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After taking a few weeks to check out this program here is my in-depth Effective Ball Handling 2.0 Review.
The first component I want to cover in this Effective Ball Handling 2.0 Review is a full on 66 page detailed manual. No matter what skill level you are the Effective Ball Handling 2.0 program will work for you. Alex will take you by the hand, step by step over the course of a 16 week plan and show you what you need to do each and every day. In addition, you’ll also get a number of video demonstrations for each and every exercise inside. Alex mentions that certain types of stretching can actually decrease your vertical jump for up to 25 to 30 minutes. The Stretch Your Vertical system show you the correct way to stretch so you can have a much more powerful and explosive vertical jump. This “done-for-you” program will drastically increase your vertical jump, your flexibility and will also help you prevent injury which is CRUCIAL to keeping you on the court and improving your game!
Everyone who becomes an owner of The Effective Ball Handling 2.0 will  get Insiders Access for life to any of the amazing products sold at the web based JumpUSA athletic superstore.
If you just eat a little bit healthier you can get a serious edge over your competition and also improve your overall strength and energy. In this crazy Mp3 Alex covers the two most important things every basketball player should have stored in memory when it comes to training for the vertical jump. One of Alex’s students who listened to this audio went from a 25 inch vertical jump to a 31 inch vertical jump in just 5 weeks.
This was actually one of the biggest questions I had before Alex released his program as I’m also an owner of the first Effective Ball Handling program.
For the most part Alex didn’t leave anything out, but I do want to mention something that is obvious to me, but might not be for everyone else.

Effective Ball Handling 2.0 is a complete step by step system designed for athletes which is meant to be used over a certain period of time. Basketball Coach Alex Maroko has just released his brand new Effective Ball Handling 2.0 to the public and it’s currently the number one selling basketball program on the internet! In this manual you’ll get the exact program Alex Maroko used to go from being a nobody on the court to playing college basketball. The reason behind this is because it was designed with 4 progressive programs which are Beginner, Intermediate I, Intermediate II and the Advanced program.
Alex knows that some people learn best by seeing  something done so Alex wanted to make sure he didn’t leave anyone behind. Most ball players understand the importance of stretching, but most of them THINK they have been doing it right when in reality they have been doing it wrong from the very start. Also included in this program is a very simple, but powerful 11 minute stretching routine that Alex personally used to increase his vertical jump by 4 inches in just a few weeks. As a owner of Effective Ball Handling 2.0 you’ll be able to purchase any of these awesome products at a ninja 15 percent OFF for the rest of your life! Alex and world renowned coach Kelly Baggett let loose some of their best kept secrets when it comes to nutrition. You not only get mad handles, but with this component your also going to get mad hops as well. Alex will also reveal the biggest misconception ball players have when it comes to jumping higher.
For the most part Effective Ball Handling 2.0 is similar to the first EBH program as far as the core training is concerned. Alex Maroko has made this system much more complete and designed it to make you a much better and versatile player. Alex Maroko knows his stuff and knows how to teach people how to take their dribbling and ball handling to the next level, but this isn’t some magic system that will work wonders overnight.

You will have to actually go out and put in the effort and work to make this program produce results for you. This just shows you that Alex Maroko knows his stuff and how to take care of his customers. Alex wanted to make sure that anyone, no matter your skill level could develop great ball handling and seriously improve their game.
So you can actually watch each and every drill that Alex does in the video and copy it to a tee.
The Belief Black Box Component will rewire your brain for superior confidence and give you the edge you need to take your game and mind to the next level.
This is one of the biggest areas most ball players ignore and Alex promises that if you leave this part out of your master plan you will lose in the long run. So the moment I heard Alex was coming up with a version 2.0 you know I was wondering what he could have done to make it even better. I wish we did have a big red easy button, but that’s not the way the world works sadly. If you think you can just sit around the house, watch the videos and read the manual and magically increase your dribbling abilities you are going to be in for an awful surprise.
After going back and looking through my EBH 1.0 program I noticed a few slight differences in the core training.

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