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If you want to give your body the best chance to build the maximum amount of lean muscle mass in the shortest amount of time (and who doesn’t?), then you need to pay very close attention to what you put in your body leading up to your workout.
I find that my pre-workout meal will usually make or break my training intensity for that day. There are a number of things you have to be careful about when consuming a pre-workout meal for maximum muscle growth. I like consuming foods that are higher in potassium before my workout to prevent any muscle cramping and to balance my body’s ions. This is the perfect pre-workout meal for anyone following a diet to gain weight and lean muscle mass. This is what I have concluded to be the perfect mass-building pre-workout meal for a naturally skinny guy.
The grass-fed beef is one of the highest quality forms of protein and is loaded with protein, zinc, natural creatine, and iron.
Sweet potatoes are the perfect slow digesting pre-workout carbohydrate, and sprinkling cinnamon on them gives you a great metabolism and health boost. This is the perfect pre-workout meal for any skinny guy following a diet to gain weight and muscle.
Since graduating from IMG academy, Troy has over 10 years of self-taught and University Level education in exercise science, Fitness, Nutrition, Anatomy, and radical training techniques. Troy graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor's in Business and a minor in Exercise Science in August of 2010. Troy is currently living in Florida and is a Health and Fitness Writer, Fitness Model, Actor, and creator of the Science Of Abs program.
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The Weight Gain Blueprint program is a step-by-step muscle building program designed to allow skinny guys to pack on pounds of lean muscle mass. Important Legal Disclosure Of Typical Results, Testimonials, And Risks: As with any exercise program, you assume certain risks to your health and safety.
Most people understand that having a solid pre-workout meal is a basic necessity for having the energy required to have an optimal training session, at least…I hope! Fats are a hidden gem that can also provide you with the energy you need to hit the gym at maximum intensity. Even if you only give it a go for a workout or two, it’s worth a shot because you never know what the results may be.
If you have a really high-quality pre-workout meal, you feel like an absolute beast in the gym.

Many people assume that a diet to gain weight as a naturally skinny guy means to eat everything in sight. This pre-workout meal is loaded with everything your body needs to plow through the most intense workouts.
Potassium will also draw in water to the muscles, allowing you to exert more of a contraction and train for longer periods of time. Try consuming this meal about 75 minutes before your weight room session and let me know what you guys think. The amount of muscle-building macronutrients, omegas, and potassium in this meal is incredible!
It’s also a little higher in calories than plain chicken or fish, so it’s a perfect pre-workout protein when following a diet to gain weight. Cinnamon is really healthy, and the combination of sweet potatoes and cinnamon goes together better than peanut butter and jelly (well…almost!). You can even make your own homemade guacamole by adding a dash of olive oil, cayenne pepper, onions, and cilantro! Loaded with protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, omegas, and potassium, you will feel like an absolute beast during your workout!
If you guys want to see me cook it up and show you how to prepare this in under 10 minutes, make sure to check out the YouTube video!
Here’s a quick 10-minute muscle building breakfast that will jump-start your muscle gains every morning.
You can’t expect your body to perform at its peak if you don’t give it the nutrients it needs to use for the task, right? Those who follow the fat loss diet that tries to lower carbohydrate intake next to zero rely on fats as their primary energy source.
Perhaps you respond better to fats than carbohydrates as an energy source, but you’ve been using the latter without acknowledging the former?
You have maximum energy, focus, strength, and are able to lift a lot of weight and train for longer periods of time. I always think about how I am going to feel after I eat something and the anabolic hormonal consequences of that meal. Not only does this pre-workout meal contain a good amount of high-quality protein and complex carbohydrates, but it also has omega fatty acids that fight inflammation and boost hormone levels, natural metabolism boosters, and a huge amount of potassium so your electrolyte levels are balanced and you can train at maximum intensity!
If you have ever been potassium-depleted during an intense weight-training workout, you would have found out quickly. Sliced avocado is high in omegas and adds a nutrient-dense form of healthy fats that will help slow down the absorption of everything and give you a long-lasting supply of muscle-building energy.

Coconut water is loaded with potassium and won’t spike your insulin levels like sugar sports drinks. This is where Troy's passion for health, fitness, and maximizing your genetic potential started. However, where things get interesting is what you decide to choose to feed your body before this important event.
They’re hardly discussed, however, mainly due to the wars waged by the media on fats over the past decades (which are largely untrue).
Since they’re lowering their total caloric intakes in hopes of losing fat, their energy levels may not be an ideal way to test the true validity of fats as a pre-workout meal, but it certainly helps prove the point. This is when the magic starts to happen and you are able to build a lot of lean muscle mass quickly.
My main 2 goals when consuming a pre-workout meal are maximum energy and putting the proper things in my body that will fill up my muscle glycogen stores without giving me any stomach issues that will affect my training. Spiking your insulin with a drink like Gatorade will cause you to crash 45 minutes to an hour later.
Common advice would tell you that loading up on carbohydrates is a sure way to give your body the energy it will need to keep you going.
However, we cannot guarantee your results with any exercise or workout program, and results may vary from person to person. After all, they can be used by the body rather quickly and give you a constant stream of energy.
You may be a fat-responder, you may be a carbohydrate-responder (in terms of which one is most effective), it’s up to you to find out what works best for a pre-workout meal.
That’s why I created “Weight Gain Network.” The most trusted resource on how to gain weight for skinny guys.
However, it must be disclaimed that these testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results with the program.
They are meant as a showcase of what the most motivated and dedicated clients can do with the program. Your results may vary, and you may not get the same results when using this program due to differences in your individual exercise history, genetics, and personal motivation.

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