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The sexual maturity status was determined by observation by a doctor using the 5 states proposed by Tanner and Whitehouse21.
Before the maximum strength test, a cardiologist examined each participant and giving them permission to take part in the study. The participants assigned to the EXE group exercised 2 days a week, and each session was performed with a maximum of 10 participants. Figure 2 Mean values and standard deviation of the percentage changes in the cardiovascular variables for each group from pre- to post-training. In general, the results of the study show that children and adolescents with DS increased some parameters of their CF after performing circuit training for 21 weeks. Excluding these young people would make it impossible to generalise the results of this study to all young people with DS. Our findings suggest that circuit training including plyometrics can be useful to improve CF of young people with DS. The authors declare that there are no conflicts of interests that could affect the contents of this work. Introduction American football (AF) is a fascinating sport that has drawn people from over 50 countries on all 6 continents under its spell. Publication of this journal is financially supported by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Development Republic of Serbia.
Figure 1 shows a series of still images of four key events of the SJ-NAS jumps: start (which was also the position of maximum knee flexion), take off, peak height and landing. Quintic spherical markers of a 19 mm diameter were placed on the following anatomical landmarks of the right side of the participant: temple, shoulder (humeral head), elbow (ulnohumeral joint), wrist (radiocarpal joint), hip (greater trochanter), knee (lateral epicondyle), and lateral ankle. Table 1 shows the results from the processing of the variables of interest for the best two jumps of each type.
The better performance achieved with the CM-AS jump can be primarily attributed to two reasons: the counter-movement of the legs and the arm swing.
One could perhaps argue that the SJ-NAS also includes a counter-movement motion, as the participant had to get to a squat position before the start of the jump.
The arm swing used in the CM-AS was the other main contributor to the better performance achieved in this jump.
Overall, the values recorded for the jumps performed in the present study were within the range of those reported in the literature for participants of similar level, and the differences found between the two jumps can be therefore considered typical of such jumps.
Requena B, Gonzalez Badilo JJ, De Villarreal ESS, Ereline J, Garcia I, Garpeyeva H and Paasuke M, 2009.
Related products include feed bins and troughs for horses, calves, kids and other animals. For anyone learning the finer points of jumping, brightly coloured cavaletti poles and ends are an absolute necessity.
The jump cups are rotomoulded with two zinc-plated steel button mould inserts that slot into a selected keyhole pair and are designed for use with our cavaletti poles (above), the latter providing the breakaway requirement if a horse should apply an excessive vertical load to the stand.
The rotomoulded polyethylene Tri-Jump stands and cups provide a safe and practical alternative to steel or wooden jump wings. The base of the stand has holes formed in each corner so it may easily be secured with three tent pegs. Because of the triangular shape, Tri-Jumps can easily be interstacked for travel or storage, each stand weighs 3 kg. The stands are 40 cm tall and the corners are 40 cm, 60 cm or 90 cm, they are suitable for the use of PVC pipe, up to 50 mm diameter, to mark the arena surround. The mount provides a very handy step with many uses, for example, it is perfect for tail spraying. The vertical jump test measures the difference between a jump straight up off both feet, and the reach height.
These vertical jump results are taken from combine and draft camp fitness testing and other reliable sources, where the test procedure is known to be a standardized vertical jump technique, and the testing is conducted by qualified sports science staff.
Many reported vertical jump scores are based on rumors and are from jumps using techniques other than the standard ones as described above. Volleyball player Leonel Marshall reportedly has a 50" (127 cm) vertical leap from standing. When a lot of people say they can jump like 50 or 60 inches, you need to realize a vertical jump is measured by your arm reach extended and arm reach when jumping, its not how high you can pick your  feet up off the ground, so jumping onto a platform or measuring where your feet are isn't a measure of your vertical jump. Some have said Wilt Chamberlain, at 7' 1" had a 54 inch vertical leap, combined with his height would have made him the superman of basketball. What about Joe Johnson, the younger brother of Dennis Johnson (Celtics)? He supposedly had a 60" vertical, and this was back in the 1980's. I'm Mike I am a sports athlete and do Olympic Weightlifting (in the past have competed for GB).
I was interested in the infomation you have put on about vertical Jump because I recently did a Demo for Weightlifting but I also did a visual demo on how high I could jump. The participants were familiarised with the laboratory and test protocols before collecting the data. There was a 48 hour rest period between the 2 sessions during the whole training programme.
The participants were transferred to the next intensity group each time they were able to perform the prescribed exercise easily and with a suitable biomechanical movement.
As far as we know, this is the first study that has obtained significant improvements in the CF of children and adolescents with DS as a result of a training programme. The fact that this type of training also may reduce the fat mass and increase bone mass in these same individuals gives great importance to these findings. The purpose of the present study was to compare two types of static jump with take-off from both feet: a counter-movement jump with an arm-swing (CMJ-AS) and a squat jump with no arm swing (SJ-NAS). The warm-up included elements of static and dynamic stretching, a light jog and some jumping drills.
For the CMJ-AS the participant had to start from a standing position, with the legs straight and the arms straight and parallel to the ground.
Two Quintic spherical markers were fixed on the ground, one metre apart and at the same plane of movement as that of the subject, for subsequent calibration.
Eccentric loading and range of knee joint motion effects on performance enhancement in vertical jumping. Functional performance, maximal strength, and power characteristics in isometric and dynamic actions of lower extremities in soccer players.
Differential effects of countermovement magnitude and volitional effort on vertical jumping.
A fairly wide range of colours are available in these strong, low maintenance Australian products. The keyhole tracking is laser cut in the metal at 50 mm intervals and the upright is then hot-dip galvanised. The minimum jump height setting is 22 cm and maximum is 120 cm with 10 jump height settings to choose between those limits. The position markers are available in 40 cm, 60 cm or 90 cm heights and include letters or numbers, as requested. The mount provides respite from strain to both rider and horse; additionally there is no pressure on the rider to maintain balance on an unsteady or uneven mounting surface and there are no sharp corners to hurt nervous mounts. The product is rotomoulded from the same UV stabilised linear low density polyethylene used in the cavaletti ends and poles, providing excellent durability and weatherability in Australia’s sometimes extreme temperature and UV radiation conditions. The result is therefore independent of someone's actual height, and can generally be considered how high the feet get off the ground. These are the best scores as far as we know from each combine, though results from some years are unknown. Many of these jumps may have been achieved with a single step or a run up, compared to the usual technique for the standard vertical jump test from a standing position. With a running start, she can jump clear over the house and land in the backyard swimming pool. It turns out I used the same method you were talking about in the standing vertical jump and I managed to reach 37 inches (91.44 cm).
Due to its intrinsically cyclic and rhythmic nature, aerobic training could not be particularly attractive for children with DS.

A clinical record was completed, including the disease history and surgical interventions of each participant. The gas analyser was calibrated with a gas mixture of known volumes before the first test each day, as recommended by the manufacturer. Each training session was supervised by a graduate in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences and one of three helpers. From the third week, the participants performed the exercises carrying medicine balls. There were no drop-outs in any group, and there no significant adverse effects or health problems in the participants of either group during the training period. Table 3 shows the mean and standard deviation of the peak values of the CF data for the EXE and CON groups, at pre- and post-training times. As there were no drop-outs, it could be said that the programme is attractive and of easy adherence for this population and their families. Despite the short duration of this training, this study is not against the promotion of physical activity.
On the other hand, Rimmer34 proposed to explore the magnitude of the change in VO2max that can be achieved through a strength only programme. Body composition and physical condition are closely related to health and functional capacity, thus individuals with DS can significantly benefit from these improvements.
As has it not been presented at any symposium or congress, it is considered as unpublished research work. With an effective tracking system and insurance program, EMS is able to offer a secure delivery worldwide. Following the warm-up, the technique of each jump was explained to the participant and he was given practice trials for familiarisation. He then had to bend the legs and integrate a full arm swing while jumping for maximal height.
A Casio (EX-FH25) video camera was placed on a tripod 10m away from the subject at a height of 1.5 m.
At the downward part of the push off phase of this jump, the hip, knee and ankle extensors are increasing in length (stretching) while resisting the flexion of the joints, before they start decreasing in length (shortening) at the upward part of the push off phase. The cups readily slot into all three sides of the jump stands with no sharp corners or protrusions and are designed for use with our cavaletti poles.
By adding a third Tri-Jump stand you can have two jumps; keep adding more stands to create your own special course!
All items may be purchased individually or a complete 20×60 metre standard arena, consisting of 53 stands, 4 corners and the 12 markers A-K-V-E-S-H-C-M-R-B-P-F, can be supplied. As can be seen in the image on the right, non-skid tread is moulded into the horizontal surfaces and a circular cut-out in the wall aids handling.
These are not the top four best jumps, for example there are many more from the NFL testing with jumps over 43". As the protocol used for many of these scores are not listed, it is difficult to make direct comparisons to the best results listed above. There are some other impressive stats coming from another slam dunking group, Team Flight Brothers, especially Terrell Cournoyea aka TDub, who is just 5'9" tall. Alternatively, circuit training is associated with play activities characterised by different exercises.
The participants and their parents were informed of the aims of the study, possible risks and benefits.
The participants were encouraged to use positive verbal reinforcement during the whole training period, focusing on the correct execution of the exercises and the number of repetitions.
The fact that only individuals without congenital heart diseases were included in previous studies complicates the comparison with our results.
This fact could explain the lack of differences observed, as to achieve increases in CF is more complicated when it starts from a higher baseline.
Organized football is played almost exclusively by men and boys, although a few amateur and semi-professional women's leagues have begun playing in recent years [1]. You can track your package with the tracking code provided and it will be delivered within a week.
A series of 12 jumps was then performed (6 CMJ-AS and 6 SJ-NAS) in a randomised order, and the jump with the highest peak height from each type was chosen for further analysis. Figure 2 shows a series of still images of four key events of the CMJ-AS jumps: start, maximum knee flexion, take off and peak height.
As explained by Enoka (1994), the advantage of this strategy is that muscles can perform more positive work if they are actively stretched before they are allowed to shorten, as they can store and utilise elastic energy. These authors stated that an arm swing has been shown to add 10%-20% in the distance achieved in a jump.
He has apparently been seen leaping with his head above the basketball rim, very impressive for his size.
Using low intensities and a high number of repetitions, it effectively combines the benefits of muscle strength training with the cardiovascular benefits of dynamic exercise. Each group followed the same exercise programme with a fitness band and a medicine ball of a different colour (fig. Our results in VO2max were similar to those observed when aerobic and strength training are combined in adults with DS31. Since then the sport has experienced a significant expansion, especially in Europe, finally reaching its peak through the foundation of the European Federation of American Football (1996), followed by the International Federation of American Football (IFAF) [2].
For the SJ-NAS the participant was instructed to adopt a squatting position, with the arms crossed over his chest.
Thus, a greater amount of work is done during the concentric contraction that would be done if the muscles simply performed a concentric contraction only, as was the case in the SJ-NAS.
The third appearance of AF as in international sport was at the World Games 2005. American football is one of the newest sports in Turkiye.
For Mike I also have powerlifted in high school and I found that a lot of people who could powerclean very heavy could transform that explosion in large vertical leaping ability. Casajusca Grupo de investigacion GENUD (Growth, Exercise, Nutrition and Development), Universidad de Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain. A doctor specialised in sports medicine supervised the whole test and examined the participants before and after the test. A minimum attendance of 70% was the cut-off point to include the data in the subsequent statistical analysis. The size effect of the sample was established using the Cohen d test for all the comparisons22. Although it cannot be considered that these increases were only as a result of the training programme, perhaps the development observed in the both in the EXE and CON group could favour the increase in these parameters. The push off phase of the SJ-NAS had to be initiated with an upwards movement of the body.
Department of Sport and Exercise Science, Aberystwyth University, Ceredigion, United Kingdomb Grupo de investigacion GENUD (Growth, Exercise, Nutrition and Development), Universidad de Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain. The circuit consisted of 4 main components in accordance with the training plan (fig.
The mean percentage change values, calculated individually at pre- and post-training times are shown as a graph in figure 2. Scientific data are not available concerning the physiological characteristics of players along Turkish standards although such information is important as it provides reference values against which coaches may compare their playersa€™ performance in training. My brother never played high school basketball or college basketball because he had a very bad injury but never went into surgery for it because he decided not to at the time. Centro Universitario de la Defensa, Zaragoza, Spainc Grupo de investigacion GENUD (Growth, Exercise, Nutrition and Development), Universidad de Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain. Simple exercises, without complex material are considered better for the training of individuals with intellectual impairment. Players compete in a challenging contest involving frequent bouts of high-intensity activity (e.g.
Alot of people resemble him to Michael Jordan back then while playing in the gym and still do. Me and our our dad was amazed by it so we told him to do a running vertical and he ended up jumping 8 inches higher than his standind vertical.

Thus, the level at which these results would be produced similarly in controls without DS is still unknown. Because of the high degree of specific factors, differences in general performance variables can also be expected. However, teams may substitute for any or all of their players, if time allows, during the break between plays. HE COULD TOUCH 12a 7 ON THE BACKboard while just standing first and he could touch 13a 3 on the backboard while doing a running vertical. As a result, players have very specialized roles, and almost all of the 46 active players on an NFL team will play in any given game. We found out that my twin brother's standing vertical was 69 inches and his running vertical was 77 inches. Thus, teams are divided into three separate units: the offense, the defense and the special teams.
In AF, the offensive team, or offense, is the team that begins a play from scrimmage in possession of the ball. I would had video taped it back when he did this amazing thing, but our mom and dad did not own a video camera at that time. The offensive team consists of Quarter Back, Center, Guard, Tackle, Tight End, Running Back and Wide Receiver.
It sucks though because I want all of you people to see this amazing thing for yourself because you people would be amazed by it as well. The defensive team, or defense, is the team that begins a play from scrimmage not in possession of the ball.
It is very much possible to jump that high because my twin brother did it a while back while I witnessed it and it was amazing to see. The defensive team consists of Noise Tackle, Defensive End, Defensive Tackle, Line Backer, Corner Back and Safety.
Special teams are units that are on the field during kickoffs, free kicks, punts, and field goal and extra point attempts. Most special team players are second- and third-string players from other positions. Physiological profiles have become commonplace in a number of sports, including soccer and rugby, both of which have common threads with AF [12].
Positional categories and numbers of the subjects tested Testing Procedure All 42 subjects performed a comprehensive battery of tests, during two periods of testing [17]. The first session involved three tests, undertaken at the respective Ege University premises.
The second session was conducted in the laboratory at Ege University Physical Education and Sports Department. Years of playing experience (PLE) were evaluated according to the playing years of the subjects. Anthropometry The test session began with anthropometric measurements.
The participants were instructed to refrain from strenuous exercise for at least 48 hours before the fitness test session, and to consume their normal pre-training diet before the test session. Running speed was evaluated from a 10-yrd and 40-yrd sprint using electronic timing gates (Newtest 2000, Powertimer Measuring System, 1995, Finland).
Before the first sprint test, the participants performed a 20-min warm-up that included short sprints.
Subjects performed two trials for speed with a recovery of approximately 3 minutes between trials. The timing gates were positioned at 10 and 40 yards cross wind from a predetermined starting point. The participants were required to run between two lines, 20 m apart, at various speeds related to estimated individual VO2 max values. The test was commercially packaged as a high-quality audio cassette that emitted a€?sound signalsa€? to control the pacing for the 20 m shuttles.
The total number of shuttles completed at volitional exhaustion, or when the participant missed the turning a€?sound signala€™ on three consecutive occasions [16]. During the breaking phase (mainly eccentric muscle action occurring in the leg extensor muscles) energy is stored and then it is utilized in the following propulsion (concentric) phase. Counter movement jumping was performed on a Newtest jump force plate (Newtest 2000, Powertimer Measuring System, 1995, Finland) that measured and relayed take-off forces to a computer.
During testing, the CMJ was demonstrated and the participant performed three practice trials. The jumper stands on the contact mat and starts the jump with a preliminary counter movement. To obtain a more natural form of jumping, the participants performed the counter movement according to their self-selected speed and height. The highest jump height recorded was used for further analysis. Vertical Jump Performance in the static jump (SJ) describes jumping ability and explosive force production of the lower extremities.
The static jump is a basic test of speed strength and it can be applied successfully to a number of sport events. The vertical jump was performed with both feet on a Newtest jump force plate (Newtest 2000, Powertimer Measuring System, 1995, Finland). The static jump begins from a semisquatting position without a preparatory counter movement.
The tests were performed alternately between the left and right hands [10]. Flexibility Test The stretching procedure started from a floor sitting position.
Anthropometric and physiological characteristics in five groups were compared statistically using a Kruskal-Wallis test. Center, Guard, Tackle, Tied End, Wide Receiver, Line Backer, Back, Safety), or according to five subgroups reflecting positional commonality (i.e. Comparison of the waista€“hip ratio (WHR %) of AF players according to positions Figure 4.
Vertical jump, Counter movement jump, Right & Left hand strengths and Flexibility for AF players (mean A± sd) Evaluation of Five Different Position Table 6. Deviation and p value of five different playing positions in Vertical jump, CMJ, Right & Left hand strength, Flexibility, 10 yard, 40 yard and VO2 max Discussion In field-based team sports, such as AF, there are requirements to perform repeated-sprint efforts of maximal or near maximal intensity [19], separated by short bouts of lower-intensity activity (recovery). As a result of the physical demands of the game, the physiological qualities of players are highly developed with players requiring high levels of anaerobic sprint ability (RSA), speed, muscular power, and agility [11]. Previous studies into anthropometric characteristics of elite AF league players have shown significant differences among playing positions for stature, body mass, or % fat [9, 13, 18]. It is thought that this differentiation may stem from different methodologies used to determine % fat [13, 18]. A recent report suggested a high prevalence of obesity as measured by BMI in professional football players.
However, the data based solely on BMI calculations from body mass and weight posted on the NFL web site may not accurately portray the modern player regarding health status, because BMI calculations do not distinguish between fat and lean tissue. Despite the significant correlation between the variables of body composition and BMI, a purely associative value is of little help in determining magnitude, because of the composite fat and lean tissue components integrated in the BMI measurement [13].
The ability to generate high muscular force rapidly is an important attribute of AF players. Players are required to have high muscular strength and power to perform the tackling, lifting, pushing, and pulling tasks that occur during a match [14]. In addition, high muscular strength and power contribute to running speed, and are required to provide fast play-the-ball speed and leg drive in tackles [7]. The finding of similar vertical jump scores among positions suggests that muscular power is an equally important characteristic for all playing positions. However, while muscular power is an important characteristic for all playing positions, it has been suggested that this holds because OL and DL work over shorter distances. It is possible that the similar vertical jump scores between OL & DL and other playing positions reflect the greater skinfold thickness of OL & DL and an attenuation of the power to body mass ratio in these players. Consequently, a longer period of training may be needed to explore optimal power, speed, and agility of players along Turkish standards. Practical application We suggest that AF training should be systematically incorporated in the training science (Using heart rate values and blood lactate threshold levels) and coaches can construct their training while determining individualized exercise intensities for their players. Additionally, players should be periodically evaluated through physical and physiological tests.

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