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When my clients ask about being bikini or bathing suit ready for the summer time the midsection (abs) always come up.
Arm Pullover with a Crunch This is a great exercise for the entire front of your body and should be done by both men and women. Spinal Extension In order to have a great looking front and waist we also need to have a strong lower back. Stabilizing your spine – all of the muscles working together so no matter what position you’re in you have optimal posture. If you are training your core muscles through these movements you will not only have a beautiful midsection but also a strong healthy core. You can visit this link to see the Total Gym and all the Abdominal Exercises you can do at home. The leg pulleys attachments for the Total Gym are a fun, new way to train your core and lower body. There are various ways to enter the pulley, however this may be the simplest way to start until you are familiar with them.
Note some individuals prefer to put the cuff on first then lie on the glideboard and attach the cable. While performing the exercises outlined below you should focus on engaging the core (pelvic floor, lower belly and back). The above exercises can be furthered challenged with arm movements, which mimic the leg movements.
We hope this information will help you explore the powerful combination of exercises that can be done using the Total Gym leg pulley attachment. Elizabeth Leeds, DPT, owner of Seaside Fitness and Wellness, combines her background in physical therapy, personal training and Pilates in her practice and teaching. Additionally, Elizabeth is a Master Trainer and developer for Total Gym’s GRAVITY education.
Ever hear your training instructor say,“Today let’s work the quadriceps, lats, and pecs?” And you think: I have no idea what they are even talking about! Often exercises are named according to the body part worked, but sometimes they are ambiguous leading you to wonder as to what muscle group you are working. When learning anatomy, muscles can be grouped by what the muscle looks like at the physiological level, location of muscle, and how the muscle functions.
It can also place increased demands on the heart and change the blood pressure in your head, so check with your doctor if you have any concerns.
On the Total Gym, inverting can assist with Yoga and Pilates movements, while intensifying common strength moves. Lie on your back facing the tower, with your knees bent and your feet resting on the rails to self-assist (you can also rest them on the glideboard to better support the spine, or raised in the air.
Hands on the press bar or floor, rest your knees towards the bottom edge of the glideboard. Here are the best ab exercises you can do at home that will help you feel confident in whatever you’re going to wear… or not this summer. When you’re ready to add intensity into this abdominal exercise try it with your feet up off of the glide board.
I love this exercise not only for killer abs and obliques but also because it is a very functional abdominal exercise. One of the most important actions of our abdominal muscles working together is to support and stabilize our posture. Bicycles: Start with both knees bent then bring one knee toward your chest while the other straightens toward the squat stand. Scissors: With both legs straight toward the ceiling, bring one leg toward the body while the other simultaneously reaches for the squat stand.

Hip Hinge: With both legs straight toward the ceiling, lower the legs together toward the squat stand and then return the legs toward the ceiling.
Leg circles: With both legs straight toward the ceiling, open the legs slightly wide than shoulder distance out to the sides then arc them around toward each other.
Inner Thighs (Adductors): Lying on your side with the cuff on the top leg, attach the cable to the side of the cuff. Front of thigh (Quadriceps): Transition the cable toward the backside of the cuff, then turn onto your belly. Hamstring (Back of the legs): Like the scissor movement described above, both legs will be straight with one leg toward the body and the other toward the squat stand. Adductor (Inner Thigh): Like the leg circles, the legs will be straight and open out to the sides.
Figure 4 (Outer Hip): With the legs straight, cross one leg and rest the ankle across the opposite knee.
Lower Back: Bend both knees into your chest and focus on breathing and expanding the breath into the sides and the back of the ribcage.
As a pelvic floor physical therapist working at Comprehensive Therapy Services in San Diego, her passion for pregnancy and postpartum is seen in her mission to empower women with knowledge and understanding of their physical changes, and how to address them to prevent future issues. Learning basic anatomy for strength training can enhance your results because you will know what and where you are working and identify correctly when you may be compensating. The chart below is a generalized look at the muscles of strength training based on their location in the body. The following exercises will flow seamlessly from one exercise to the next and fuse yoga, Pilates and strength moves into a great workout. Start with the incline toward the lower one third of the Total Gym: the higher the incline, the more intense the exercise. Single Arm Upright Row to Overhead Press: Start with your hands by your side with the palm facing down. Single Arm Cross Body Reach: Rest your right hand against your left hip, with you palm facing down and your arm extended diagonally across your body. Alternating Bicycle: Reach one leg toward the tower while the other bends in toward the chest, as if riding a bicycle. Double Leg Bicycle: From the starting position, reach both legs out to a straight line, then bend them back toward the chest. For an even tougher challenge, form the bridge and and push the glideboard up and down the rails.
One Legged Hamstring Curl: Place one foot into the foot holder, and the other knee into the chest. Focus on sending the top of the head over the hands, as the legs extend back toward the tower. A couple of my favorite lower ab exercises are the Ab Crunch (knees to chest) and the Oblique Crunch.
Be sure to post your comment below and tell us your favorite ab exercises that you do at home.
Unlike single purpose weight machine, leg pulleys allow for greater range of motion and versatility; you can work one leg at a time, alternate the legs, or work them bilaterally. Holding the pulleys in your right hand, face away from the tower and straddle the glideboard. These rings are designed to provide an optimal line of pull, in other words the cable will resist at the right place to target the intended muscle. Click on Download Documents under More Information and from there you will be able to download an instructional guide. Perform this movement allowing the glideboard to move, then change the tempo and keep the board still.

With the thigh remaining in contact with the glideboard, bend and then straighten the knee. Visualization has been shown to increase physical gains, so if you can picture the muscles you are working, you may enhance your results. The chart provides a broad view as to where the muscles are located (originate and insert), their function, common Total Gym exercises to strengthen these muscles, and tips to prevent you from compromising your form.
Keep your shoulders sliding away from the ears and the core tight with all of your movements.
Bend your elbow up towards your right shoulder and extend the arm out to the side until your arm is fully extended above your head. Inverted abdominal exercises help relieve the tension felt in the neck that you would typically experience on the floor. Initially bring the legs toward the body and then slowly reach them up for the sky as the spine rolls off the glideboard.
To prevent this from happening we need to keep the mid-section stabilizers strong and healthy.
Push the glideboard up the rails and sit at the lower one third of the board, then place your feet onto the squat stand. For instance, when on your back the focus will be on the front of the thigh, the quadriceps.
Place the feet on the squat stand and roll onto your back with your head supported at the top end. Then reverse the exercise by hinging the legs away from the body, open the legs to the sides, then bring them up toward the body and to the start position. For an extra challenge, keep your upper arm slightly off the glide-board to increase the gravitational pull and challenge shoulder stabilization.
With that said, a wedge can be placed under the shoulders and head to decrease stress to the neck and shoulders. If you maintain your head, ribcage and a neutral spine, start gradually extend your legs lower toward the ground.
With a simple change of your body position or leg pulley attachment, the intention of the exercise can easily shift from strengthening to stabilization or to stretching. Using a Total Gym makes plank exercises easy for all fitness levels, even if you’re a beginner. Here is a sample routine that flows from an emphasis on core strengthening and stability to a lower body workout that focuses on strengthening, and ends with a cool down stretch routine.
Bring your right foot toward your body and place harness around the arch and back of the ankle (Achilles tendon).
When working the back of your leg (hamstrings and glutes), you will have the pulley on the front side. Arms may be by the side of the body, bent behind the head, or progress to reaching overhead. Hold the cables to assist with stabilization and press the right leg out while simultaneously bringing the left leg into the chest. Lastly while working the inner thigh (adductors), you can place the pulley toward the outside. When securely in the ankle cuff, transition the foot on the squat stand onto the glideboard.

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