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I am a firm believer that if you want to get an athletic body you have to incorporate functional type exercises as much as possible. There are various ways for working on the core and abs region with exercises like planks, leg raises and various other workouts. If you want to see a good example of someone with great abs who also uses functional type exercises just look at boxers.
Although this article is about using a barbell to work on the abs I should also note that this exercise is more advanced. With all that said you cannot deny that the Russian Twist is challenging as well but it is easier on the lower back for a beginner or moderate level workout.
You can start by doing this exercise with no weight when starting out and increase the difficulty by holding a medicine ball with your hands or a dumbbell and tapping the floor with the object each time you twist.
For an example of a good abs workout you can look at something like Rusty Moore’s free abs report.
Once you have worked on your abs and your core properly and you feel that you want to move up to a more challenging workout I recommend using the barbell variation of the Russian twist. The barbell variation of this exercise when performed properly really makes this more of a total body exercise.
Begin by holding placing one of a barbell either at the corner where two walls meet or by setting one end in the whole of a 45-pound plate.
If you are just starting out try this exercise without weight and place a weight plate if you want to make it more challenging. Just picture yourself drawing a semi circle with the end of the barbell as you move from left to right or right to left. As the weight tries to come down your core becomes engaged triggers the muscles in this area.
You can keep your lower body stationary to get a stronger workout on your core and your upper body or move your lower body as you twist in order to work your lower body as well. You can use various tempos when performing this exercise but I have found a more explosive and fast movement to work best. Although this is an excellent abs and core exercise I find it best to do this exercise on separate days as your abs workouts. This workout is a good way to get started by using a barbell Russian twist but you can take it even further and in a more explosive manner by combining it in a way that will help with your conditioning and triggering muscle growth. In a few days I will come back and talk about how I am now using this exercise as part of my workouts to make this an awesome and athletic workout routine.
Yeah, when people think of core and ab exercises they think of crunches but rarely barbell exercises.
I call it the trunk, and the lower back actually is way more important for most all sports than the abs.
I was eager to see if the film did justice to the origins of the iconic series (it did), but as a fitness nerd, I was also really excited to see what the training montages looked like. I mean, sure, you see the fighters do a bunch of cool and challenging moves set to inspiring music that makes you want to run through a wall in the movie, but there are no actual prescriptions that loyal fans can follow in real life. So, inspired by the new movie, the Men’s Health video team and I created the official Rocky Workout for fans everywhere. Since the MH headquarters are in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, we made the 90-minute drive to Philadelphia to film the workout.

The background captures the look and feel of the Rocky movies, but you could do it anywhere, not just Philly. If you can’t access the exact station locations in the workout, just find the next best option to make it work.
For instance, you could alter the order of the stops to better accommodate your running route.
Heck, you could do this entire workout in a gym if you need to (but I recommend you head outdoors to get the true experience).
If it’s too hard or it takes too long to complete, cut the running distances and exercise reps in half or more.
Finally, post a pic or video of you doing the Rocky Workout on Instagram with the hashtag #RockyWorkout. Do walking lunges without stopping for one city block, then sprint back the length of the block. So if you can do 10 reps, do submaximal sets of 5 reps for as long as you can until you reach the total or you need to bump the per minute rep total down. If you can’t do at least 5 pullups, modify with bodyweight rows, jumping pullups, or 50 sets of 10-second hangs from the bar. By logging in, you confirm that you accept our terms of service and have read and understand privacy policy. By clicking "Sign in", you confirm that you accept our terms of service and have read and understand privacy policy.
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I don't know about you but the last Rocky movie was one of the best movies of the year. The key is to shock the body into changing, presenting stimuli to initiate change and the proper nutrients and supplements to make sure we have the tools needed to do so. Omega 3 Fatty Acids: To support already healthy joints, essential fat levels up, promote body fat loss, and the cardiovascular system healthy.
Not in a million years would I have guessed that anyone’s midsection could get stronger by doing an exercise like Russian Barbell Twists than by doing sit ups or crunches. An exercise that works more than one muscle group will give your body a better workout than if you work on only one muscle at a time. If you are wondering why I didn’t mention crunches or sit ups it is because these two exercises are not the best at working on the core region. Athletes with the best abs are those who do explosive and functional type movements that trigger the abs and the core twisting and engaging the upper and lower body. It is always a good idea to lay a proper foundation and familiarize oneself with easier exercises before moving on to a more advanced movement.
In the video above you can see that this exercise is not difficult to perform but does help the core by doing a simple twisting movement. When this exercise is performed in an explosive manner it really works the fast twitch muscles throughout the body. Barbell Russian Twists can be done for example on days you are working on your upper body or lower body. It changes my whole exercise way and I’m now feel so comfortable then previous exercise way.

That’s where many get it kinda wrong, they think core = abs, totally forgetting the back of the trunk. Looks a little similar to the woodchopper (with cables) but I imagine it has a whole different feel. He would perform 2 hours of weight lifting, 2 hours of jogging, and practice sparring daily. No reproduction, transmission or display is permitted without the written permissions of Rodale Inc. I find those scenes to be some of the most memorable and motivating parts of the movies—and Creed did not disappoint. It’s an outdoor routine that uses a mix of strength and conditioning work for total fitness that will get you to fighting weight. If you interested in trying a gut wrenching workout that would make Rocky tired, here's your chance. The body does this to yield produce more energy and to supply food for the intestinal immunity cells. Having fully hydrated muscles is a key ingredient few know about to make sure the muscle is in an environment conducive to muscle growth.
After this, take it easy for 1 week and then resume a new program that calls for lifting every other day and cardio 4-5 days per week.
I think the only times I had used a barbell for an abs exercise was by doing standing barbell twists. In fact, ever since I have included this exercise I have seen better side delt and rear deltoid development in my shoulders. The exercise can be done once or twice a week on non-consecutive days as a way to trigger your core muscles.
What's not to love about a guy who keeps coming back from setback after setback, only to always come out on top?
If not present in sufficient amounts, the body will strip it from muscles, along with BCAA to make more glutamine. Here's a functional list of the many different types of cardio and different ways to do them. I mean just look at the picture below.Stallone - ripped to the bone in Rocky 3However, looking like Stallone in Rocky 3 is no easy feat. In his book Sly Moves, Stallone admitted that his Rocky 3 workouts were a but over the top and that he probably should of eased up on it. He would workout 3-5x a week for about 1-2 hours at a time.His personal trainer, Gunnar Peterson helped structure his workout routine by making sure each workout was a tiny bit different each time. Stallone just sticks with real foods like fruits, vegetables, fresh meat, seafood, and whole grain.
I almost forgot, but if you’re interested in a full blown in depth program on how to build muscle like a Hollywood celebrity, then I recommend Visual Impact For Men.
It’s the only muscle building course designed to help you pack on muscle like a Hollywood celebrity.

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