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TRIP HIGHLIGHT: Hike through the magical forest of Kutralam and visit the shrine of Shenbaga Devi, the Goddess of Supernormal Powers, on February 14, 2013, for a secret initiation into Arul (supreme grace). Purify your body and mind by bathing under the waterfall that flows over a vast plantation of sacred Siddha medicinal herbs. Expect a transformative experience as you commune with archetypes Vishnu, Karuppasamy, Muruga and Goddess Rakkakshi at their shrines. Seek quick answers to your problems at the place where Sri Muthu Vadukanatha, a Siddha considered as the embodiment of Varahi (the fierce warrior Goddess), united with the divine. During an all-night meditation vigil, access the super intelligence of innumerable enlightened beings who dwell inside the secret caves and the sky of this glorious, other-worldly hill in their astral forms.

Obtain blessings for the highest spiritual wisdom at the place where Sri Sadasiva Brahmendra, a saint revered for his vow of silence throughout his life, merged with the divine. Get your wishes fulfilled through Vekkali, the Protective Goddess Kali who sits under an open roof to safeguard people who visit her. Burn your limited ego consciousness and unveil your Divinity as you take the sacred walk around Arunachala hill, the very embodiment of Siva, representing His power as Fire. Science and quantum physics are constantly seeking knowledge of the outside world, but what most of them fail to see is that the greatest power can be found within. Once you understand that you can train your subconscious, you have a whole new way to look at life.

The subconscious mind is responsible for all of our deepest emotions, motivations, and expectations.
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