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Lie on your back and straighten your legs up high, the body should form a 90 degree angle in the waist.
People always find different ways to flatten and tone their belly areas, but they fail to follow the old abdominal exercise routine. One such exercise is the vertical leg crunch that aims at improving the original crunches to focus on the strengthening and toning effects on the middle as well as side abdominal muscles.
To perform this exercise, you require to lie on your back and extend your legs into the air.
The hands should be placed at the back of your head or next to your hips to let your lower back remain flat.
Lift your shoulder blades and raise your upper body while contracting your ab muscles to reach your chest. Then come back to your initial position by lowering your shoulder blades and then again lifting them for ten to fifteen repetitions. As you repeat this exercise make sure that your lower spine completely pressed on the floor, and your legs are kept steady.

It is same as that of a vertical leg crunch the only difference being that you will lift your heels while lifting your shoulder blades. You can also tent your fingers on the back of your head or ears while lifting your hips and shoulder blades from the floor. This exercise can be more challenging than that of a vertical leg crunch since you require to activate your lower abdominal muscles along with upper abdominal muscles simultaneously. Do this exercise for ten to fifteen repetitions or some more repetitions as you gain strength.
The vertical leg crunch builds core strength which results in an increase in overall strength.
This exercise also Improves Balance and Posture through increasing muscular growth around the spine. Sign up to our Newsletter Be the first to receive exciting features, news & special offers! It is important to add some useful exercise routine that will help to build toned abdominal muscles.

It is especially beneficial to athletes who try to develop well-defined six pack abs muscles. You can activate and isolate your obliques more efficiently keeping your ankles crossed while doing this exercise. Once you perform this exercise well, you can move towards doing a full vertical leg crunch. Slowly return your back and shoulders to the floor and then go right into the next repetition. With the increase in core strength, you will be more proficient in various aerobic activities such as running, swimming, walking and cycling.

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