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It delivers a comfortable and fun workout experience that closely mimics outdoor running without the associated negative impact.
The Perfect Pitch Golf Mat shows you how to correctly aim, set your feet and set your ball position for chip, pitch, lob and bunker shots every time.
Built to increase explosive leg power and strengthen key lower body muscles to maximize jumping ability, HOPZ is perfect for basketball, football, volleyball or any player who wants to add to their vertical. The trainer consists of an adjustable waist belt, ankle straps, and resistance bands that provide 40 pounds of resistance when jumping. Its ergonomic design delivers an easy, comfortable grip and improved voice & sound quality.

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The resistance bands secure direction to belt rings on the waist belt and to the ankle straps.
The 6" HD OLED curved touchscreen transforms traditional smartphone viewing into a cinematic experience. Built in shoe harnesses on ankle straps keep resistance bands in place to ensure proper positioning. The waist belt adjusts to fit most waist sizes and the trainer is recommended for users from 5 feet, 4 inches tall to 6 feet, 2 inches tall. Offers and Promo's Boxing Blog Boxing Videos Shipping Discount This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser.

Using the Hopz Pro, athletes will develop explosive leg drive and power increasing their vertical. With up to 80+ lbs of resistance this performance trainer pushes athletes to the next level. As the flagship brand of Pro Performance Sports, based in San Diego California, SKLZ develops innovative athletic performance and skill development training products, technology and knowledge for serious athletes of all ages, skill levels and sports including baseball, football, soccer, golf, softball and basketball. With products designed for players of all ages and skill levels, SKLZ focuses on finding innovative products and methods that help maximize athletic potential and meet goals. Located in San Diego, California, SKLZ and Pro Performance operate internationally, with their products found at major sporting goods retailers, specialty shops, and training centers everywhere.

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