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The Takei 5406 Digital Jump Meter is designed to measure the distance covered by a vertical jump.
Measuring range: 5 to 99 cm when the position of the subject's belt is at a height of 110 cm. Before you contact us, please search our frequently asked questions for possible solutions. Our Personal Fitness Trainers incorporate all 11 components of physical fitness into our clients’ exercise programs in order to have a well-rounded work-out. Being at a high level of physical fitness can be achieved through a combination of daily physical activity, exercise, and a healthy diet. It is important to know that all components of physical fitness can be improved no matter what stage of life. If you are finding the information you need, please be sure to support our sponsors located throughout our website.
Please click here for YouTube videos to view a demonstration of all components of physical fitness in action. Incorporating all components of physical fitness into your exercise program is a great way to improve your physical fitness level.
The Illinois Agility Sprint Test is a great way to measure and improve one’s agility and speed.
This gymnast on the balance beam is an excellent example of balance, power, strength, coordination, agility, and flexibility. Using a skinfold caliper is a good, inexpensive, and fairly accurate way to measure one’s body composition. Cardiovascular Endurance – Engaging in physical activity for long periods of time. Cardiovascular endurance can be measured indoors by performing a 3 minute step test or by stress tests on a treadmill or stationary bike. A baseball pitcher throwing a pitch is a great example of coordination, power, balance, and speed. Flexibility – Moving specific joints or a group of joints through a wide range of motion (ROM). Another good example of reaction time is sprinters reacting to the start gun to begin a race. The 5 components of physical fitness that are directly health-related and the 6 components of physical fitness that are skill-related (or sports-related) should be incorporated into your daily exercise routines. Please visit our new and improved Gallery for more exercises that demonstrate the components of physical fitness in action. We combine our knowledge and expertise with our clients' commitment to training, so we, as a team, can maximize results. Click below to view and download the standards and benchmarks for MS Physical and Health Education.
The following is the rubric used to convert daily Time in Zone (TZ) scores into daily grades. Click on the link below to determine how far and long you have run for your most recent beep test score. Mile Run – This is a standard cardiovascular endurance test where students run four laps around our 400m track.
Standing Long Jump – Students will have three attempts to jump as far as they can from a standing position. Standing Vertical Jump – Students will place their foot against the wall and reach as high as they can with an outstretched hand, while flat-footed, up along a measured line on the wall. 10 Meter Dash – This is a timed explosive power test administered over a distance of 10 meters in the gym. The International Physical Fitness Test (IPFT) is a battery of tests developed with the cooperation between The United States Sports Academy and the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports. The test was first introduced in 1977 as a two-day test battery, made up of the 50-meter sprint, standing long jump, grip strength, 1000-meter run, 30-second sit-up, pull-up, 10-meter shuttle run, and trunk flexion.
The five fitness tests decided upon were the 50-meter sprint test for measuring speed and acceleration, the Pull-up for relative strength, the 10-meter shuttle run for measuring relative power, speed and suppleness, the Back throw, as a measure of power, and the 1,000-meter run for aerobic fitness. November 29, 2013 by Jimson Lee Leave a Comment In the old days of Participaction, Canada used to have a fitness test with 6 events: 50 yard run, 300 yard run, max sit-ups, flex arm hang, shuttle run, and standing long jump.
I try to keep the field conditions consistent and in my case, I prefer to use Astroturf for my bounding tests. For a good video demonstration of speed bounding, see this week’s Speed Bounding and Plyometrics. I know from my open stats when I ran 10.92 for 100 meters, my standing vertical jump was 29 inches, and I could bound 10 steps in 35 meters (from a standing start).

While demonstrating the standing vertical jump this week, I could only accomplish 19 inches at the ripe age of 49 and 16 months! Here are my recommendations for products & services I've reviewed & used personally that can improve your results. I am a Masters Athlete and Coach currently based in London UK and participate in numerous foundation projects, including the re-releasing of Bud Winter’s books and audio. Sign up for this Program and you will receive an email every day for the next 30 days with links to over 60 manuals!
The original book with Armin Hary and Dennis Johnson remains intact with an all new update using comparisons with Jamaican Sprinters. Physical fitness is defined as being in a general state of health and well-being or specifically the ability to perform aspects of sports or occupations. Children, teens, adults, and the elderly will see improvements in all aspects of physical fitness if the proper exercises and training techniques are implemented into daily exercise routines. Thank you for visiting Bring It Home Personal Training for all of your Physical Fitness information.
Having a high percentage of body fat compared to lean muscle has shown to increase risk of heart disease, certain cancers, strokes, and diabetes.
This usually consists of upper and lower body movements being performed at the same time. Coordination is a skill-related component of physical fitness.
Flexibility is a health-related component of physical fitness that plays a very important role in the functioning of all individuals especially athletes. Muscular strength has also been defined as the maximum pull or push that can be exerted one time by a muscle group. Power is a skill-related component of physical fitness. How can power be improved or increased? Reaction time is a skill-related component of physical fitness. Reaction time can be tested in a variety of ways. Combining all 11 components of fitness into your exercise program will certainly make you stronger, faster, improve your balance and increase your flexibilty. Improving upon all the components of physical fitness will help you to perform daily routine tasks without fatique and exhaustion. Be sure to click on images for name of exercise and components of physical fitness being improved.
Measurement after the four digit left and right each maximum value average value alternating left and right. These runs are synchronized with a pre-recorded audio tape or CD, which plays beeps at set intervals. Students will place their splayed hands on the floor, slightly more than shoulder-width apart. Students will ensure that their toes are behind the start line, and then jump out as far as they can along a measured line. Students will then step slightly from the wall and jump from a standing position as high as they can. When they are ready to start, students need to run nine meters (30 feet) and pick up a bean bag and return to the start line to exchange bean bags. Students remove their shoes for this test and place their feet against the front of the box. The test manual is based on norms collected on Arab youth aged 9 to 19, and has been adopted by more than 21 nations throughout the years. A year later, after evaluation of the test procedures and results, the battery was changed from a two-day to a one-day test for purposes of efficiency and because it was found that their second-day performances were affected after testing in the heat of the Middle East. Since then, the battery has again been modified, replacing the pull-up with the flexed-arm hang based on data that had been collected.The current test battery measures the basic components of physical activity - speed, strength, suppleness and stamina. Improving upon all areas of physical fitness will help you to improve daily activities and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Once proper training techniques are established, then exercise consistency, mental focus, and discipline will be most important for improving individuals’ overall physical fitness levels. Fitness centers, gyms, and health clubs use these health-related components of physical fitness to measure clients fitness levels in order to prescribe the appropriate exercise program for each individual. These skill-related components of physical fitness are directly related to sports and daily activities. These components can be measured and improved using very specific training techniques.
Nutrition plays a very important role in staying healthy and performing at a high level of fitness. One’s agility can be increased by doing specific footwork drills on an agility ladder, staggered tire formation, or any other type of obstacle course that requires the individual to adjust body position, speed, and direction quickly.
Balance can be tested by standing on one leg with eyes closed for 30 seconds on each leg or by performing the Y-Balance Test.

Doing daily cardiovascular exercise and strength training, along with a healthy diet, will help to reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass. However, some disadvantages to outdoor field tests include wind, humidity, and temperature.
Coordination can be improved by performing exercises that require the individual to use upper body muscle groups and lower body muscle groups at the same time. Examples of muscular endurance: Long-distance cycling, using a rowing machine or crewing, or doing push-ups until fatigue has been reached. Speed can be measured by timing a 40-yard dash, 30 meter sprint, or the Illinois Agility Test.
As the test proceeds, the interval between each successive beep reduces, forcing the athlete to increase velocity over the course of the test, until it is impossible to keep in sync with the recording. Measurements are scored from the start line to the furthest point back of the student’s body. From a straddled, sitting position, students slowly reach out along a measured line on top of the box as far as they can. The test battery was also reduced from eight to five components, which better reflected those fitness components needed in sport, and eliminated costly equipment such as the hand dynamometer.
Be sure to include a daily healthy diet full of vegetables, fruits, complex carbohydrates, and lean proteins.
Body Composition can be measured by skinfold calipers, waist-to-hip ratios, circumference measurements, bioelectric impedence, and hydrostatic weighing. Muscular Strength can be measured by performing a 1 repetition maximum (RM) test or a 10 RM test on a chest press in order to test upper body strength. Total body strength training, increased flexibility through stretching, sport specific training and improved technique, sharp mental focus, and increased reaction time are many ways to improve overall power.
Individuals can increase speed by sprinting down hill or wearing a small parachute or weighted vest on your back while sprinting. The highest level attained before failing to keep up is recorded as the score for that test.
A teacher will place a closed fist on the floor to have the student touch their nose to the fist. Agility can be tested by timing individuals running through a series of staggered cones or obstacles for a predetermined distance. Specific training techniques using exercise equipment such as balance discs, Fit-Balls, BOSU, or standing on one leg while performing an exercise can help to improve one’s balance. Hydrostatic weighing is the best way to determine one’s body fat percentage, followed by skinfold calipers, and bioelectric impedence.
Please view our gallery to see examples of exercises you can do to improve your coordination.
Ballistic stretching is a high-risk injury type of stretching and is not recommended to the general public. Students are to sit-up so that their elbows touch their mid-thigh area, before returning to the start position with the upper back touching the floor. This is to encourage students to bend the elbows to 90 degrees, while lowering the entire body without having any other body parts (legs, stomach) touch the floor. When released, the student will run as fast as they can through the finish line ten meters away. Examples of balance: A gymnast jumping and landing on a balance beam, a surfer on a surfboard riding a wave, a one leg deadlift pictured above, equestrian events, or simply jumping around on one foot. In order to improve cardiovascular endurance, one must be consistent with daily aerobic exercise while reaching appropriate target heart rate zones. Examples of coordination: Performing a squat on a BOSU while doing a shoulder press, a baseball pitcher throwing a pitch, a pole vaulter or a high hurdler in track and field, or jumping rope. Please see our gallery for more images and examples of how to increase muscular strength. Please click HERE For more details and very important information regarding muscular strength. In addition to body composition, individuals should know their body mass index (BMI) as well.
This advanced type of stretching should be done with a professional fitness trainer or physical therapist.

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