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The Vertical Fitness Trainer is a functional training wall panel that allows the user to go through a variety of exercise routines for whole body fitness.
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Pole dancing is now regarded as a recognized form of exercise and can be used as both an aerobic and anaerobic workout.
This is about wanting women to feel strong and empowered within themselves.We have always been someone's daughter, sister, granddaughter, and some of us have even lost our sense of sensuality as we were consumed by motherhood. At Vertical Fitnessaā€˛? you can find that sensual side again through exotic dance classes, pole dancing lessons, strip tease cardio, and various other fitness classes.
Vertical Fitness Australia believe that Pole Fitness is one of the best upper body and core workouts that you could get, not to mention lots of fun!

Vertical Fitness caters for all levels of fitness and ages, teaching from beginner to advanced classes and also Professional Competition Master Classes and offer many specialty classes to help aid and add to pole classes. I have been going to Vertical Fitness for over a year now - I look forward to my classes all week!
Recognized schools and qualifications are being developed as pole dancing increases in popularity. The studio is also available for Bachelorette Parties, Girl's Night Out Parties, and any other reason we have to celebrate ourselves! It aids in developing overall body strength and toning, as well as body awareness and self confidence! I only go once a week and do one boot camp a week but I've lost over 20 kilos and gained so much confidence in my everyday life, purely because of Vertical Fitness.

I have been to other pole studios, but I have never come across a studio that is like one big family where everyone encourages each other to do their best all the time - until I started at Vertical Fitness, that is!
Pole dancing is used as a performing art in some modern-day circuses, with one of these circuses being Montreal's Cirque du Soleil. It has gained a huge increase in popularity for women of all ages as a regular part of their exercise routine, since pole schools starting opening.

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