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Have you been searching for keyword data using Google analytics and been getting nothing back but “not provided”? While once upon a time you could use Google analytics tools to look at data on the use of search terms and keywords, in 2011 Google made the decision to encrypt organic search data relating to searchers who were logged into their Google accounts, including Google Plus and Gmail, while they were browsing the web.
Since then, Google has switched to secure search for ALL organic Google searches, whether users are logged into their Google accounts or not.
So given the search changes and the loss of keyword data, good SEO now has to be more user-centric and not only about using keywords as a quick-fix tactic to increase traffic. We say this a lot and might be sounding like a bit of a broken record by now, but injecting regular, fresh, relevant, informative high-quality content into your site should be a top priority for all website owners. Google analytics for example allows you to discern which keywords users are using within your site, while Google webmaster tools can be used to let you to see how you are ranking on the web for search queries. Recently, SMX West Search Marketing Expo provided a presentation on SEO life after “not provided”.
It is possible to get data insights using Google webmaster tools, such as Trends and volume analytics. In general, moving beyond “not provided” involves going beyond simplistic methods of data gathering and keyword use.
About SEO for Small Business Pty LtdSEO for Small Business Pty Ltd is an internet marketing agency based in Sydney offering SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing services. Our professional and cost-effective packages have been specifically designed to meet the needs of small to medium sized businesses Australia wide.
Next, we can calculate the percentage of any known keyword (Keywords A-G from above, for example) of the total visits from derived from all known keywords (40,000 in this case). Update: KISSmetrics recently published a great article on how to unlock your (not provided) keywords in Google Analytics. Our clients range from small and medium sized businesses with desires to expand their local markets, to eCommerce websites competing to increase national market share. We answer our phones Monday - Friday during regular business hours (MST); and we respond to emails during all hours of the day, seven days a week. A popular dictionary blog that provides definitions of terms used in the world of Search Engine Optimization.
For webmasters who use analytics for tracking, in the report it show keyword (not provided). In other words, when users sign in to their Google account and making search, analytics will encrypt the search query as (not provided) keywords.
Warning: This isn't one of those happy news updates that opens up new doors for your marketing -- like Facebook announcing embedded posts.
This means marketers won't even be able to get keyword data for searches conducted by users who aren't even signed in.
So Google says, the reason for the switch is to provide a€?extra protectiona€? for searchers. While Google initially said this would impact less than 10% of all searches conducted, we quickly noticed that percentage rise. That being said, you shouldn't feel completely left in the dark about how search affects your marketing strategy. If you use Google AdWords for pay-per-click marketing, connect your companya€™s AdWords account to your Google Analytics account and use that data for keyword research, as Larry Kim of Wordstream suggests. Rank will continue to play a role in helping measure the results of search engine optimization and content creation. In the Keywords Report: The a€?Visitsa€? and a€?Contactsa€? columns will no longer reflect traffic from Google Searches, although they will still show traffic from other search engines like Bing. Remember, HubSpot will continue to show keywords for the 33% of searches that come from search engines like Bing and Yahoo.
Search Engine Optimization has never really been the same due to Google hiding some of the keywords that browsers type to find you (not provided keywords). We recently came across a website that has been tracking the percentage of search keywords based on 60 sites.

By developing user-centered content that is valuable and informative, and publishing to the web using best practices, you will see positive business results.
About Us Through proper research, design & development and the use of an effective marketing solution strategy we help to accomplish positive marketing results for our clients. In addition to the Hummingbird update, Google also recently made the move to hide all keyword data in Google Analytics.  You can still see the total number of organic searches to reach your website, but you can’t see which keyword sent which searches.
Would you rather implement your own methods of protecting customer privacy, or would you like Congress to do it instead?
Use a new standard for SEO success – Keyword rankings obviously no longer can be viewed as a measure of success.  Many SEOs, instead, now view the number of entrance pages divided by the number of entrances as the golden metric to view.
Introduce new content regularly – This can be a blog or new static pages.  Because Hummingbird now has the ability to answer specific questions your customers have, blogging or writing an FAQ around customer questions is a great way to stay fresh and relevant. Continual keyword research – Use Google Webmaster Tools, SEMRush, and Google Adwords to continue to identify new opportunities for keywords to target. Shift the focus to traffic from keywords – Traffic from social media, link building, partner websites, and keywords should now be the focus of your marketing efforts.  Better yet measure the rate at which you convert that traffic into paying customers. Integrate your online and offline marketing efforts – Make sure your customers have a consistent brand experience both online and offline.
Google’s really just shifting the focus from the technical SEO side of things to what the marketplace really wants.  Technical SEO will always be important for the health of your website, but your real concern should revolve around sharing your expertise with your target market and showing why you are the best solution for the problem they have.
Dropbox Automator is a powerful web app that connects to your Dropbox account and monitors folders of your choice, performing automated actions you define when new files are detected.
Many sites have “best of year” program lists that are really “best of all time”; so is this one of them?
Installing applications after a fresh Windows installation can be quite a hassle, as one has to individually search, download and install the updated versions for numerous applications.
Upon seeing this I kind of freaked out and immediately went to check the Title settings on this post. Throughout 2011 we have been bringing you five new social media tools each week to show our love for you.
Now that December has arrived, we are bringing you the ‘best of the best’ as we countdown our picks for the top 20 of the year. Instead of giving you the top five today, we’ll start at the other end of the chart and bring you 20 through to 16.
Next week we’ll bring you 15 to 11 before unveiling the last two installments just before Christmas.
This meant that data for the keywords or search terms they were using was no longer available. The number of instances of keyword data being “not provided” has of course been greatly increasing, causing more than a little irritation for some! While this might be really good from the perspective of internet users, it might look not quite so good if you are a business website owner trying to boost your presence on the web.
Search engines are becoming smarter and doing such things as attempting to interpret a user’s intent when they input search terms rather than just taking the keywords at face value. However, don’t despair – with a little creativity and ingenuity, it is possible to maximise your SEO in other ways. By becoming smarter in how SEO works and using other methods, you can improve your business relationship with your customers and provide better quality solutions to their needs, while hopefully improving your bottom line at the same time. As Intel digital marketing strategist Laura Ann Mitchell said during a panel discussion on the issue, “SEO is what happens when everything else is done right”. Other recommendations include taking a more holistic view of SEO and making use of Google’s keyword planner tool, while augmenting that with search analytics. It means thinking outside the square, taking a broader overall view of SEO, and focusing on meeting the needs of your customers. Bill Vasiliadis is a Senior Digital Marketing Consultant with over a decade of online experience. Great SEO today is great content with powerful digital endorsements from relevant and authoritative websites, which results in business results that transcend the keyword conversation. Ia€™d argue that tracking organic content at a page level, rather than an individual keyword level, makes a lot more sense given the recent increases in keyword ranking volatility.

We love having access to as much data as possible, and we love using that data to help create better experiences for our visitors, prospects, and customers. Although you might not know the exact keywords, you can still correlate the work you do to optimize your site and create content to increases or decreases in organic search.
You are using an outdated browser, we recommend you upgrade your browser for a better and safer experience. Keywords provide a great deal of insight into if your content is hitting the mark or if it’s not.
The website goes into more detail on how Google is slowly reducing the amount of keywords that you actually can see. Fortunately, many SEO professionals and organizations have been preparing for this eventuality. He provides new insight and strategies that will assist businesses to get the results that they want. I do this on my main machine and every several weeks I restore a clean image, so I take note of those programs that make their way back into my system as being a cut above the rest. Some users use Ninite website to install the most commonly used application by simply selecting them and clicking the Install option. The iTwin USB dongle provides secure access to a computer’s hard drive from any machine with a Web connection. Everything was in order but I was using the original ‘Stop Whining About (Not Provided)’ Title tag.
Rather than doing simple keyword-matching, search engines now want to know what it is that people actually want when they do a search – such as a solution to a problem they have, or an answer to a question.
This involves focusing on what your audience cares about, identifying what works, and repeating and refining it. He has helped businesses of all sizes increase the return on investment from their online marketing spend. The same calculation can be performed for any keyword that is accompanied by a known value. The adjusted values for Keywords A, B, C, and D become 1,250 each, and 1,125 for Keywords E, F, and G respectively. Search engine does not transfer link juice or anchor text across no follow links, as result the link does not help to improve PR nor SERP. And without these keyword insights, marketers would have a much tougher time knowing which keywords to target to achieve greater visibility in search.
Googlea€™s decision to withhold keyword data undoubtedly makes our jobs as marketers a little bit harder. Since October 2011 Google has been slowly hiding how many keywords that you actually can see in Google Analytic’s.
Having a solid plan in place to report on data that we know historically has a high correlation to the success that we were once able to directly measure. This is a list of the best free software that has either been launched in 2011, or has been significantly improved upon and come into it’s own in 2011 (for a best freeware ever list, check out our Freeware Top 30). This data will give marketers at least some indication of which keywords are the most useful. I also made an attempt NOT to rehash the same old list of titles which everyone already knows. FreeApps is an installer package that provides the option to install several free applications like Firefox, anti-virus suites, torrent clients, PDF readers etc, in a single click.
As files move between the pair, they are encrypted in 256-bit AES, the same standard used for military documents.

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