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Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III just signed a deal with adidas last week and the decision to wear the game’s lightest cleats is already paying off.
If you’re looking to add a little more speed to your game, you can pick up the golden adidas football cleats today at Eastbay. Although they posted Dr.J has a 41 inch vert and Julius Erving has a 43 inch vert somewhat makes this lose credibility. Seeing as in high jump the technique is to use the arch of your back and contort your body over accordingly. Going by that, that would mean there is 1.2m difference between the arch of your back and the bottom of your feet. Again, where are the stats that show no one has ever had a max vert more than 48" or any proof that Jordan's max vert was any less than what has been recorded? There have been players with their heads above the rim, Jordan being one of them, but never looking into the ring.
All these street ballers are self proclaimed, even with the volleyballer it said reportedly. The difference in between Carter's standing reach and highest touch is the same as Jordan's, so how does Jordan have a 5 inch advantage? Yeah - "jumping program" websites aren't rock solid on the truth (buy hey, maybe this once can increase my vert so I can dunk! You don't have to tell me, I figured out that the 13+ step technique took away from my explosiveness because I burned off to much potential energy for no reason and I'm much better jumping after 2-3 steps than I am 10+. And no, it's not special effects or a camera angle trick, just a still shot straight at the rim.
But if you think Kadour Ziani can get 1.5m off the ground at the peak of his jump, then that is for you to believe.
After that I used to get my wrist at least 2 inches above the rim (at times slightly higher). So like you, I don't get this nonsense of capping a vertical jump at 48 or people not looking into the rim.
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There are many examples of a player?s career in jeopardy because they ran one bad forty time despite that not truly representing the player?s true talent.

Another example of a player overrated by his 40 time is current Bills wide out Marquise Goodwin.
In order to get a real picture of a player?s overall athletic ability and speed, you need to look at all of the drills?after all, they?re asked to do them for a reason. The three-cone drill and short shuttle have shown to have more of a direct correlation to a player?s athletic ability than the 40-yard dash. The table below highlights pass rushers that had some of the quickest three-cone times at the Combine from 2010 through 2014 and their career sacks to date.
To conclude, the 40 yard-dash gives you a pretty good understanding of a player?s straight-line speed, but it?s important to factor in the other drills at the NFL Scouting Combine to provide a more clear picture of a player?s overall athletic ability.
It's funny when you get to watch people admit, unknowingly, that they have no idea what they're talking about. You wouldn't have that posted there thinking that the RB in the video is Bryce Brown would you? The world record holder is jumping 48 inches, and you are telling me there are 50 inch jumpers not competing in the Olympics?
You must not be a seasoned basketball fan if you haven't seen that or refuse to believe in that. You think there are players who can dunk the ball over a ten year old without any bending of the knees in the air? The biggest vertical I've seen is probably White or the team flight brother guy called Golden Child.
Notice how his elbow is above the rim and if it weren't for Ewing's arm pushing his head down and back, he'd be staring down at the rim. Even if he was measured at 44 or 42, don't you think there could be situations where he could actually jump that high? It was 7ft 2 inches (I have short arms and no reach), I used to stand still and jump straight up like you did, and grab the rim.
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In a football game, players aren?t running 40 yards in a straight line very often, but they do need to show the ability to quickly change direction in short areas. In a game where you?re asked to move as fast as possible immediately as the ball is snapped, explosiveness is key. Now consider this all happens after beating multiple traps and doubles (I know what you homers are thinking, but trust me, double teams were not invented in 2001 ) AND dunking on a waiting 7 footer, one of the best defensive players all time.

For me to grab the rim I'd have to be at least an inch above the rim, so I'd say it was about a 34-36 inch vert. The three-cone drill tests a player?s ability to turn a corner and change direction with little wasted movement. While it's not the end all be all, it does get you to look back at tape and investigate players a little further.
He wants to be an asshole all the time, so I'm going to make him see it every time he sees my comments. Now is it crazy to think that without all those distractions, just jumping straight up that he'd EASILY get his head over the rim?
It?s a huge drill, particularly for pass rushers who need to be able to beat an offensive lineman around the edge, but bend the corner and close on the quarterback. You have to be able to start, stop and start again, very rarely do you get the chance to sprint 40 yards. I also remember jumping so high that I hit my head on the ceiling (I tried it a few times after that but was only successful once).
He just believes other service members are more deserving of the spotlight."It's a chance to honor everyone who's served, but I get a little uncomfortable with it. That's why the 3 cone drill and shuffle drill are better measures of athleticism as it pertains to football. You can choose to believe these as fact or not, but where are the #s backing up your claim? It happens ALL THE TIME IN SPORTS where somebody performs better than they've ever done before.
And I've done high jump and played basketball and I will tell you that the mechanics are not exclusive to one another.
James White can jump very high, but that doesn't automatically mean he'd be breaking world records and vice versa.
Even now — as he splits time between classwork, film study and practice — Halford remains part of the Individual Ready Reserve, meaning he could be recalled at any time during the next four years. So I'm POSITIVE there are 50" jumpers not competing in the high jump olympics and playing other sports, like oh say volleyball.

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