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The power clean is a rarely seen exercise in most gyms (unless you’re in an Olympic lifting gym, or sports focused gym).
Let’s start by checking that weight lifting is in fact better than body weight vertical jump training.
As you can see above, both weight training and body weight jump training surpassed each other for 3 metrics each (I inserted the green numbers and ticks). This study was done on high school boys for 8 weeks (the results are similar for professional football players[2]). A 10cm increase in vertical jump is a respectable improvement, so make it your goal to increase your squat by 150lb and your power clean by 60lb. Step your training up a notch by including Olympic lifts in your training routine, particularly the power clean. Daniel has a strong interest in evidence supported fitness training, preparation and supplementation.
I was at the Imaginarium Discovery Center in Anchorage, Alaska when I discovered a curious machine.

I wondered, if I knew the amount of time I was in the air, couldn't I figure out how high I had jumped? Your initial velocity represents the amount of speed your body generated when it left the ground. After Googling physics formulas with no luck, I decided to consult my high school physics teacher.
The heavier you are, the more force is required to accelerate your body to your initial velocity (F=ma). If you have a Gravatar account associated with the e-mail address you provide, it will be used to display your avatar. VALMOR TRICOLI, LEONARDO LAMAS, ROBERTO CARNEVALE, AND CARLOS UGRINOWITSCH [Go Up ↩]Comparison of Olympic Vs. My best verticals have been in the range of 26-28 inches, which is decent but nothing like Michael Jordan's spectacular 43-48 inch vertical. A quick refresher on basic physics helped me arrive at my answer: a measly 19 and three-quarter inches!

Since you really only care about your vertical for the physics calculations, take your total time and cut it in half. The peak of your jump occurs exactly where you're no longer traveling upward but before you begin traveling downward, so your ending velocity is equal to 0. When you use Addoa for your creative needs, you'll see the difference excellence makes on your project. Our superior quality, strong communication, attitude and unbeatable value make Addoa the right choice for any project. But at the museum, I got a chance to see my jump in slow motion and see how long I'd been in the air.

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