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If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my ebook - The Beginner's Guide to Fitness in a Busy Life (worth $147) here. January reports maximum number of gym membership while February maximum number of fall backs.
Intelligently designed by Celebrity Trainer Tony Horton, this compact program comes from Beachbody. Chalene Johnson, a motivational speaker, life coach and fitness trainer, is the woman behind this amazing workout routine designed keeping women’s bodies in mind. Why we love it: Chalene will train you the basic moves and techniques so you do not get injured.
WT Review: A training from basic moves to advanced workout session, plus the super results! The hip hop based workout routine is designed by dancer-choreographer Shaun T, who’ll teach you his unique of tilt, tuck and tighten to get the body you want. WT Review: The feeling of calmness it fills you with is sufficient to get you hooked from the very first session. WT Review: Awesome workout plan, that makes you workout for 10 minutes a day and you see the results quickly. WT Review: 6 martial arts principles, incorporated in Les Mills Combat for a chiseled and lean body.
90 days’ Cardio Conditioning program that aims at shedding 9 times more calories than regular cardio.
WT Review: Brazil Butt Lift includes fun exercises imitated from ballet, capoeira, and Afro-Brazilian dance. WT Review: Low resistance, low impact, less extreme workouts that fetches you a fitter body in just 6 weeks. Jillian Michaels is one of the most famous fitness celebrities on the planet and 30 Day Shred is her most popular and quite possibly the best exercise video to date.
As a Christmas gift, 30 Day Shred is a brilliant choice for fans of The Biggest Loser or fans of Jillian in general. The INSANITY: 60 Day Total Body Conditioning Workout DVD Program is a complete fitness set which includes 10 intensive workout DVDs that are packed full of plyometric exercises, an in-depth nutrition guide, a progress tracking calendar and access to free online support tools.
Zumba is one of the hottest fitness crazes there has ever been and with the Zumba Fitness Exhilarate Body Shaping System DVD you can allow a friend or family member to experience the fun, excitement and atmosphere of a Zumba class in their very own living room.
The Zumba Fitness Exhilarate Body Shaping System DVD is best suited to women as a Christmas gift. It’s a perfect Christmas present for men and women who are up for a challenge and is sure to help them achieve their fitness goals.
Well, I hope you’ve managed to find a suitable Christmas gift on this list of best exercise videos and fitness DVDs.
Whether your gift recipient is male, female, old or young, there should be an exercise and fitness DVD in this article that matches their needs and helps get them active for Christmas and beyond. It’s not often that laziness leads to increased fitness, but in my case, that’s how it started. It turns out that exercising in the comfort of your home is the absolute height of efficiency.
The real kicker is that the best trainers—the Tracy Andersons and Mary Helen Bowers of the world, those with the truly great, cult-following studios—have embraced the medium, which means that the workouts you dream of joining are just a click away. Here, five living room test-driven workouts that will have you in fighting form this summer, no gym membership required. Mary Helen Bowers’s ballet-inspired barre and floor workouts are hard enough that I’ve seen real results, but low-impact enough that my downstairs neighbors have yet to call in a noise complaint. Gwyneth Paltrow’s trainer does not fool around when it comes to DVDs: These workouts are hard.
If you enjoy a grueling, punishing workout but reside in an itty-bitty apartment, ConBody at-home fitness videos are for you. Most at-home yoga fails to hit that sweet spot between workout and meditative relaxation found in a dimly lit studio.
Pop Physique is a Los Angeles–based barre studio (it has a space in New York’s Flatiron District as well) with a modern-Jane Fonda flair. What's On This Page?1 Get Her the Best Home Workout DVD Women Stay Healthy With2 Find Cool Exercise DVD Sets To Keep Her Active3 Using the Best Exercise DVD Women Want For Better Health4 Get the Best Home Workout DVD for You!5 Love These Best Home Workout DVDs Women Want?
I sure hope you see the importance of having one of these best exercise DVDs women can use to get healthier and more active today.
Look and feel like an elite athlete in just 30 days by increasing your speed, coordination, agility, and power. Move like a football running back, serve aces like a tennis pro, and score points like an all-star guard.
6 athletic training DVDs, 2 bonus workouts, Speed Rope, Agility Ladder, Nutritional Plan, Calendar, and Playbook. P90X2 continues your progress after P90X with cutting-edge training based on powerful new sports science.
12 new breakthrough workouts that include more emphasis on your core, athletic function, balance, and agility.
The USP of this intense program is that no workout session under this program will cost you more than 30 minutes a day. It is the most advanced and yet the most extreme in the Power90 series and highly customizable. The dance workout is sold in pack of 3 DVDs which as a bonus, includes diet plan and meal planner to guide you on your way to great body.

No need to scan yellow pages for a yoga instructor or worrying about keeping a yoga schedule.
But, users of Insanity workout, a program designed by dancer-choreographer Shaun T, have reported getting such results from first week itself. Intelligent workout session that works out your abs, obliques, core, legs all together by performing just a single exercise. That doesn’t mean you need to sign up for a gym membership or invest in a bunch of expensive workout equipment.
Stay tuned because I’ve got some top recommendations for getting people into great shape and promoting all round health and fitness! They allow people who’ve never exercised before to learn new moves and routines, get more active and stay motivated within the comfort of their own homes.
All three workouts are based around Jillian Michaels’ 3-2-1 Interval system that combines strength, cardio and abs. It’s best suited to women but if you know a man who likes Jillian’s workouts, it can work just as well for them.
Sean T (the trainer on the DVD) is an excellent motivator and is sure to get the recipient motivated and off the couch, even if they haven’t worked out in a very long time.
It includes seven workout DVDs that feature a breakdown of the basic steps and a range of full body workouts plus a pair of maraca style Zumba Toning Sticks. However, if you know any men who like dancing or have tried Zumba in the past, they’ll love it too. The set comes with three DVDs which contain over 40 different yoga routines along with modified poses for less flexible people. However, it’s also a brilliant choice for younger people who you don’t think would enjoy the intensity of the DVDs listed above but would be open to trying yoga.
And their at-home sessions can be just as challenging—and just as rewarding—as their in-studio counterparts. All you need is a cushy mat and a willingness to feel a bit silly in comparison to Bowers and her elegant execution of the moves. The Metamorphosis program includes a full set of disks (both dance cardio and toning) as well as a multiweek food plan and workout schedule. The workout, which was created by Coss Marte while he served time in prison, activates your muscles by utilizing your own body weight—and is specifically designed to work within a small, constrained space. But Tara Stiles, creator of Strala Yoga, is popular for a reason: Even in videos, her calm voice and athletic approach come through clear as a bell.
The DVDs are led by colorfully (and scantily) clad women who offer living proof that this toning workout will lift your bum to new heights. Then getting one of these best home workout DVDs women love should be your first step to get closer to your goal. Between pick up, drop offs, errands, phone calls, schedules and appointments, it does get quite easy for her to forget the importance of setting aside some time to exercise and stay healthy.
Whether its a vigorous cardio workout, a fun ZUMBA dance, or walking – we need to ensure that we keep our heart and mind healthy for a long time to come. Exercising helps fight depression and helps build energy in you so you can actually be more productive.
Whether you are already fit or trying to get fit home workout training systems are design to help you step by step, including nutritional guide to get the maximum results. People join gyms resolving to take up a healthy lifestyle, but because of various reasons like time constraints or incompatible workout routine, they give up. So, based upon the fitness goal: classic, lean, mass, and double, you can scale it up or down. Users have reported visible results from second week itself and are the real endorsers of the success of this product. Shaun T makes sure you workout every day and thus, made last minute workouts for time crunched quick sessions.
It is a powerful of strength, cardio, plyometrics and interval training packaged in a set of 13 DVDs.
Chalean Jhonson, the creator of yoga workout program Chalean, gives you yet another workout program to burn your fat and calories to a lot more extent. Debbie Siebers could make this Slim in 6 workout program because she has herself been overweight.
These wonderful home workout videos can help you stay active, drop pounds, and achieve your healthiest body. So if there’s someone in your life who you want to gently introduce into the world of fitness, get them one of these five best exercise videos and fitness DVDs as a Christmas gift this year.
While the real high-impact regimens are slightly more challenging to re-create chez vous—especially if you live in a tiny apartment like mine—most toning and stretching moves and yoga poses fit snugly inside your living room. The videos are downloadable on iTunes, DVDs are available for purchase on the website and Amazon, and the site has streaming videos.
It’s a lot for a fitness dilettante, as it more or less requires you to stick to the arranged schedule.
The workouts are difficult and involve a lot of the usual suspects—push-ups, lunges, and so on—and fall into the boot-camp category of fitness.
Strala’s downloadable sessions come in various lengths and themes (for example, 20 minutes for bedtime yoga, 30 minutes for core) and are all led by the charismatic and fun-to-follow Stiles. Prop use is limited and convenient—chairs substitute for a ballet barre—and the instructors’ upbeat, giggling demeanor is infectious.

So you actually save time and get more done when you set aside a little time to exercise on a regular basis. With that said if you do not have the motivation and will to finish, these DVDs will be a waste of money for you. The program is packaged in a set of 6 DVDs for a 90 day workout routine coupled with easy to follow meal planner and calendar to track progress.
The workout gives a new twist to traditional moves, so you do not reach plateau and continue to burn fat even after the workout it over.
10 minutes trainer lets you trim your belly fat by working your upper abs, lower abs, obliques, and core from every nook and corner. Whether you want to move and groove, hit the weights, or relax in deep meditation, there’s something for everyone on this list of the best home workout videos.
And they travel well: When pressed for time, I did outer thigh–burning leg lifts on the floor of a New Orleans Airbnb, and ab work in a hotel in London. But while the dance cardio requires more space than you’ll find in many New York apartments and the choreography is on the challenging side, it was clear after one hour that if I stuck with it I might start my own Goop-like website dedicated just to Tracy. If the outsize popularity of ConBody’s NYC studio means you can’t get a space in the class, try the daily subscription videos on its website instead.
With these exercise DVDs women love, she can now surely fit in some time right at home to enjoy the workout that she would love. Imagine how accomplished you would feel if you had to stamina to handle everything on your plate.
With these best home workout DVDs women can get healthier with, you can now do that at the convenience of your own home and time. The workouts are hard and designed to burn the most calories in a short amount of time, and for the beginners it will seem like impossible to keep up, but don’t give and the results will show guaranteed. The poses are segregated according to the problem area and aimed at toning, energizing and then relaxing. You would need to find a good time to invest on yourself and exercise to enjoy a better, healthier you. She would definitely have fun working on the most fun exercise DVD that would give her more energy to handle her day and be more active.
You owe it to yourself to find the time and place to incorporate exercise into your daily life. You really do owe it to yourself to find the best exercise DVD sets that suits you and your interest and make it a point to exercise regularly. Now you can still enjoy the health benefits of exercising right at home with the best exercise DVDs women would enjoy on a daily basis. One big part of any success story is the diet, you will need to follow the nutritional program provided or at least something similar to get most out of your workouts.
If you feel, yoga cannot make you lose calories or lose weight, I’d suggest you try these six sessions. And with summer in full swing, I expect to be taking my mobile gym with me to the pool and the beach—basically anywhere that shirts are optional and bathing suits required. Take a look here to find the best exercise DVD women can benefit so much more right at home. The DVDs are broken into different workouts and over the period of time will show results as well as keeping your body from plateauing. I have to say that, one must expect quick results from this, but keep in mind that the results once achieved will last for years.
This powerful workout DVD will teach you how to “boost” your miles for extra calorie-burning power. During a visit to Ballet Beautiful’s airy new studio on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, I found a solution: workout DVDs. Below you will read through our featured home training DVDs chosen based on user reviews, and as always you should consult a doctor before trying these intense workouts. Of course, it would be advised that you seek your doctor’s advise before starting on any new exercise regimen. Walk one mile or five miles to get your best body—it’s completely up to you.Rodney Yee’s Yoga for BeginnersTake a break from the chaos of your life and find your center again. Rodney Yee’s Yoga for Beginners is an excellent option for yoga newbies, and can help improve your flexibility and posture. Best of all, since the workout can be done in the comfort of your home, you can master the moves without feeling embarrassed.
Dance like no one is watching!Jillian Michaels Beginner ShredIf you want to ease into a more intense workout, Jillian Michaels Beginner Shred will get you moving. Burn calories, master basic skills, and discover your best body.Daily Burn and Fitness BlenderWe also think you’ll love Daily Burn and Fitness Blender if you’re open to streaming your workouts using the internet. These options are a great way to try a bunch of different workout styles and types so you can find your right fit.There’s no magic solution to losing weight, but exercise can help.
We can help you lose the weight and keep it off through weight management programs, medically supervised weight loss, achievable goals, and healthy lifestyle choices.

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