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If protein and other nutrients take time to be broken down and utilized, does it really matter whether or not you have a PWO meal, if you’ve had a large meal relatively soon before your training? As usual this is going to be one of those longish ‘it depends’ kinds of answers and I’m probably going to go way off track in trying to answer it.
As I discussed in The Protein Book, some recent research certainly suggested that pre-workout nutrients (carbs and protein, and I’ll assume the combination from here on out) were superior to post-workout nutrients in terms of promoting protein synthesis.
Some of it depended on the form of nutrients (especially protein consumed); in one study immediate pre-workout essential amino acids (EAA’s) were better than post-workout EAA’s.
In another, a whole protein taken right before training wasn’t superior to post-workout; this may have been an issue of digestion time.
A complication of that research was that most of it was done fasted, that is first thing in the morning, after folks hadn’t eaten for many hours. And the general picture that seems to be developing is that if someone is in the ‘fed’ state, that is they have eaten within a few hours of their workout, pre-workout nutrients don’t seem to provide any major benefit. A relatively ‘normal’ whole-food meal is still releasing nutrients (carbs and protein) into the bloodstream as much as 4-5 hours after you eat it.
So if you’ve eaten within 2-3 hours of your workout, you already have nutrients in the system and probably don’t have much of a need to eat anything right beforehand. Depending on what type of training you’re doing, you may also find that during and post-workout nutrition is also beneficial. I would mention that a small percentage of people seem to get rebound blood sugar issues from consuming rapidly digesting nutrients right before a workout; if you’re one of them you’ll want to wait until you start warming up to eat anything. I should also mention that one or two recent studies have intriguingly suggested that training in a completely fasted state might have benefits in terms of activation of some of the molecular markers involved in growth and adaptation to training. My gut hunch says that having nutrients in the system will be superior to not having them available but if research comes out against that, I’ll happily change my mind. In my opinion the best way is to eat every 3 hours foods with low Glycemic index and after training 3 spoons of Grape sugar depends individual body. Our roundup of the 17 best pre- and post-workout meals from fast food joints and chain restaurants. After you get in a great workout it is vital to consume the right muscle building fuel to repair those damaged muscle tissues and re grow bigger and stronger. What you decide to put into your body for the post workout meal can really make or break your hard work in the gym. Since your muscle glycogen was just used as fuel to push you through that intense workout – your body will absorb the carbohydrates and they will refuel your muscles.
So if you take a guy who weighs 200 lbs, he should ideally be consuming 40 grams of protein and 80 grams of carbohydrates. 1 Large Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast topped with Fat Free BBQ Sauce (Remember simple sugars are OK following a workout).
Preparation: Chop up the chicken breast and throw over the 1-cup of brown rice and mixed veggies of choice. You need some carbs in your pre-workout nutrition too, so place emphasis on both carbohydrates and protein. Muscles need protein for growth, so if your morning workout focuses on lifting you might want to consider a protein-loaded omelet. Some of us need to get to our workout sharpish, yet still want a substantial meal that will combine carbohydrates and protein without being complicated. Amazingly, chocolate shakes have become quite a craze in the post-workout drink world lately. Some people prefer to chew following their workout, and there are plenty of snacks that will allow you to do just that. Finally, the protein snacks you consume after a workout shouldn’t just focus on the protein itself. Our MissionWe know that more and more people are learning about pre-workout supplementation. Therefore, it is our goal here at Pre-Workout Labs to make sure we provide the best information possible when it comes to learning about and choosing a pre-workout supplement to get the most out of your workouts. You might think that men and women need completely different pre and post workout nutrition strategies.

You’re probably not surprised to hear this by now, but there’s very little difference between the optimal food protocol around workout times for men and women. Ideally you should consume a solid meal around two hours before training and another about an hour after you’ve finished. Due to stereotyping, it’s often assumed that most women train for cardiovascular purposes while men train with weights to bulk up, hence the common recommendations that a man should fuel up with a bowl upon bowl of pasta with chicken before training and sit down to a huge plate piled high with steak and potatoes after finishing.
These workout meals could be perfect for either person’s goals, but chances are they’re probably not optimal. Follow these guidelines when planning your pre and post workout meals and you won’t go wrong. Carbs – 1 gram of carbs per kilogram of body-weightProtein – 0.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body-weightFat – Serving of nut butter, olive oil or mixed nuts.
Don’t just leave the gym as soon as you finish your last set – taking time to evaluate how the workout went and making sure you’re set up for the next one is vital for natural muscle gain and fat loss. Find health and lifestyle advices & Get answers!Share real-life experiences with more than 250,000 community members!
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In other words, can a Pre-workout meal be just as beneficial as a post-workout meal (if not better)? And if there is a designated time for digestion, wouldn’t the other nutrients effectively help recovery, even though they were consumed before hand?
Certainly there is some logic to having nutrients in the system during and right after training by consuming something right before workout. For a 180 lb lifter that’s 25-40 grams of carbs and protein combined about 30 minutes before your workout (to give the nutrients time to get into your system).
Exercise blunts insulin response and waiting until your warm-up to start eating anything limits the possibility of a negative blood glucose response.
So far nobody has looked to see if this truly impacts on growth down the road so I’m remaining on the fence until more research becomes available. Most fitness experts agree that the most important meal of the day is your post workout meal.
You want to make sure you are feeding your muscles with macronutrients they can easily absorb following a workout. Following an intense workout is the best time to consume carbohydrates as your body will absorb them instantly and they won’t be stored as excess fat.
This meal is so easy to prepare and has everything that your body needs to fuel you up for proper post workout nutrition. However, a recent study from Syracuse University found that those who drank pre-workout protein shakes had a higher metabolism the next day.
First, you are going to feel pretty sluggish when you rock up to the gym without a source of energy.
Resist the urge to include egg yolks if you like, but they do consider a useful source of cholesterol, which helps to synthesize your androgens.
A simple answer to that is to create overnight oats using almond milk, and then top them with more almonds. Providing high-quality protein gives your muscles the building blocks and fuel they need for repair and growth. The aim is to make sure you consume enough protein, not fill yourself with a McDonald’s shake in powder form.
Hard boiled eggs, chicken strips, and peanut butter are all excellent sources of post-workout protein.
Your muscles will need a fresh source of ions following your workout, so check out shakes and bars that contain potassium and sodium too.
His female counterpart however might not eat anything before working out in the hope that training on an empty stomach will burn more fat and then have a small snack of some rice cakes, cottage cheese or a piece of fruit afterwards.
Not only will you get some protein into the system that will be available during and right after training, a small amount of carbs will ensure that blood glucose is normalized so that you can have your best workout. But this is complicated by whether or not you’ve eaten a whole-food meal in the few hours before your training.

Post workout nutrition is so vital because your muscles are just begging for nutrients and replenishment. This means that you should stay away from things that will slow down absorption like high fat foods and anything fried. Some people have a variant of this post workout meal 4-5 times per week because it’s so easy and convenient. Your options are broad when it comes to both pre and post-workout protein sources, and the good news is your body doesn’t really care what the source of protein is, so long as it is getting a healthy source.
You have two options when it comes to shakes, you can make them before you go to the gym, or you can buy those that are pre-made. However, those who praise chocolate milk are quick to highlight that this post-workout drink is better for endurance athletes. In many cases, they trump the glorified expensive bars that claim to offer a miracle protein source, as not only do they lack preservatives, they are also cheap. As above, if you’ve eaten within 2-3 hours, I wouldn’t bother with anything before your workout.
Your muscle fibers are put through an intense workout and they are ready to soak up the quality macronutrients you feed them. Many people think that peanut butter is a perfect post workout food but that is not the case. Second, there is a ‘golden hour’ following your workout when your muscles absorb the most nutrients.
This snack is easy on your stomach, which is just what you need when hammering at your cardio routine. Adding extra almonds makes sure you balance out the slow burning carbs from the oats and deliver enough protein for your workout. Greek yogurt and milk can act as a sound basis for your smoothie, but for the sake of reducing the fats present in your diet you may want to consider adding in coconut or almond milk instead. It is the 40-60 minutes following your workout when your metabolism is at its most effective. Having a cool shake is refreshing, so adding yours to a Thermos is a good way to ensure you get that refreshing feeling when you drink your shake following your workout. For those of you who love eggs, you’ll be pleased to learn that eggs contain the right balance of sodium and potassium. Peanut butter is good for you but it’s really high in fat and will be absorbed into your blood stream more slowly than other food. As you don’t want to run on a stodgy stomach, it may be a good idea to reserve overnight oats for when you plan on lifting instead.
Choose between the array of whey and milk-based protein powders out there to make a simple shake. This is when your muscles are going to absorb the most nutrients, which means you have more opportunities to promote that essential repair process that helps them build. If you do not want dairy or cannot drink it, soy-based and whey-based shakes are an excellent option. For the purposes of post workout nutrition, we want to focus on lean protein and carbohydrates.
Drinking them 30 minutes after exercising will provide the needed amino acids to your muscles. When looking at either energy bars or protein shakes, you need to make sure they have at least five grams of protein in them.
That way, you get the convenience of using a bar, without having to resort to eating high volumes of sugar.

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