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Centrix recently attended the Henry Schein National Sales Meeting in Nashville, TN, June 6-8. Of course, we had to think up a unique way to grab and hold the attention of these large groups of sales reps. We decided to stage a vertical leap challenge, which was led by our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Bill Campbell, and our Director of Global Sales, Phil Pereira. Each group of reps that visited our booth had a chance to test their vertical leaping ability. I like Centrix for their innovative products and their desire to make dental practice easier for both the doctor and the patient. GingiTrac has simplified my crown and bridge procedures therefore reduced my stress levels.
Access Crown allows me to make temporary crowns in half the time.  No need to polish and the margins are perfectly clear. Tempit is a time saving, fast setting, easily applied material used to seal endodontically-treated teeth in between visits. The Centrix disposable tubes and plugs are a much more efficient way of delivering materials, both low and high viscosity with less waste. Centrix fluoride varnish is the best, most cost-effective varnish that we have ever used in our office.
Love the GingiTrac, much easier and more comfortable for the patients, instead of packing cord.
I have been very pleased with the value, time savings, and strength of the Centrix product Access Crown. We used to use IRM but it was so sticky and it sometimes came out by the time our patients got to the parking lot, but then our wonderful Centrix representative told us about Tempit, and we have not stopped using it since.
One of the more forward thinking dental supply companies — always looking to reinvent a product to make it better and easier to use.
I use Centrix almost exclusively for my temps, really like the ease of use, functional, and esthetic capabilities for a temporary material. I love the GingiTrac system; it is hands down the most efficient time saving retraction system in Dentistry!
Just about most of the products that I tested made my life a lot easier, especially the Centrix retraction and matrix material and the Access Crown temp material. I have found Access to be one of the best temp materials I have used in my 25 years and the most cost effective. Tempit is a product that I have used for years.  The easy use in sealing endodontic access sites and the fact that it does not adversely affect bond strengths with bonding agents or cements makes this a superior product for everyday use. My Centrix Rep, Tammy Micenko, is experienced, knowledgeable, and has been very instrumental in the common sense implementation of Centrix products in my office.
We have switched from UltraSeal XT by Ultradent to Champ exclusively because of its simplicity.

The beauty of using GingiTrac is that not only does it offer an easy way to get nice gingival retraction, but it cleans the prep area as if you are taking a clean second impression.
Stretch hip flexors to increase vertical jump - The National Association of Speed and Explosion (NASE) Inc. Jan 22, 2015 by NASEComments are offperformance, static stretch, vertical jumpAthletes are always looking for little tips and tricks that will give them an edge over their opponents. Static stretching is a bit of a buzz word lately in the strength and conditioning community. Some new research out of Canada, published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research evaluated the effects of static stretching specific muscles before vertical jump testing. A potential mechanism through which hip flexor stretching may contribute to higher jumping is through reducing reciprocal inhibition. It was a great way for us to meet and deliver the Centrix message to over 1,300 Team Schein Members in just two days! Less than thirty seconds to fill after an endo, It honestly takes longer to place the cotton pellet. The needle tips are perfectly designed for precise placement of materials whether it's cement in a post prep, a proximal box or a core buildup.
It works every time and is so much more comfortable to the patient than using retraction cord.  I couldn't practice without it. This Mnemonic device can be used for any activity, but for our purposes, we'll use the example of wanting to run a mile."F" stands for frequency, meaning how often you do a particular activity. This can help you with fast movements, such as catching a falling book, or side-stepping a person who's running down the hall past you. In recent posts we discussed the various ways in which athletes can take advantage of post-activation potentiation.
Fifteen college-aged males had their vertical jumps tested at baseline, after which the subjects returned on 3 more occasions. The researchers also found that that increase in vertical jump from hip flexor stretching was NOT related to hip flexor compliance. The glute muscles, which are powerful hip extensors, may have increased recruitment when the hip flexors are loosened. The excitement was contagious and the reps couldn’t wait to take their turns jumping.
I really appreciate that and I have a great deal of trust in what they create for dentistry. GingiTrac can be easily used with or without retraction cords depending of depth of preparation and tissue thickness. I am barely under average, and I hope to get a 16 second agility by the end of the semester.

By performing explosive movements following maximal strength training, one can expect a transient increase in output.
In other words, though range of motion was increased from the stretching, this did not correlate with the increased vertical jump. Other research has investigated the acute performance improvements seen following HRV biofeedback. It’s now pretty well understood that static stretching may result in acute decrements in force production if done excessively before training or sport participation.
Regardless of the mechanism, it appears that stretching your hip flexors before performing explosive hip extension type movements, such as a vertical jump, may transiently increase performance. My assistant can't decide which part she likes better, the fact that there's no mixing or no mess. In order to lose calories or gain muscle mass, you have to push yourself to a certain limit. Even icing the shoulders of pitchers between innings has shown some promising effects on maintaining pitching velocity in baseball. As a result, the pendulum has swung completely in the other direction where static stretching has been stricken from pre-exercise activities for many teams. Changes in hip flexor passive compliance do not account for improvement in vertical jump performance following hip flexor static stretching. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, Ahead of print. Secondly, in the past a lot of children complain about the taste, and some even gagging and throwing up after application of the varnish. Timed and implemented appropriately, these aforementioned methods may be worth experimenting with. The fact of the matter however, is that static stretching has it’s place in pre-exercise routines when used appropriately.
We needed something clever, something exciting, something that would create a buzz and give these reps an outlet for their endless supply of energy. For a balanced physical lifestyle, you have to have a balance between all types of exercise. A starting point for Time is to run around your neighborhood, or an area you know well, and keep going until you feel yourself feeling tired out, then increasing rigor from there.

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