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If you’re looking to improve your vertical jump, you have a lot to incorporate into your training routine. Strength, balance, force, flexibility and power are just the training considerations that must be made. Notice how there are a few milliseconds of delay from the time you watch the play and are able to get into the air? Have you noticed when watching an NBA player jump they seem to just bounce up with no effort at all? But did you know that there are several types of muscle tissue fibers which are all responsible for a different type of contraction? Type 1 muscle fibers have a different energy production capacity and a different speed of contraction than Type 2a and 2b. It is imperative that when training to improve your vertical jump that you elicit these very muscle fibers in order to improve performance.
Two very different training styles which are also the most popular can be used to do just this. To get an idea of what this means, contrast using a leg press to strengthen the quads to a one-legged lateral jump.
Plyometrics are fun and challenging, they engage the whole body, and in this sense, mimics playing the sport itself.
Plyometrics also use the whole body, so rather than isolating a single muscle for a contraction and a single joint during the movement, you’ll be using your whole body together. You’ll be engaging the right muscles and muscle fibers that would be involved in an actual jump, all getting trained at the same time.
The abs, muscles of the back, shoulders, butt, legs and all of their associated joints will be learning and adapting at the same time to improve power.
On the other hand, almost all professional athletes, with the exception of distance runners, use the Olympic lifts to improve power and explosiveness.
The first is the Snatch; in this movement, the athlete must pull the barbell from the floor in a single movement to overhead. Training in Olympic lifting as a part of your power and explosiveness will really take you the distance.
On the down side, it is difficult to learn the techniques of the lifts, which is important to avoid injury. Eliciting this kind of adaptation means training in plyometrics and in Olympic weightlifting.
It explains more about Olympic lifting and plyometrics and how you can cycle the right sessions between intensity and volume to get a higher vertical in the most effective way. Simply Enter Your Email Address Below To Receive Your Free eBook "Increase Your Vertical Jump"!
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Vertical jumps are powerful movements in any game and it can only be achieved with proper training and techniques.
The first goal in a power based exercise is to perform all the movements at a very high speed. The first two heads of power resistance training is used for vertical jumps by adding technique and application. The other power based exercises involve pulling the dumbbell, barbell or a kettlebell in explosive and high speed moves. It is very important to do the right type of exercise to achieve the best vertical jump for your game.
Photo by Myriam, CC0 1.0 Colostrum is the initial milk that nursing mothers create to feed their young. Used by athletes around the world, suspension training adds a higher level of inter-muscular stability; in other words, it makes you stronger and fitter, faster. An excellent training type for all aims, it really burns off calories and increases whole-body strength.
As a kettlebells instructor I can show you how to use this explosive apparatus to tone-up, shed fat and push your training forward. Medicine balls served the Ancient Greeks and Romans for training their olympians and gladiators, and have stood the test of time because they work. They can be thrown, incorporated into balance training, power training or used simply for weight loss.
Fun, challenging, and very satisfying, a little kick-boxing training worked in to a routine will add a new cardio level, gain endurance and give anybody a great confidence boost. Safety being paramount, I always begin with basic striking techniques and footwork before teaching combinations. With the proper flexibility programme integrated into your training to complement your workout, you will achieve amazing result and feel fantastic. By taking into account your body-type, blood-type and daily mood patterns, I can help you find the right nutritional balance among the modern-day minefield of misinformation.
I do not allow any of my clients to go hungry or follow unhealthy fad diets, instead guide them towards eating the right foods at the right times to maximise their training. It has been proved conclusively, again and again, that resistance training is the fastest way to burn fat; it also strengthens our skeleton and lowers the risk of heart problems.
I hold that Weight Lifting and Weight Training are two different things in the same way that walking and running are two different things.
As a Sports Conditioner, I can attest to the fact that Weight Lifting is relevant to any athlete of any sport; it dramatically builds strength, power, control, balance and flexibility.
We live in a flexion-addicted society; we sit in cars, at the table, in the office and in front of the TV at the end of the day. More to the point, conditions arising from poor posture can be incredibly painful and disrupt our lives no end, and chiropractors, osteopaths and physios are not only expensive but, with the best will in the world, can only treat the symptoms of the conditions they are faced with.
A Postural Correction programme works by loosening those muscles that are overly tight, and tightening those too loose.
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Explosiveness is just a component of that- how fast can your body react when you realize its time to jump on the court to snatch a rebound out of the air?
Improving your height with the component of speed will be essential in getting to that ball first.
Muscle is made up of protein tissues, and are responsible for getting your around; pretty common knowledge.
You are all set to improve your power and explosiveness, and that means, training your fast twitch muscle fibers to contract every more powerfully and with greater strength. Though the same muscles are contacting, the one-legged lateral jump will be many times more effected, even without loading any extra weight. In this lift, the movement is broken into 2 parts, the Clean is from the floor to the shoulders, and the Jerk is boosting it over head. Weightlifting elicits exactly the right muscles that you’ll need in basketball- the lower body especially. Remember to train hard, but safely, and you’ll be well on your way to improving your vertical jump!
Oscillating, Vertical or Combined, giving ultimate flexibility to design your training routine and maximise results.
CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT HOW YOU CAN RAPIDLY ADD INCHES TO YOUR VERTICAL JUMP LIKE NEVER BEFORE. Weight training which involves power movements requires training in both upper and lower body.
These exercises are basically known for working on the posterior muscles complexes which are involved in the vertical jump.
We lope across savannah, tundra, woodlands and desert with spear in hand before breaking into a hard sprint and launching our spear to bring dinner back to the cave! This will not only improve your performance and fitness gains, but keep you enjoying this most natural of pursuits.
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That is, the time it takes for your feet to leave the ground and then plateau, should be as short as possible. Today, in this article we will be discussing about the speed factor in the power training program for vertical jumps.
Basically there are two major types of power based exercises – one which involves only body weight resistance and second which involves more than body weight resistance. Gluteus muscles groups, the hamstrings and the calves’ muscles are majorly affected with these exercises. The movement should basically be like a vertical jump only by dropping more quickly and approach the top of the squat by leaping with the bar.
Although stretching feels good, we all-too-often fail to stretch the parts of us that need it most.

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