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If you have similar resources you would like to share, please leave a comment or send me a message. Hi Coach Rey, I went to download your Master Game Plan sheet (filled in one) and got a Security Alert from MS Office about a possible File Validation issue. In this way it is very probable that this study will be able to contribute, within the limitations of its scope, with qualitative and quantitative explanations about body coordination in people with intellectual disability.
If you know your resting heart rate but don’t know how it stacks up, then this article is for you. I fit into the first age bracket, and my resting heart rate is 60 bpm today, so I just barely fit into the Excellent band. Daniel has a strong interest in evidence supported fitness training, preparation and supplementation.
With the permission of Jacob Hiller, who is the program creator, I can now share with you a small fraction of it, which is the workout chart in a pdf file available for free download below. Before I started using the manual I thought I already know all the basic stuff there is to know about jumping, after all, I’ve been playing basketball from an early age in my childhood, and when it comes to it, I’m well versed about everything that has to do with the game. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I thought I was an expert, but I was pretty sure I knew a lot about everything that is related to basketball. When I first started working out with this program I was very surprised at how different it was from everything I knew, many exercises were totally new to me.
I think the biggest and most prominent thing that makes this program standout from other programs out there is the intensity of it, it’s one of the most intense programs out there. Now I don’t want to scare you but, like I said in my review of the jump manual the workouts are not so easy, especially in the beginning. I had a hard time when I first began training with this program, the exercises were hard for me to execute and I had to adjust to this new level of intensity. The best part is that you’re starting to see gains in your vertical in just 2 weeks, it’s amazing!
Now you may say 2 inches are not much but for me, 2 inches was the difference between barely touching the rim to grabbing the rim. By the way, I was already in a pretty good shape when I started using the program because I was always working out and playing basketball regularly even before. Therefore, I didn’t think I should expect any results so fast, but as you can see this program is so effective in doing what is says, so imagine how much you can gain if you keep progressing at this rate. Before you download the chart I want to highlight some key important things and give you some general info on the exercises.
This workout chart is very important, it is an integral part of the program and it’s basically the strategy or the blueprint that sets the structure of the training and tells you what to do when. For obvious reasons (mentioned above) I couldn’t reveal all of the chart, therefore many exercises are blurred. The chart is arranged in a 14 day cycle in which every day is dedicated to a different aspect of jumping, i.e. This method of targeting multiple things at once is what Jacob calls the multi-facet approach, it basically means attacking the problem from all directions. I’m not going to elaborate on each and every exercise here but as you can see from the chart, the program consists of many exercises. These are all components that will help you not only in jumping, but will generally make you much more athletic on the court. Notice: While this workout chart and the information I revealed here are good enough to start with, it is merely a fraction of what the manual has to offer. If you’re really serious about increasing your vertical leap then go and buy The Jump Manual.
Welcome To My BlogLet me introduce myself, my name is Jesse and I'm crazy about basketball. Use these speed and power tests before you begin your training program and then at 6-8 week intervals.Click here for details on how to put together a battery of physical fitness tests.
In many multi-sprint sports such basketball, hockey, rugby, soccer and so on, players often have to reproduce sprints in quick succession.
This test measures your ability to change direction quickly, or an athlete's agilityYou will require 8 cones and a stop watch. Sprint the course from start to finish and have your training partner record your time.Rest fully and repeat the test for a total of 3 trials. This is a classic test for short-term explosive power and is particularly useful for any athlete that is required to jump.Chalk your hand and stand next to a wall.
This drill was developed by the US Tennis Association as part of their player assessment program. For players - the ultimate guide to transforming your game though fitness.For coaches - a complete resource for conditioning young athletes for all ages. Learn how to jump higher and how to increase your vertical jump up to 12 inches with this simple, FREE basketball training program you can do in your own backyard. Who knows, with a lot of hard work, some good basketball jumping drills, and a nice growth spurt, you might even be able to dunk one day!

We used this program with our college athletes as part of their summer basketball conditioning program. Not everyone will see 12" increases in their vertical, but even if you only improved your basketball jumping by a couple of inches, you've already made yourself a better player and given yourself a chance to pull down a few more rebounds and score more points.
It's best to jump on a soft surface like carpet or grass or some kind of flooring that has some give in it. The program starts with 100 reps, so you need to be able to jump 100 times without stopping before you can really begin.
This exercise is great for developing the explosive power you need to get up in the air quickly.
This is an excellent exercise for developing your calf muscles, those muscles on the back of your lower legs, which help you be able to jump quickly when you dona€™t have time to squat for a full-blown leap. Now that you know what to do, here is what the How to Jump Higher Sky Jump Program looks like. These people in no way constitute a homogeneous group in terms of behavior, intellectual function, physical abilities, development levels and other pertinent characteristics. Many denominations and labels were influenced by different social trends, diverse scientific theories and different psychological schools.
In certain cases, these characteristics can be considered pathological, that is, developing with particularities and sequences that are different from what is considered "normal" development, and in other cases they are simply considered as delayed, meaning the development is normal in every way, except for being behind the chronological age.
The selection of this sample was intentional; the individuals with the greatest limitations were separated for the study in order to enable an application of the analysis of an assisted program designed for their difficulties and based on the results of the pre- and post-tests of coordination. The selection process took into consideration the degree of limitation of their body coordination. It is not clear from the literature, however, what the ideal number of sessions would be to solve these coordination disorders.
These program lines involved variables pertinent to the test results: balance, side movements, space-time orientation, speed, agility, rhythm and concentration tasks. The additional advantage of the specific task method is that it deals directly with the individuals' most significant problems.
This evaluation proved important in detecting some of the changes that would be necessary before the end of the twenty-third session, thus enabling more reliable work based on more criteria. It should be noted that in the test of body coordination, the option was made to use the overall task results, since there were no reference figures for the Brazilian population, whether normal or diagnosed as having intellectual disability.
The analysis was done both individually and in group and is presented in tables and graphs showing the performance of the subjects in each motor task.
Table 5 shows the overall test results, and Table 3 shows the results for the monopedal jump test separated for right and left legs. Average and standard deviation of the individual score of the study subjects in motor tasks - initial situation. Average, standard deviation and results of the test " t " between previous and powder-tests in the task jump monopedal - legs right and left. This child didn't get to maintain in balance with an alone leg, becoming difficult the execution of contrary salto. Punctuation, average values and standard deviation of the task jump monopedal - legs right and left. Genetic and environmental influences have been considered by other authors as Krebs (1997), Pereira et al. Movement tasks that request precision, stability, directionability and balance, they need a certain concentration degree. This contributed mainly to the subject I, that didn't have evolution none during the intervention, whose results were maintained same between the pre and the powder-test.
As Shallow (1984), a bad balance affects the construction of the corporal outline, because it brings as consequence the loss of the conscience of certain parts of the body. The acquisitions of postures are the prerequisites of the acquisitions specifically human, then its incommensurable importance in the cognitive development (Kiphard, 1976). In that way, it happens an instability of the muscular forces, causing a disarray of the body in the movement. Given the diversity of their difficulties, it presented during the accomplishment of the evaluations and of the interventions, deficit of potency of the inferior members.
We didn't owe, therefore, to wait a level of motor income in no way completely equal and homogeneous to a certain age.
Result of the average of the task monopedal jump between previous and powder-test in the right leg. Lockart (1980), observed that children from 6 to 12 years have a whole curiosity and realism to the they come across new activities, verifying however, difficulties in the maintenance of the attention.
In agreement with Kiphard (1976), the individual can present symptoms of coordination inadequacy, in case it happens difficulties in such aspects. But it understands each other as relevant to mention that the motor coefficient reached in the previous-test, that is 59 points, it represents a considerable average, inside of a normality for the corporal coordination. In its majority, which more prevailed it was the lack of attention, amusement, shyness and anxiety, that according to Cratty (1976), they will be able to hypothetically to influence in the behaviors of motor planning.

It becomes also interesting and necessary to accomplish other studies using these instruments in practice, to verify its adaptation in different contexts social, economical and cultural of our schools. While the short answer is no, since this is a commercial product (besides, it’s a software not a sendable pdf), I still managed to get a sneak peek for you to see how it works.
The subject of jumping was no different, but as it turned out later I basically knew nothing, at least not about vertical leaping. Some exercises which I already knew, I was doing in a completely different manner and some exercises which I considered unnecessary turned out to be crucial. The first week is the hardest but after that it’s much more flowing because your body is a lot more conditioned to do the exercises and you have adjusted to a new level.
But, if the ultimate goal is to dunk and become a good jumper, then you’ll need more than that. I’ve being searching for some simple exercises for a while just to get the ball rolling.
In this blog I'll be sharing some useful tips to help you become a better basketball player and improve your overall game. The ability to recover between sprints and produce the same level of power over and over is a measure of sprint fatigue.For this test you require 12 cones or markers and a stopwatch. It is useful for all kinds of athletes to measure their agility, quickness and co-ordination.Mark out a hexagon on the floor with tape or chalk.
It's known as the Sky Jump Program, and it was introduced years ago in national magazines like Street & Smith and Basketball Times. Jumping on a hard surface like your driveway for extended periods of time can definitely make your legs sore.Wear tennis shoes with a nice wide base. The selected students were all diagnosed as having intellectual disability without syndromes and belonged to different classrooms.
After the mid-test, there were 10 more intervention sessions and finally the post-test, whose results will be detailed later on in this paper. The results are described as averages (x), as standard deviations (SD), and the student t-test procedure was used to verify the degree of significance, for dependent samples between the pre- and post-tests. Average and standard deviation of the individual punctuation of the subject of the study in the motive tasks - final situation.
At against, the child IX, developed considerably, tends his initial average of zero passing for 11,5 points in the powder-test, confirming the influence of the activities this way in the Specific physical education Program.
The more defective it is the balance, more energy wears out, resulting psychological consequences, such as anxiety and insecurity. The reaction and the energy dynamics are components of this practice that, according to Clifton and Friederici, mentioned by Pereira (1990), it is demonstrated by the execution easiness, could be stimulated and gotten better. In spite of the 6 year-old age, it maintained a good level in the general result of the test. Remember to keep your feet flat on the floor.From a standing start dip down quickly until your thighs are roughly parallel to the ground and then jump up as high as possible. But throughout its history as players have become taller and more athletic, plenty of action takes place well above the rim! You risk turning your ankle if you jump in flip-flops or shoes with a high base.Make sure the jump rope is the right length. Some players have the musculature, athleticism, and physical build which allow them to fly gracefully through the air while others jump like they have anchors tied to their feet!
You should be able to step on the middle of the rope while holding each end and the handles should come up just under your armpits.
After several weeks, you will definitely start to see some definition in your thighs from this exercise alone. It's meant to be a guide that you can use every day as part of your youth basketball training. Keeping your feet together, jump across the side you are facing and then immediately back into the middle of the hexagon.As soon as you land jump over the next side of the hexagon. If it's too long, you can shorten the rope by tying knots in it, moving the handles down, or wrapping the ends around your hands. It's really frustrating and uncomfortable using a rope that isn't long enough.Relax when you jump and look straight ahead.
While you're in the air, change your feet using a scissors-type movement and land with the opposite foot on the bench ready to perform another bench blast. If you feel yourself getting all tensed up, make a conscious effort to relax.Jump off of the balls of your feet. You don't want to overdo it, but you dona€™t want to waste your time by not pushing yourself either.

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