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Matias Saari, Kilian Jornet and Emelie Forsberg in Anchorage this week.For the uninitiated, Kilian is likely the best endurance mountain athlete of his generation having won or set records on a wide variety of competitive venues and mountain challenges alike.
Mount Marathon is the biggest race on the Alaska calendar each year and is likely the most popular Alaskan sporting event, save for the iconic Iditarod Sled Dog Race. I could write pages about all the variables at play when local runners speculate about how Kilian and Emelie will fair on our beloved mountain.
The only anecdote I’ll share is one involving a recent Sky Running event in Chamonix where Kilian finished 7th in the vertical kilometer race. The iconic Grandes JorassesFor those of you not familiar with famous north face climbs in the Alps, the Grandes Jorasses is a massive, steep alpine climb that would be a treasure for any alpinist to claim on his resume. The Salomon crew enjoying some Seward, AK hospitalityThe Salomon TV crew is tagging along this year to film Kilian, Rickey Gates and Emelie as they make their bids at the 2015 Mount Marathon Race. For those paying attention to the mountain running scene probably know that Kilian Jornet and Emelie Forsberg are both making an appearance at the 100th running of the event.
Frankly, I’m tired of the discussion and thrilled to have the day and the answers finally at hand. I heard many locals speculate that perhaps he wasn’t as fit as we thought or that, perhaps, he was resting up for MMR.

While climbing it in a single push is not unprecedented in today’s realm of the super alpinist, doing so is still a remarkable accomplishment. The episode will feature many aspects of the event but fans will have to wait until next season to see the action from that perspective. Seems like Kilian could go faster if he spent less time spinning in circles, blowing kisses, and waving to the crowd. One only needs to compare the facial expressions of Kilian and Emelie in the last 5-10 minutes of the race to all the others to know that they were running completely within themselves near the end. Emelie, for her part, continues to regularly win sky running races across Europe and accompanies Kilian on all sorts of mountain adventures. This year, some of the usual suspects are not running (Holly Brooks, Kikkan Randall) while Alaska’s most famous running talent in recent years, Alison Ostrander, is running her first adult race.
The truth, however, is much more interesting and gives some insight into the incredible depth of fitness this man possesses. The fact that he did it with all this other stuff on the schedule is nearly impossible to comprehend. For those needing a more immediate hit, there’ll be a live feed of all the action on local Anchorage news channels.

Both admitted to me that they seriously shut things down when it was clear there was no threat from behind. Their participation at this year’s MMR brings a level of international notoriety previously unseen at this uniquely Alaskan event. But the big news is the participation of the above-mentioned international running celebrities and their potential impact on the race. So, to question his fitness or his performance in the vertical km is basically pointless considering his lead-up to that event. Both have important races next week so there was no need to inflict the kind of damage on themselves that only MMR can deliver. And with a crazy last 3 days: wednesday 9pm start for walk-climb thru Grandes Jorasses both face for 23h, sleep 6h and go for cheering on 80km doing a short run, some meetings and go for the Vertical Km in Chamonix, straight from there to a night shooting until 2pm, 3h sleep and run up Mont Blanc, and speed down for a last interview.
Both athletes went hard on the up but it's their prowess on the descent that really set them apart.

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