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Sometimes added to this definition is the ability to transmit genes to the next generation. Significance: Of all 10 facets of physical fitness, body composition is the only non-performance metric.
Significance: Strength is required to perform basic functional movements in our life like squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling, and bending are important in our everyday life. Definition: Ability of the circulatory systems and respiratory systems to supply oxygen during sustained physical activity. Significance: Improved cardiovascular increases lung capacity so the heart does not have to work as hard to pump blood to the muscles. Measurement: There is no specific test because there are many joints in the human body, but a range of stretches can identify flexibility like the sit and reach test, shoulder reach etc. Significance: The optimal range of motion about various joints has a direct effect on almost all other facets of physical fitness. Definition: The ability of muscles to continue to perform repeated contractions against submaximal resistance. Measurement: Given there is more than on major muscle group, testing muscular endurance requires testing each individual muscle, or group.
Significance: Performing repetitious physical activity such as gardening, raking leaves and washing your car will become less fatiguing.
Definition: The ability to rapidly change the position of the entire body in time and space with speed and accuracy.
Significance: Agility is not only critical in most sports such as a boxer dodging a punch, a wrestler finishing a take-down, or a running back changing on a dime could all be considered examples of agility. Measurement: Tests can be performed on a balance beam, or on the ground while holding various positions. Significance: Especially as we age, balance becomes increasingly important to prevent falls, which can result in serious injury.

Definition: The ability to use the senses, such as sight and hearing, together with body parts in performing motor tasks smoothly and accurately.
Measurement: There are many different types of coordination, some of which require different movement patterns, muscle groups, and body positions such as juggling, dribbling a ball, or hitting an object.
Significance: Whether you want to play a musical instrument like the drums, or just get into your car while balancing your morning coffee, coordination is involved in many daily activities. Measurement: Many different tests can be employed to test power, which can also be split into various movement patterns.
Significance: The ability to move a body quickly through space is very important in all sports, and is also required in daily living such as getting out of a chair, which requires not just strength, but power. Measurement: There are many different types of speed, which including running, swimming, and speed of hand, or foot movement. Stamina – Also referred to as anaerobic capacity, the ability of body systems to process, deliver, store, and utilize energy.
Accuracy – This is partly covered by the definition of agility, but accuracy refers to the ability to control movement in a given direction at a given intensity. Reaction Time – Also closely related to agility, is defined as the time elapsed between stimulation and the beginning of the reaction to it. Health, Nutrition, and Wellness – While mental fitness, nutrition, and overall well-being are not on this list, they are integrally tied to optimal physical fitness. I hope this list has provided a more comprehensive view of what physical fitness is all about so you can apply it to your own exercise regimen. Leaping to score or rebound in basketball, catch a pass in football or reach a header in soccer all require getting air time.
Before beginning to incorporate these explosive exercises in your training routine, you need to make sure you are reasonably strong and fit. For the following exercises, a reasonably light load should be used to facilitate a fast, explosive lift.

The power clean is the ultimate all-over power-developing lift and a complex movement that will require coaching if you’re not familiar with it.
The single-arm snatch is a safer and easier-to-master version of the classic Olympic snatch lift.
For the push press, start in a front squat position with a barbell positioned on the top of your chest. What I like the best is that you have made it simple to understand for the person just starting out. There are many gym-based resistance exercises that can help you gain those vital few extra inches of vertical lift. Train for at least three months, three-times-per-week, performing regular strength training moves like squats and dead-lifts. Using a single dumbbell, start in a squat position with the weight held near to the floor in front of you. Straighten your legs as explosively as possible and, using the momentum generated, finish by lifting the weight overhead as if you've performed a standing shoulder press.
In one fast explosive movement, initiated from your legs, power the dumbbell up to a straight-arm overhead finish. For this and all the other exercises, a slow and controlled return to the start position is essential.
Sink under the bar and with a secondary leg drive, catch the bar and finish in a front squat position.

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