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Beachbody brought you P90X and Insanity, so you know that Focus T25 will be bringing you equally impressive fitness results. Share this with you friends and family and stay tuned for more information about Focus T25 as it is released.
My friends who work on capital hill tell me and I have read the accounts that the Congress workout group are using beach body products on their IPAD. Hi, i realise that this thread is now over 12 months old, and T25 has been released for some time, but is there any news on whether there is an iPad version yet? Hi Claudia, unfortunately I have not received any notification from Beachbody of a downloadable version or iPad app.
Beachbody is a company that has put together a variety of workout videos, fitness gear, and supplements. Why do Congressman have a IPad version that they use in the Congressional gym and the rest of us don’t have access to the iPad version? Together, Shaun T and Beachbody have earned a reputation for producing a vast array of products and videos to get people in shape.
So how does the Focus T25 stack up?Shaun T, also the creator of Insanity, has put together an hour’s worth of exercises in 25 minutes.
Plus when I am gone for a while, without my DVD’s it throws me off my game when I do get home and start up again. The workout routines work every muscle group in the body, and then works them again.The following information will go through, step by step, who the T25 is specifically designed for, what exactly is included when a consumer opens the box, how the routines work, what kind of results can be expected, the financial investment needed, and how to order the program. There are also modified versions for those who may be extremely overweight or may not have worked out for many years. With the modifications the product claims that anyone at any fitness level or age can use T25.

The first five weeks is spent on the Alpha Cycle with the second five weeks moving onto the Beta.
This is normally completed on day 6 or 7 since the regular workouts are for 5 days a week.2. Quick Start GuideThe quick start guide is designed to give you an overall description of how to jump right into the program. Workout CalendarsThis includes the Alpha-Beta wall calendar that shows you exactly which workout to do each day. In the infomercials this aspect probably isn’t emphasized as much as it should be since it is a crucial aspect of overall success. The nutrition plan is considered fairly easily and can be summarized in a few quick points.Eat 5 small meals each day.
B-LINES Resistance BandsThis is a 15 pound resistance band that will be used for the weight training. You do have the option of using dumbbells if you prefer using something different or for added resistance.6. 5 Day Fast-track GuideThis lays out what you’re to specifically do for the first 5 days of the program. It limits the first 5 days to 1,100 calories so those who are impatient should see some results in less than a week.7.
There’s also an online forum where you can log in and keep in touch with other people who are also going through the program. The program provides Beachbody trainers and coaches that you can communicate with regarding any questions you have. While the overall program is easy to follow and understand, many people will likely be challenged with the intensity of the workouts, at least in the beginning.

But most people, especially with the modifications, are capable of doing it if they make the effort.There are a lot of good reviews out there about Shaun T. He’s known to be positive, have a great personality, and an overall fantastic motivator. So the cost is basically the same no matter where you buy it.The program does come with a 30-day money back guarantee.
If sent back within 30 days you’ll get your money back, minus the shipping and handling costs. It must be purchased separately.Focus T25 Reviews & Results Does cramming intense combinations of exercises and cardio moves into 25 minutes really work? In general, this program will work for most people if they follow it and stick with it in its entirety. With Focus T25 you not only see the before and after, you hear the testimonials from real people. There are a lot of exercises packed into this amount of time.Cons One of the major drawbacks of this exercise program is that it does involve a lot of jumping.
There are, however, modifications in routines to accommodate those with knee, back, or other joint issues.There is a limited warm up and cool down before and after the main workouts.
Some people, however, may feel the need to include a few more minutes before and after to properly warm up and cool down the muscles.Some users have complained that it can be repetitive, even a bit boring. If so, what was your experience like, and what were your results?Share it with other readers in the comments below.

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