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Fill out this quick form and someone will contact you soon to discuss our products with you.Thank you for your interest in Midwest Used Fitness Equipment.
Don’t let being on a budget prevent you from having the right piece of exercise equipment! Due to being the oldest specialty fitness store in Canada we have a large client base in both residential and commercial exercise equipment.
Most exercise machines DO NOT still have warranty on them, however depending on the machine and how old it is there may still be a year or two available. At Western Fitness we take ONLY superior fitness equipment that has been used in either a residential or commercial setting IF they meet our standards of quality.
Since most used exercise equipment are products that were originally sold through Western Fitness the brands offered are ones that are trusted.

Whether a new facility or in home trainer let us help you find the best exercise equipment for you. Standing the test of time, this product is proven to be so durable that some machines that were purchased for more than a decade ago still exist and still in good condition.
At Western Fitness we understand that buying quality fitness equipment can be a challenge on its own let alone finding used pieces that are still in excellent condition, so we have compiled a special section dedicated to our customers here in Saskatoon. This is where most of our used equipment is from due to either clients wanting something else, not using the equipment as much as anticipated, OR wanting to update equipment in their facility. This unit is considered to be the grandpa of all the Precor elliptical but still outdoing other elliptical machines in the market.
By offering our clients the option of used fitness equipment that is in excellent shape we truly can follow the Western Fitness philosophy of Making Every Body A Healthy Body.

As the top servicer for fitness facilities around Saskatoon, the School Board, and Shaw Center Western Fitness Equipment is the number one place to go for the latest used exercise equipment.
It revolutionized the fitness industry and had set the standards for many exercise machines.

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