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When my visits to the gym became more regular and I became more focused on training, I grew more confused about nutrition.
I started working out a decade ago to lose weight and tone up (how has 10 years passed already!?). In one article, you’re told it’s best to workout in a fasted state to zone in on fat burning. To better understand what works for your body, it’s important to keep a solid understanding about the why’s.
Maybe the day just got away from you or you forgot your lunch at home (and didn’t have time to grab one else where). Goals – If I’m trying to add muscle, I’m going to eat a lot differently than if I’m trying to cut fat.
If that’s the case, pre workout fuel should contain both carbs and protein BUT with extra emphasis on the carbohydrates.
Carbohydrates help to provide the body with a quick surge of energy and replenish muscles with glycogen for fuel.
Running coach Meghan Reynolds suggests taking in 15-30 grams of carbs prior to an endurance workout. It appears that when it comes to muscle repair and building (like you want to accomplish from your workout meals), the body is only able to use about 20-30 grams at a time. It makes sense…  just because you have a 100 oranges, doesn’t mean you can carry all 100 at a given time, right? If you do wake up at 4am for workouts (or some early time) and workout right away, maybe you really don’t need anything. Loved this post!Very helpful!I normally eat 30 minutes before and for sure right after the workout a mini snack to re-energize my body!
The rules of eating before exercise can be confusing because every workout is different, and every workout needs the perfect energy foods to give you the best! One challenge everyday for 14 days to build the habit of doing at least one thing daily to improve your body and mind.
Everyone knows that fat loss is a simple case of energy balance – take in more calories than you expend and you will gain weight, take in fewer than you expend and you will lose weight. Data collected from active college-aged women and published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport show that having a high protein pre-workout meal can increase the body’s energy expenditure by 98% which in turn helps to burn more fat (*2). Research shows that pre-workout nutrition is very important and can contribute to weight loss.
Our delicious new flavours of Impact Whey Protein are launching for our 12th Anniversary this week. Liven up your journey to the gym with this deliciously refreshing Guarana & Orange pre-workout cocktail! Tabata workouts are super effective and time efficient for incinerating fat in four minute intervals. It's not uncommon for people to  struggle with recognising the progress they have made on their fitness journey. Summertime is fast approaching and now is a great time to start putting some extra focus on your arms.
Myprotein athlete Nina Ross takes you through the following exercises to blast your booty and grow those glutes! The best pre-workout foods contain easily digestible carbohydrates, a little bit of protein and healthy fat to stave off mid-workout hunger. Carbohydrate-rich food, including white bread, English muffins or bagels, will take only 30-minutes to digest for quick energy. Yogurt is healthy for a balanced snack pre-workout as it contains rich amount of carbohydrates, protein and sugars. This smoothie combines the soy milk with the easily digestible carbohydrates of oats, protein and fats of peanut butter and blueberries for a filling and nutrient filled snack that will keep you going.
Oatmeal is a meal guaranteed to keep you full throughout your workout and provide you with some energy to last the duration of a 60-minute workout. Research indicates that nature selects underfed species for extended life-span and vice versa – it shortens the life expectancy of overfed species. Pre-workout meals that are high glycemic or loaded with simple carbs shatter your ability to deplete energy. A growing body of research indicates that nature selects underfed species for extended life-span and vice versa – it shortens the life expectancy of overfed species.
It is hard to accept the harsh reality of this phenomenon, when so many people are overfed (and overweight) and everything around seems so routinely normal. Recent research at the University of Southern California reveals that extreme intermittent fasting induces even stronger rejuvenating effects on cells and tissues than those coming from mild fasting or underfeeding; apparently due to one factor – extreme energy depletion.
What you need is to deplete your glycogen stores and signal your body that it's under energy deficit.

Your body will perceive the energy deficit as a life threat that must be dealt with and it will compensate accordingly. A short intense 30 minutes drill of exercise while intermittently fasting, for instance, can potentially yield an energy depleting impact equivalent to that of a whole day fast.
Though this hasn't been tested yet, empirical evidence indicates that exercise while fasting is notably more effective than fasting alone (or exercise alone) in depleting glycogen. Once you reach a point of physical paralysis (as you exercise while fasting), when the burn and fatigue take over your muscle and you become lightheaded, that's when you know that your glycogen reserves are practically gone.
It is the utter depletion of glycogen stores in your muscle and liver which triggers your stress response to swiftly kick in and put your body in a survival mode. Under such condition, your body switches from carbohydrate to fat fueling; and energy is shifted from storage to expenditure. The result: decreased body fat, reduced inflammation, increased insulin sensitivity, enhanced repair, and improved immune functions.
Unfortunately most pre-workout meals – shakes, bars, and drinks are plain wrong and counter-effective.
Once ingested, SAF nutrients demonstrated the capacity to increase animal and human survivability.
Coffee, cocoa, green tea, and pasture raised grass-fed whey can be useful for pre-workout nourishment.
FITNESS DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this site is for educational purposes only. I was working out to burn calories and trying my damnest to cut as many calories from my day as possible. That particular article goes on to say that people who workout before breakfast, burn up to 20% more fat.
So you have the energy to run far, run fast, lift heavy or complete your 60-minute boot camp class. You want your body to reflect your hard work of being more toned, leaner, tighter, stronger.
While a dose of protein can help maintain healthy muscle function, the carb is the real star here. Which means, that the rest is then used as fuel for the body, or stored as fat if calorie intake is over the requirement. While pre-workout nutrition (and post) is important, make sure to include it in your food tracking. If the workout is 45 minutes or less, then in general it’s not necessary to eat before and after. And I usually try to eat a little something before, if I know Im doing an intense workout or a longer workout. Metabolism is a key component of this equation – raise your metabolism and you will expend more calories, making it easier to be in a calorie deficit. So, the female metabolism is slower than the male metabolism, but that does not mean that women cannot achieve a “toned” look. An easy nutritional tip to boost metabolism is to have a high protein meal before a workout.
Eating a good protein source such as beef, chicken and fish before a workout is an easy way of giving an extra boost to your metabolism. Before a workout you may never want to eat food which is probably rich in fat and proteins. The protein and fat will help to keep an athlete from getting hungry again before the workout is over. Along with dried fruit and sunflower seeds having rich amount of healthy fats and protein and a little bit of fiber to give you that extra kick and to keep you up throughout your workout. Blueberries are also full of antioxidants and nutrients that your body will need to recover! Combined with peanut butter and strawberries on a white pita, this combination makes for a delicious pre-workout snack that will keep you from getting hungry during your workout. It is enough protein that your body sticks to it’s regular routine, but not so much to throw your workout off. Nutella decrease the sugars and increase the protein, but as a pre-workout meal, the carbohydrates and sugars from the fruit preserves, in addition with English muffin and chocolate-hazelnut spread are all that you need.
This is a tricky topic that requires a short biological and science overview, so bear with me. Regardless, you need to be aware of the life-extending benefits of underfeeding and fasting versus the life-shortening risk associated with overfeeding and lack of fasting. It is one of the key reasons why calorie restriction and intermittent fasting extend animals' life span. This means that you can literally transform your body to better survive and resist age-related deterioration by depleting your energy reserves.

To grant maximum depletion of energy, you have to apply both nutritional and physical stress.
This is how that works: as you intermittently fast and exercise, your glycogen stores are depleted in a rate which is substantially more rapid than fasting alone.
It is that extreme energy deficit which turns on metabolic pathways to compensate your body with robust improvements in energy utilization efficiency, repair activities, and resistance to stress. It is now known that that shift towards fatty acid oxidation creates an ideal metabolic environment for stem cells regeneration and tissue repair. Some of these nutrients have shown to mimic the anti-obesity, anti-diabetic, and anti-aging effects of exercise and fasting on the body.
These hard-to-find nutrients occur in barks, roots, pits, and peels, which we don't normally eat. It was confusing to me, and is confusing to clients, readers and fellow fitness freaks (a term of endearment of course). In fact, as I type this, I am sipping my protein shake 30 minutes before I meet a friend for a speed session.
Just make sure if you skip a meal and exercise in a fasted state, to eat quickly after your session is done! A little bit of fruit, honey or other sweet food is good to gain quick energy that your body will be able to use as soon as you start your endurance exercising.
I don’t like to eat much before I exercise, but if I know I will have more than a half-hour before my workout starts, I will be hungry mid-workout and want to eat.
Especially because we know having protein with every meal is so great for losing fat mass and maintaining muscle mass. Nonetheless, it is the level of energy depletion that apparently determines how far organisms can manage to adapt, improve and better survive. Meaning: you need to intermittently fast and you need to exercise while fasting (intermittent fasting means one main meal per day).
Your body will try to hold on to its energy reserves and you'll certainly feel that resistance.
And while fat oxidation increases and fat synthesis is inhibited, your body goes through massive transformation. However, some foods within our reach contain high levels of exercise mimicking SAF nutrients such as phenols, caffeine, theobromine, catechins, and immune proteins and thus can potentially yield powerful synergy with physical training. However, they cannot be incorporated along with sugar or any glycemic ingredients which will negate their benefits and turn them counter-effective. You should consult a physician before beginning a new diet or exercise program and discontinue exercise immediately and consult your physician if you experience pain, dizziness, or discomfort. Studies show that protein eaten within 30 minutes of a workout are just as effective as taking i protein right after. If you are going for a long run or another endurance exercise, steer away from foods that are rich in fiber such as salads or cooked vegetables. The bread and banana ensure that I have enough sugar and simple carbohydrates to have energy throughout my workout and the peanut butter keeps me from getting hungry mid-stride.
They serve to protect organisms, plants, bacteria, and animals from stressors such as starvation, radiation, heat shock, infection, and predation. Not only that it can prevent setbacks with the fat burning and healing impact of exercise, it may actually enhance that impact. Pasture-raised grass-fed cows are nutritionally stressed, periodically underfed animals, and therefore yield superior "stress activated" milk exceptionally rich in SAF nutrients such as immune proteins anti-inflammatory lactokins.
But if you’re doing a long workout, that takes over 60 minutes and is pretty intense, then yes for sure a good protein and carb rich post workout meal is important.
Carb loading prior to exercise will inhibit fat burning and abolish the impact of your exercise even if it enhances short-term performance.
It takes 60-90 minutes for glycogen levels to fall so it’s important to replenish after. Wrong fuel will compromise your capacity to lean down, utilize energy, sensitize your insulin, and rejuvenate. Specific questions about your fitness condition cannot be answered without first establishing a trainer-client relationship.
How can you nourish your muscle prior to training and boost energy without jeopardizing your chance to burn fat and improve?

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