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The VJ Test Mat consists of a measuring tape with a belt at one end, a rubber mat, and a tape feeder attached to the center of the mat. Simple, because it does away with the complicated and time-consuming methods of measuring a jumper's vertical.
Easy-to-use, because it takes no more than 15-20 seconds to set up for an athlete's first jump; no additional time is required for subsequent jumps, the athelete returns to starting position and the tape is pulled back to 0. VertiMetric Digital Vertical Leap Measurement Tracking Software The VertiMetric digital vertical leap measurement system revolutionized how vertical leaping ability is gauged. Click the button below to add the VertiMetric Digital Vertical Leap Measurement Tracking Software to your wish list.
The ingenious feeder device provides very little resistance to tape movement while stopping the tape immediately at the highest point of the jump.

No longer do you need to chalk an athlete's hand, and then eyeball or climb up a ladder and measure the difference between an athlete's initial reach and the fuzzy chalk mark left on the wall. In other words, it measures a true vertical jump, rather than a jump next to a wall, which seriously inhibits jumping capability and requires good shoulder flexibility and skill to reach with one hand. No longer do you have to climb onto a chair or use a stick to return the colored vanes to their original position for the next jumper. The tape is pulled through a clip in the belt until taut to adjust for height of the athlete.
The purpose of the computer software for the VertiMetric is to take the capabilities of the handheld unit and enhance them to create an even more versatile device.
The software has the ability to emulate all functions of the handheld unit, as well as, store and analyze vast amounts of jump data.

After the vertical jump is made the length of tape pulled through the feeder indicates the height of the jump.
It is meant to have the same ease of use, but introduces the user to a greater complexity of storage and jump analysis. The coach can then simply bend down and read the height of the jump, clearly displayed at the feeder, write down the result, and move quickly onto the next jump or athlete.

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