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When the Nike Dunk High originally released in 1985, Nike made color schemes specifically for College Teams. Nike is calling the pack Be True: The College Colors Program, which will release the Dunks in a vintage form. But why are there some chosen individuals who seem to effortlessly go up into the air while others are stuck on the ground watching them. But, the good news is, thanks to training technology and science anyone can learn how to jump (and to dunk).
Below we include a program that’s been proven by documented results to give users an average increase of 10% in their vertical. Having good leaping ability makes you a better player because it lets you go up higher for rebounds, when you drive the lane and even block shots, not to mention be more athletic. Below is a complete vertical jump training program that includes exercises and workouts that will add extra inches to your jump height.
This has been tested and on average has shown to improve vertical leap by close to 4.5 inches in 6 weeks of training.
The program below specifies Tuesday and Friday as training days, though you can use Monday and Thursday, Wednesday and Saturday, or any other combination as long as there are 2 rest days in between the sessions. If you don’t want to the weight training part or the plyometrics portion that is okay. Reading the sets and repetitions are the same for this except you’ll be doing jumps instead of lifting repetitions.

The only exception is the Walking Split Squat where instead of repetitions you’ll do by distance.
The training exercise should get you started and give you good gains in a short period or time with something that won’t keep you in the gym for hours and hours, making it easy to squeeze into your schedule. Both programs are well structured and have shown very good results with those who’ve tried them. The gains you get from the training program, exercises and workouts don’t happen in the gym.
How To Dunk with The Jump Manual   Want to know how to dunk a smashing fly dunk like Michael “Air” Jordan’s? If you are still searching for the right methods to jump higher for your basketball games, you have categorically arrived at the right spot. If you’re looking to improve your basketball skills and want to jump higher or even dunk, vertical jump programs can help you out.
If constant practice and sheer dedication aren’t enough to improve your game, then you might as well consider acquiring some effective basketball training aids. Even better, it takes only 2 training sessions a week and in a month and a half you see results. You spend less than 1 hour at the gym each session and only be there on 2 days of the week. It has been tested and shown to provide average gains of nearly 4.5 inches in the 6 weeks it was used on intermediate athletes. Actually, this thing happens especially because, even though we know that jumping is not directly related to dunking, these two elements are crucial in any basketball game.

Shooting Oversized basketball – is usually 3 inches larger in diameter than your regular basketball. With bad information you can do your best when exercising, but you will never see the results you want, no matter how hard you try.
However, results show that doing only the strength training or doing only the plyometric exercises without the other resulted in less than half the gains when the 2 parts are combined. That’s why there are specified number of days between workouts, to give the body time to recover and get stronger. There are so many different ones out there, and most of them make claims that they can’t back up. There are best exercises that are called plyometrics exercises, these will develop your muscles to become faster so it's going to be a lot easier to jump.
They are free and free things are never as good as those paid for.After you have your exercises ready and know how to do them, get a dieting advice.
Dieting is essential part of your training, do not skip it.Again, get an assistant or a good guide to learn plyometric exercises because they are an essential part of how to jump higher to dunk.

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