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Every basketball, volleyball and football fan out there knows that a vertical jump shows the athlete’s muscular strength. The vertical jump can be performed in two ways: from standing position when the athlete doesn’t use any other boost than his own muscles and from running, when the athlete adds the energy he or she gets from running. Now to answer the question of who owns the highest vertical jump record in this world: it’s not entirely sure. In order for everyone to be happy, there are records of vertical jumps kept for each sport, on each type of jump. As you can see the vertical jump measuring is not quite an exact science and it will probably never be.

It should be a simple question with a simple answer but there are many variables to consider. Sadly his jump is not the official vertical jump world record as he used a two-foot technique to set off. For example the NFL standing vertical jump is owned by Gerald Sensabaugh 117 cm (46 inches) performed as he was playing in North Carolina in 2005.
In the NBA for example, performing an excellent vertical jump can take you on the top as an athlete. First of all is the equipment used to measure the jump; not all of them will show the same result on the same jump as they differ in accuracy.

What it actually matters is that we have amazing athletes who always try to offer us a good show on the field and who are totally dedicated to the sport they practice. All these athletes have proven that with hard work and dedication you can one day become the world’s best at what you love to do.

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