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Sit toward front of ball (put it next to a wall if needed), knees bent and feet hip-width apart 2 feet in front of you.
Hold a 5- to 8-pound dumbbell in left hand, palm facing in, and stand on right leg, resting left shin on ball behind you. Holding ends of a light bar or broomstick, lie back with knees bent, shins parallel to ground.
Keeping chest up, draw abs in tight, squeeze shoulder blades together and raise ball behind you (as shown); lower to start.

Pull in abs, bring arms in front of you until parallel with legs and roll torso up in four counts until torso forms a V with legs (as shown). Raise head and shoulders and extend left arm forward at an angle and right arm behind you, palms facing in (as shown).
Pull belly button toward spine, straighten arms and lift hips, bringing them slightly in front of ball. Keeping leg raised, slowly lower hips to within a few inches of ground, then lift back up, squeezing glutes.

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