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When exercising doesn't feel like a chore, people are more likely to stick with this healthy lifestyle choice. While rebounding offers a fun workout, try taking a large trampoline outdoors and jumping along with the entire family. Team sports are simply fun, whether you take part in a game of volleyball, frisbee, soccer or tennis.
Rebounding your way to better health and fitness couldn’t be simpler than with a PT Bouncer from Super Tramp. And, because rebounding acts on every part of your body, just ten minutes on a PT Bouncer will provide the same health benefits as a 30 minute jog - but without the skeletal shock, or putting joints under pressure. Whether you want to lose weight, keep fit, improve your health or ‘well-being’, rebounding provides a high impact and enjoyable workout - and it works. Rebounding is also ideal when recovering from sports injuries, as it enables you to maintain a fitness programme without causing further harm to the body. Regardless of your age or fitness level, rebounding improves the functioning of the lungs, heart and blood vessels and is an excellent way to achieve cardiovascular health.

Combined with a sensible diet, rebounding aids slimming as it stimulates the metabolic rate to burn up calories quickly, easily and enjoyably.
Manufactured using quality Swedish piano wire-coiled springs and a strong polypropene bed, the PT Bouncer from Super Tramp will retain its firm and stable bounce throughout years of use.
Retailing at around ?79, a PT Bouncer measures just 102cms in diameter, so takes up very little space, is easy to move around (or store away) and will allow you to exercise inside your home - regardless of the weather. The PT Bouncer from Super Tramp is now available from the John Lewis Partnership, Lillywhites, The Physical Company, Intersport sports shops and quality independent retailers around the country.
Super Tramp is Europe’s leading designer and manufacturer of trampolines for recreation, sport and fun and also offers a complete range of wood and steel garden play equipment, table tennis tables, toboggans and go karts.
Whether you want to lose weight, keep fit, improve your health or well-being, rebounding provides a high impact and enjoyable workout - and it works. Whether you want to lose weight, keep fit, improve your health or just 'feel' better about yourself, rebounding is a fun way to exercise - and it works.
Dogs love walks, and if you need a gentle way to ease into a more active lifestyle, taking Fido out every day is a wonderful way to do it.

Not only will you get the benefit of fresh air and challenging trails, you can also take in beautiful views.
This exercise is perfect for toning legs and glutes, while also being a great calorie burner. A simple exercise routine on a PT Bouncer three times a week increases strength, stamina, agility, suppleness and overall physical fitness and is a great way to tone the stomach and legs. This was recently demonstrated by some of England’s players during the World Cup, when a key member of the squad was photographed rebounding his way back to health. The ‘feel good’ factor provided by rebounding is also hard to beat and helps to relieve stress, raise energy levels, improve sleep and provide an instant energy ‘lift’ at the end of each day. Trails, mountains and valleys are all good options for hiking -- for added fun, take a partner.

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