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QQI Level 6 Training Delivery and Evaluation (formerly Train the Trainer) final 2015 dates announced! QQI Level 6 Training Delivery and Evaluation (formerly Train the Trainer) 2016 dates announced! How do you manage to develop necessary service skills to convince customers on a short- and long-term basis?
Time- and cost-efficient modules can be customised to target group-, market- and customer-needs. NEW: Integration of Intensification- and Coaching-Tools in all modules guarantees maximal learning transfer. We are happy to give you advice in choosing or developing the right seminar regarding your learning need.
Time- and cost-efficiently, modules can be customised to target group-, market- and customer-needs, e. NEW: Integration of Intensification- and Coaching-Tools in all modules guarantees maximal learning transfer.
We are happy to give you advice in choosing or developing the right seminar regarding your learning need.
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About a month ago, the guys from Next Level Training sent me one of their SIRT training pistols to evaluate.
Polymer frame with metal slide; very high build quality that far surpasses cheap Airsoft guns. Fits in almost all Glock 17 holsters, accepts all normal Glock sights, and uses standard Glock magazines; allows you to train with your normal gear.
Self-resetting trigger; allows you to dry fire multiple shot strings without manually racking the slide between each one. User-adjustable trigger; allows individual to customize the trigger to feel as close as possible to his actual pistol.
Basically, it all adds up to a dry fire tool that works exactly like your carry gun (especially if you carry a Glock) and allows you to dry fire naturally without the artificiality of re-racking the slide between shots.
Candidly, the adjustments require a little effort to get right and don’t have enough range to cover every possible Glock trigger configuration. The only other criticism I have is that the slide doesn’t move and there is no slide release lever. However, in my opinion possibly the most useful aspect of the SIRT is as a force-on-force tool.

FOF training with the SIRT lacks the pain penalty that makes Simunition FX so useful, but it can be done for far less money and without all the safety equipment needed to do Sims per the manufacturer’s recommendation. The SIRT is available in two different color combinations, both with a black frame: clear (silver colored) slide or red slide. I wish they’d make one that simulates an LEM trigger, but I imagine that would be pretty hard. The SIRT will be in my range bag whenever I’m teaching from now on, no worries there. Something like this would probably make me more likely to do some dry practice around the house.
Background – longtime LEO, longtime USPSA (Open A, Limited A) and IDPA (CDP EX) shooter.
Over the last year have been using a G19 instead of a 1911 for duty and off duty and have been improving my skills with it, but the best I could do on the IDPA classifier with the G19 was around 101. After doing a lot of dry practice with a SIRT, and some live fire, over the course of a month, I scored an 83.
When using the SIRT, I call my shots using the the sights as my visual reference for aiming, NOT the green laser. Warranty Issue: only 90 day warranty on the SIRT not “BUILT TOUGH You break it, we fix it” [implied lifetime] as the SIRT website says.
Trigger pull from factory is significantly lighter than sock (it does feel like 3 pounds)–although reset is closer to stock.
All text, images, and HTML code Copyright © 2007-2016 TLG Tactical Consulting, LLC or their respective owners. Loyal customers buy more, pay higher prices and recommend your organisation more frequently to others. Another benefit of the red take up laser is that it provides immediate notification if your finger putspressure on the trigger when it shouldn’t! Furthermore, because of the visual feedback provided by the lasers, you can actually see where your hits are landing. The green laser in particular is extremely easy to see even when your focus is on the front sight. I prefer the red version personally as it distinguishes the SIRT very clearly from any of my live fire weapons. Retailing for $439 (which includes a weighted training magazine), it costs about the same as two cases of ammunition.
I had a chance to play with the AR15 conversion (which is nothing more than a bolt swap that gives you both the laser and resetting trigger features on your own AR15-pattern gun) and I am confident it will be at least as popular as the pistols. My budget doesn’t have the freedom to purchase one right now, but I can see one in the future, especially as more models are released.
YMMV, of course, but the self-resetting trigger far outweighs the slight difference in trigger feel to me.

Then as I got to think about it more, and use it a few times, I came to the conclusion that this tool will create and reinforce more bad habits that it is capable of solving. But it seems like a lot of money for me to be spending on a training tool to build bad habits. I spent two days emersed in the NLT training program and I used a Springfield XD elite (new to me)I will admit on day one I was very fustrated having to learn new methods of markmanship.
Much to my surprise, the SIRT has become my constant companion around the house and has completely reinvigorated my interest in dry fire practice.
Not only does this keep you honest while dry firing, but it makes the whole process much more interesting.
I do turn the red back on when I’m working on press-outs, though, whether from the holster or as part of a reload. You might not be able to tell whether you hit the light switch or just its cover plate from 10yd away, but you’ll know you hit what your front sight was pointed at. It’s not the same as shooting a swinging paper target or a steel plate moving in a straight line at a constant speed along a known path.
Huge thanks to Britt, Mike, and the rest of the guys at Next Level Training for introducing me to their SIRT training pistol!
This tool causes the student to look to see where the light shows up on the target, causing all sorts of problems – like taking their eyes off the sights, dropping the gun to see over it and get a better look at the target to see where the light is hitting, which changes the grip position, and affects trigger control, the list goes on and on. However with the excellent NLT trainers and the SIRT pistol, during the live fire shooting day I shot the best groups I have ever shot over the last 34 years, I highly recommend that you remove all excuses and get one of these training pistols it will imporve your markmansship guarnateed. Having said that, even when I was shooting my LEM HK P30 the trigger was close enough that it made for beneficial practice. As a side benefit, though, I’ve found that running through the house with the take-up laser off has given me a great opportunity to see just how well I can point shoot. I spent an afternoon randomly shooting the SIRT weak hand only at objects around my hotel room during SHOT Show and the next time I did some live fire WHO with the P30 there was noticeable improvement. For example, by eliminating the need for a facemask, FOF training with the SIRT means your role players can use realistic facial expressions and eye movements as pre-fight cues, things that would be impossible for a student to notice behind a mask. And unlike with Airsoft,  you get an obvious visual indicator of whether you are scoring meaningful hits or not.
They’re providing a training aid that you can incorporate into a wider system of practice. You can also set up a FOF scenario or drill with no additional safety equipment or concern about damaging walls, furniture, etc.
Just double check to make sure no one in the training area has a live weapon and you’re good to go.

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