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GRAVITY Gravity constantly exerts a downward force, seeking to crush us under our own weight. When we stand, we exert a force upwards, overcoming (resisting) the force of gravity that is pushing downwards on us. Walking ? Working When we walk, we move horizontally, which is not in the same direction as our upwards force. Walking ? Working When we move in the same direction as the force we exert on ourselves, then we are doing work. Regardless of how gentle or steep the ramp, the amount of work done on the object is the same as if the object was just lifted straight up against the force of gravity. Ladders are Inclined Planes Too When climbing a ladder, the horizontal distance travelled doesn’t count; only the vertical distance is used for work calculations. The Long Jump The distance that a person can jump is dependent on two factors: the speed at which she travels down the track and the “hang time” she attains in the air.

The Long Jump “Hang time” is determined by the vertical portion of the jump as well as body positioning. Whether you are making movement analysis, measuring recovery, strain or any other sport related biosignal, Mega Electronics provides the ideal measuring instruments for every job.
The Humac Norm includes attachments to perform the isolated patterns covering the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle and back. The Humac software allows users to easily carry out testing of patients both quickly and hassle free. Only the distance through which we move in the same direction as the applied force is used in the work formula. To walk downstairs requires no work becasue the direction of travel is the opposite of the direction of our upward force. Our best-in-class level biosignal monitoring devices set the standard in sport research and athlete training.

Hand held unit displays height and hang time for one jump, average height, ground time, explosive power for four jumps and sprint times. In one machine it offers 22 isolated-joint movement patterns, four resistance models (isokinetic, isotonic, isometric and passive) and numerous reports to meet the measurement and exercise needs of todays researchers.
Walking down stairs is “controlled falling”; it has the same net effect as falling, without the injuries.

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