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The Standing long jump, also called the Broad Jump, is a common and easy to administer test of explosive leg power. You can assist in recording your score by holding a piece of chalk in your had and using it to mark the wall. For a demonstration, there is a video example of using the wall technique in the Vertical Jump Videos. A vertical jump is something that any person who plays basketball, volleyball or gymnastics would love to perfect! Out-rebounding your opponent team is not so difficult if you have the right tricks up your sleeve.
Try the jump-out squat technique where you squat low as you would with a regular squat and then jump up and turn backwards at the same time. Swing your arms upwards quickly just as you jump, the extra pressure you apply to your arm swing will improve your jump lift noticeably. For track and field, volleyball, basketball, and many other sports, jumping ability is directly related to success. Because of their apparent similarity, coaches have often treated jumping and jerk training as complementary exercises.
The present study found that both the jump and jerk movements followed a proximal-to-distal muscular recruitment strategy. The authors found that this recruitment strategy allowed for maximal extensions in both the jump and the jerk. Three of the jumpers were hip dominant, developing the largest contribution to the movement from the hip joint.
The best jumpers were those who achieved the greatest knee and hip moments, and developed those moments the fastest. Overall, these results suggest that vertical jump performance depends on the athlete’s ability to produce both peak knee and hip moments during the jump. It’s more difficult to draw firm conclusions about the usefulness of the jerk in improving jump performance. Katherine Derbyshire combines her training as an engineer with her vocation as a writer to explain scientific and technological issues for non-specialist audiences.
The subject attempts to jump as far as possible, landing on both feet without falling backwards.

This technique also allows those with greater skill to score longer jumps, which is undesirable if you are trying to test for leg power only.
All you need is a high wall, such as the outside of a building, and a bit of room so you can jump and land safely.
If the wall already has horizontal lines, such as a brick wall, it will be easier to mark your jump height. Okay, I get that we don’t all have the same genetic makeup as Dwayne Wade to master those vertical jumps, but with the right training and cheat techniques, you will be able to get close to it.
Because jumping ability depends on leg drive, it seems at first glance to be closely related to the weightlifting jerk, where leg drive propels the barbell rather than the lifter’s body.
Nine of the subjects had previous training in jerk technique, and these athletes were also asked to perform 40 kg (88 pounds) push jerks. Maximum moment arms were developed near the center of the body first, then at the extremities.
For jumping, they believe this approach prevents premature takeoff, allowing the full force of the jump to transfer into lift off the ground. Five were knee dominant, and the other four had a roughly balanced ratio of knee to hip torque. The choice between knee and hip dominant jumping strategies may depend on the athlete’s relative strengths and weaknesses. As a knee dominant exercise, the jerk may be used in developing the ability to drive with the knees, but it is not clear whether doing so will increase jump height.
A fulltime self-employed writer since 2001, she has covered topics from aikido to quantum computing, with many stops in between. The standing long jump was also once an event at the Olympic Games, and is also an event in Sports Hall competitions in the UK.
Generally longer distances should be achieved with this technique, so the norm table above would not be accurate. The World Record for the standing long jump is held by Norwegian Arne Tvervaag, who jumped 3.71 meters. Another little secret, it is not about the footwear, just watch these videos to see what the real vertical jump mastering tricks are all about!
In particular, the need to control a heavy barbell imposes constraints on body movement in the jerk that are not present in jumping.

In jumping, peak hip extension came first, followed by peak knee, then peak ankle extension, with the reverse pattern followed in the landing phase. For the jerk, similarly, it maximizes the transfer of force to the barbell at the moment when the bar leaves the shoulders. The authors suggested that activities, like the long jump, with a horizontal component may favor different strategies from those which require only a vertical jump.
As noted above, however, it is not clear whether this correlation continues at maximal jerk loads.
The Eurofit Test recommends using a graduated mat for ease of recording jump distance on the landing surface. Practice your technique, as the jump height can be affected by how much you bend your knees before jumping, and the effective use of the arms. In order to quantify the similarities and differences between the two, a study at Imperial College, London, used force plate and kinematic measurements to analyze the jumping, landing, and jerk movement patterns of 12 athletic men.
Further research is needed to determine whether the jerk elicits the same movement patterns at near-maximal loads. In the jerk, in contrast, there was relatively little hip involvement, with peak knee extension followed by peak ankle extension. The same pattern has been observed in runners in other studies, and appears to allow more effective energy transfer from proximal to distal joints.
For example, a coach might attempt to enhance hip drive in a knee dominant jumper, or might seek to increase knee strength. Other avenues for further study might include analyzing movement patterns in the more commonly used split jerk, and analysis of the violent hip extension observed in the weightlifting clean. The authors attribute the lack of hip involvement to the constraint imposed by the barbell, which for maximum efficiency should remain as close to the midline of the body as possible.

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