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Vertical Water maple water: A local, environmentally friendly alternative to coconut water. I love drinking coconut water (especially the amazingly sweet Taste Nirvana, in comparison to which all other brands pale), but I recognize that ita€™s a frivolous habit.
A soon-to-launch product called Vertical Water is aiming to ease consciences on those last two points, at least. While maple water is fairly new to store shelves, maple farmers have been sipping it for centuries. Vertical Water is created in collaboration with Feronia Forests - an award-winning Certified B Corporation that is committed to conserving American forestland while helping people reconnect with nature. We work closely with ecosystem specialists to sustainably tap our trees (they barely know we’re there). By protecting trees and forests, Vertical Water hopes to also protect the plants and animals that they shelter.

The root system of maple trees stabilizes the soil, prevents erosion and naturally filters the delicious water we tap for you. A 240 mL serving of Vertical Water™ has just 15 calories, 3 grams of sugar, and it just plain tastes better. And to those who live in the northeast, it practically qualifies as local, which coconut water decidedly is not. Vertical Water is thirst-quenching and delicious - it's not sticky sap nor is it water mixed with maple syrup.
Over time, they have learned a thing or two about finding the freshest, tastiest maple water each season.
Like coconut water, Vertical Water is geared toward the segment of the population that believes water from inside a plant is preferable to water from an aquifer. I just find its claims that it helps conserve forests more compelling than its taste claims.

More disturbingly, buying coconut water supports an industry that exploits poor farmers in the Philippines and Indonesia, as Krista Mahr has detailed in Time. You can find out whether you agree with me soon enough—Vertical Water hits grocery store shelves starting in April.
Plus, from an environmental perspective, ita€™s hard to defend a product that has to be shipped halfway around the globea€”burning fossil fuels along the waya€”to reach consumers. It also has tradition on its side: In many places where maple trees are abundant, like southern South Korea (and Vermont), maple water has been a popular springtime beverage for centuries.

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