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AITS also developed a 6-hour Crash Investigation Course and conducted the first course at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center in NY.
AITS has also expanded our agreement with the Emergency Medicine Institute (EMI) in Saudi Arabia. AITS also established an EVOC International Registry for those personnel who attend an EVOC conducted by an AITS trained instructor using the USDOT National Standard Curriculum and NFPA Standard 1002. ROSA MICHELIN, headmaster of the OASIS Penny whistle Project, with LINDSAY JEPTHA (right) Principal Cultural Officer of Dept.

KANNALAND Municipal region, with towns such as Vanwyksdorp, Zoar, Ladismith, Calitzdorp, and Gamka-east & west, are proud of the newly penny whistlers. Rosa Michelin, headmaster of the penny whistle projects for this region, are involved at OASIS multi community projects, at Vanwyksdorp. Elcardo Rothman (10) is tydens die Penniefluitjie Galakonsert op 24 Febraurie 2010, aangewys as die beste penniefluitjie-speler in die streek! Please feel free to contact Susan for more detail about penny whistle courses: +27 (0) 82 775 1993.

We are very happy that EMI could have gone to any place in the world but they came to the United States for the US Department of Transportation EVOC National Standard Curriculum and our Company. Each town have a newly trained penny whistle trainer, trained by Susan Odendaal, wellknown penny whistler.

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