax Performance Program will bring your times down, make you stronger in competition and help you win meets!
During the season our athletes take advantage of our NFL Staff by improving on technique as the season wears on as well as our In Season Recovery Program, ESD Sprints and Position Specific Vertimax Training.

Hawaii Optimum Performance (HOP) is proud to announce the addition of our new Vertimax machine (see image below) to our training program.Vertimax is a revolutionary body reactive power training system. RELATED LINKS About Hawaii Optimum Performance (HOP)We provide superior injury prevention, rehabilitation, fitness and athletic performance services.
One of the best aspects of the Vertimax is that no matter what sport you play, it can improve your abilities.
The Vertimax comes in a variety of different models ranging from the most basic unit, the V4, all the way up to the most advanced model, the V8+. In testing the Vertimax, I was told to test my vertical leap before jumping on the machine, then testing it again directly after a short workout.
The downside of the Vertimax is that the basic training unit can be costly, and they are not the standard type of equipment that you can find in any gymnasium.
Incorporating VertiMax football drills into your football training program will take your offensive and defensive playmaking abilities to the next level in just a few short weeks. That’s where quick lateral movement is key to helping a back change direction along the line and get to a gap that will allow them to get down field and gain yardage. The VERTIMAX when used properly can increase SPEED, POWER, AGILITY, REACTION and QUICKNESS in just 8 sessions.
When the athlete performs CONTRAST skill movements, the athlete is twice as fast and twice as strong! The Functional Training – ESD Sprints and Vertimax Programs will have you the best at your position. Our Functional Training Program will give you new found balance and flexibility and will ultimately change how well you can play the game.
Its unique patented design, including resistance-controlling components, provides unequaled sports performance enhancement. If you are looking for a training tool that can assist you in making significant gains in your vertical leap, first-step quickness, and lower-body reactive power, you need to investigate the Vertimax.
There are literally hundreds of different exercises you can perform on it to enhance your sport-specific training routine.

The benefit of the more advanced models comes in the ability to use more cords simultaneously for highly-targeted workouts.
However, if you are a competitive athlete, an investment in the Vertimax can do nothing but help you in achieving your maximum athletic potential. Don’t forget to stress learning to accelerate quickly out of a lateral or change of direction move!
However, while there are sports specific skills necessary for each sport, there are also physical skills necessary for each sport. No system will do more to increase an athlete's vertical jump, first-step quickness and lower body reactive power.
Quite simply, ita€™s a revolutionary training system designed for the competitive athlete to build core strength and balance, which is useful for whatever sport you play. This is critical as the degree of acceleration achieved in the first few steps out of an elusive change of direction move is where the greatest opportunity to create separation from pursuing opponents can be achieved.
Sports preparation is necessary for the sport specific skills (shooting a basketball, pitching a baseball, etc.) and physical preparation is needed for specific performance enhancement such as foot speed, strength, power, etc.
This Raptor drill is perfect for developing both change of direction abilities and acceleration after the change of direction.
The VertiMax Raptor units can apply an elastic resistance to an athlete over a 45 yard range.
Instead, consider it a preview of what you can achieve permanently with some dedicated time on this apparatus. Thus for this specific drill having the ball carrier after crossing the last hurdle turn their hips and accelerate down field as quickly as possible for as much as 30 yards is recommended.

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