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The long jump learns how to accelerate and move down the runway with visual checkpoints by 20 meters, top runway speed is achieved then maintained for the last 20 meters. This helps set a pattern for the coach to observe the change in speed down the runway.  This will help develop a consistent pattern for the approach. Coaches can determine which part of the runway is causing problems when fouls occur or the jumper is short on the board using a check mark system at step eight and the takeoff board.
Takeoff marks can vary depending on the age of the athlete and the time of year for more advanced athletes.
A general rule of thumb is matching the age of the jumper and the number of strides taken in the approach run. When top coaches discuss the factors in long jump distance, it is commonly thought that about 90% of the jumping distance is from the speed of the approach.
For practice sessions, when taking actual long jumps, it is best to take short approach jumps. Consider short approach jumps as long jump drills and do not be concerned about distance, focus on the technical execution of the various phases of the long jump technique. Free Coaching CourseLearn training styles and techniques for the sprints, hurdles, long jump, high jump, glide shot put, discus throw, distance running and strength training methods for track and field athletes.
Cary says that Track and Field, in essence, is all about angles and levers, proper body position, stretch reflexes, force application and rotational forces.
From the very basics of proper running mechanics, to the most complex technical aspects of a double pendulum in the pole vault, Cary takes us through Track and Field through the eye of a coach.
Coaching Tip: Cary and his coaching staff use Coach’s Eye to draw lines to show proper foot alignment when hitting the power position in the middle of the circle, or angles of release.
Cary says this tool reminds him of a TV sports announcers reviewing a play and drawing the lines to show where the action is occurring.  The ability to draw these lines (in multiple colors) and immediately erase them is great for reviewing with athletes, said Cary.
Many new triple jumpers tend to jump too high on their hop phase creating a crash and lack of a step phase distance.
Springbak Springsoles is a shoe insole that is proven to increase vertical jumping ability, speeds, and more. I recently connected with Skins Compression and they hooked me up with a few products to sample and review.
5 weeks ago I put together the LEAP Squad Track Club and this past weekend we competed at the CA State Games in San Diego, CA. In the triple jump there are positions, speeds, and timing demands which can be nearly impossible to accomplish. Before, I really trained technique and form, recently I really trained top end speed and hip strength, now I have been doing both and my body is freaking out with having to multi-task.
I could go on and on but long story short, I have issues and the ingredients to fix it are right in front of me. I competed in the open section so I would not be distracted with having to perform at my best to place because I hate losing.
As the Olympic Trials rapidly approach I have to deal with the questions about my current status of competition.
My dream is to compete in the Olympic Games and become one of the few humans to bring home an Olympic medal. I evaluated my jump and I am missing 3 key elements; I am not getting as much lift on my take-off, my jump phase is lacking knee lift, and my feet are dropping when I land.
Watch HHS Morning AnnouncementsPEER TUTORINGGET ALL YOUR FALL SPORTS HEREFiled under Sports, Top StoriesRunners, Jumpers, Throwers Listen Up! If you run, jump, throw or have ever wanted to try one of those things you should consider to Track this spring. Another fine pick is long distance, distance includes the half mile, the mile, the 2 mile, and the 4 X 8 relay. After basic running technique is developed, a long jumper can learn how to move down the runway to prepare for the takeoff. Jumpers need constant acceleration on the runway until top end controllable speed is established. Philip Graham Smith of the University of Salford in England, he estimates that a good technical male long jumper needs a 10-meter time of one second to jump 7.30m (24’).

Generally, a 6-12 step approach with jumping are done in training, longer approaches or full approach jumps are only done during competition. Louis, a 3-time Coach of the Year, and a current and former mentor to countless All-State, Division I and All-American athletes. Cary says that one of the most crucial parts of providing feedback to his athletes is to visually show them their point of error. Success isn’t based on how many athletes I train it’s based on how many athletes I can develop into successful, hardworking young adults. My senior year in high school I told myself I wanted to help people, two years later I became a certified personal trainer. You know when you are at that big meet and you are in shape, feeling good, and ready to compete??? I was not compensated for this post however I was given a FREE pair of Springsoles to test out. Each track meet I am learning about the triple jump, learning about my body, and learning about what it takes to be successful at the world level.
The challenging part is coaching me because I have to tell myself what to do, how to adjust, to calm down, to keep focus, etc. For Christmas she bought me a Lenovo tablet which I will be using to document my whole season. I am able to run with no problems but I am still favoring my leg when I jump because of heel injury from last season so I have limited jumping.
I will remain healthy and I have no doubts that achieve all goals I have set for myself this year.
Sprinting is a good choice for the speed demons out there who like to go fast and not worry about endurance that much. Once in April there are usually one to two meets a week, plus invitationals which take place on Fridays. For most beginners a six-step approach is enough to gain momentum and prepare for the takeoff. A self-admitted “non-computer whiz,” he appreciates the user-friendly Coach’s Eye app, with a little help of his coaching assistants. I usually use the Compex but I forgot it so you know I was ready to be sore but no, nothing.
This season I am going to adjust my position and jump the distances I am supposed to be jumping.
A lot of compression gear fits well but this product fits in the all the nooks-and-crannies. His sister Dominique (13 years old) had trouble finding the board and didn’t get a real jump off. I amworking on opening up so here is my video blog when I went to Seattle Washington at the UW Open back in 2011. I feel my personal best jump of 15.97 meters is great but the technique and mentality I had then was capped. The main downfall is my body and my mind are going two different directions; both moving forward just different paths.
I haven’t set a day but I want to have specific day and time that I will post, so stay tuned.
I am just keeping positive thought the rough because these times are what makes a success story great. A lot of the unattached athletes are getting hurt which in some cases are because they tried to do too much too soon or because their injury prevention resources and scarce. Through Track you can try different things through a wide variety of events so you can find want fits you best. Their work outs usual involve technique, conditioning things, and individualized running patterns. And if you don’t like getting dirty, jumping may not be for you, long and triple jump jumps into the sand pit.
Track doesn’t require to much time so it could be good for someone who has a hectic schedule but still wants to remain fit.

The approach is a build up run, when the athlete is about halfway down the runway on approaches longer than six steps, the jumper should be near their controlled top end speed. Combining old and new, he uses the basics of the sport along with new technology to enhance his athlete’s ability. When you keep the angles low and speeds high the rock skips for a further distance; this drill teaches just that.
I have organized and ran youth summer camps, speed clinics, football combines, trained teams, and individuals with great success.
With that extra bounce in my step I was physically faster by two feet over 6 running strides. With better posture I was able to pop off the board without losing speed, I was able to get the amount of knee drive I needed, and umm jump far. The part that amazed me the most was there was no a draw string and the pants still fit great.
She fouled the first two jumps, her third jump she was behind and had to reach, and her last jump was just off.
Coach Cedrick (a coach who I have known for some years) was on the track and gave me a great pep talk, “you only need 12 good jumps in one season.” He pointed out that me jumping big jumps and putting a lot of stress on big jumps early in season are a waste of time.
The top end controlled speed is maintained until takeoff preparation (the last two steps prior to the long jump takeoff).
The Mater Dei Track and Field Program has allowed me to utilize my specialized talents and showcase my talents. One, I the insole does not take up space and make your foot feel bunched up your shoe and two; I felt as if I was on a track not a basketball court.
As a coach I take all the blame because I have to make sure she gets quality “meet style” jumps at practice because we all know athletes perform differently at practice. At practice I tend to not jump well but this year I have been able to put some great jumps out there.
I had 5 athletes and this meet was my younger athlete’s first time at an official track meet. Dominique finished 11th and jumped 12’6, this is difficult to deal with when she had been recording 15’ jumps a practice. My third jump I backed up but never got my body position upright and literally jumped with my chest forward but found a way to jump an okay distance. I need a couple big jumps in May to qualify for USA’s, a few in June at USA’s, and a few big jumps at World’s. Throwing involves a lot of lifting, so you will get pretty strong, it is also a good upper body work out a whole.
My final jump I tried to bring more speed down the runway and my steps were off, leading to a jump that was out of position and just off. This is huge because when I am in front of an audience and my adrenaline is pumping I can jump up to 8 feet further.
My favorite area is the calf, it has a stitching that aligns the calf muscles and gives a little more support at the achilles. I am still undecided on my next track meet but I have a week off to organized and train, then I am back on the track to do some work. Sydney (18 years old) did okay, we have been having trouble with our approach and unfortunately this problem stuck with us for this meet. Drake (14 years old) had a great meet, long jump he fouled two big jumps which would have placed him in the top 5 but he finished with 17’ and an 11th place finish. In the high jump, he tied his personal best jump of 5’4 then moved on to 5’6 where he barely clipped the bar.

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