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On April 5, I’ll be running my second half-marathon – this time here in Charlottesville! My goal for this year’s half-marathon is to be prepared so I can beat my time from last year (and maybe even find it easier). Med ett egenA¤gt datacenter i Sverige med full redundans sA¤krar vi driften av er dedikerade server eller virtuella server och webbplats. I’m excited, but I really want to go into it more prepared than I did for my first one (April of last year).

Run with a friend, try new workout playlists on Pandora, listen to podcasts, be alone with your thoughts, buy new workout clothes that make you feel confident.
I’ll admit that it was especially hard to train last year with the frigid temps in NYC and the sun setting before I even left work. Join me as I share what I discover about life as a wife, a foodie, a publishing student, an explorer. Bygg vidare om du behA¶ver mer kraft via virtuella servrar (Cloud Computing) eller dedikerade servrar.

I basically researched several different training plans and came up with one that I thought would work best for me.

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