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To rid ourselves of this extra weight, we humans have devised a number of contraptions that allow us to shed pounds at home, in full view of our delicious Ring Dings and comfy sofas.
The Ab energizer is the only time in human history when we actually had to weigh the pros and cons of subjecting ourselves to ritual electrocution and bowel-shattering muscle spasms for the betterment of our physical health, and totally rockin’ abs. When we were young, we were told not to jump or bounce atop the cheap-ass rubber balls we purchased from those giant grocery story bins of balls or else they’d pop. Our abs were the source of all of our cognitive abilities, so it’s only natural that we humans created hundreds of shitty machines that worked our cores, thus preventing them from melting down. Swiss balls are by no means stupid exercise equipment, and comparing them to cheap-ass rubber balls isn’t a fair comparison at all.
Looking like a computer game rendition of Steven Tyler’s corpse and slapped with enough poorly applied make up to be cast in The Walking Dead, Joanna Rohrback, has just won first prize in the annual Who Can Look Like A Bigger Dope While Exercising Awards?

Its a great exercise to do 21's on, you cant cheat as long as you keep your elbows from dropping near the floor.
This would normally be the point in an article where the author would shove in some statistical information to back up this claim. Most of these machines are only a set of spikes away from being medieval torture devices, and they all felt like a complete waste of time and money. There’s no confirmation on this, but we hear the Ab Energizer was invented by a Nebraska cow farmer after he cattle prodded his herd to get them to run down the murder tunnels for the slaughter. We don’t have that, mostly because the Google search bar is too far away for us to type in to. But these machines ease our minds; they comfort us, allowing us to accept our continued weight gain because, hey, I bought that heavy machine with all the pulleys and levers!

He intended the device to be used by another person to get the person in need of weight loss running, screaming, pissing, in fear.
So we cleverly designed machines that totally suggested masturbation while never subjecting us to having to discuss it with another human. He never intended people to lie crippled and drooling on a sofa while wrapped in a belt of lightening.
When one uses a Shake Weight, everyone else knows one is simply purging the urge to talk about rubbing one out.

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